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Visual proof: The Number of Foreclosures is Exploding… It’s Game Over!

by Look up… wake up, Before Its News:

Special thanks to realistnews for the tip…

Below are screenshots from the site which specializes in the sale and rental of US properties.

Just type in a zip code, city or state you would like to visit and presto you’re there!
Now press on “More map” to enlarge the viewing area. On the menu bar is “Listing type” with a red and blue dot next to it.

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2 comments to Visual proof: The Number of Foreclosures is Exploding… It’s Game Over!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    It’s 2007 all over again.

    I wonder how long before before the excrement comes in contact with the spinning blades of the air circulation device?

    Even though we all know it will be bad, but at the same time, we want to see what it will look like when it gets here. Like watching a car or train wreck in slow motion (or perhaps it won’t be so slow.) I’m very thankful that SGT, ZH, and SO many good people (like Bill Holter, Peter Schiff, Mike Maloney, Alasdair Macleod, David Morgan, Clif High and SO many others) have helped to spread the warnings and the honest information about what has been happening and how it will crash everything.

    Because of so many “wise counselors”, many of us have prepared well enough to survive some very depressed years ahead.

    After it arrives, we don’t really know which nations and regions will be hit harder or be spared from the worst stuff.

    We also don’t know how many years it will be bad. I think it is foolish to be prepared for a 6 month or 1 year hardship. This is not going to be a bump in the road, it’s gonna be one of those giant sinkholes that swallows the entire block, road, cars, houses, etc.

    That’s why I talk SO much about “gardening” and giving my little updates, hoping to help INSPIRE a few more people to get excited and joyfully into growing more gardens (so they’ll have better protection from worst times.)

    Not so long ago, it was our grandparents (and some of our parents) who used to grow a family garden. It was quite common until about the 1950’s, then it dropped off until it has become a rarity. (I’ve seen that it is still heavily practiced by families in Eastern Europe, and parts of western Europe too.)

    This next crash, is sure to create a new interest in home gardening (because it will be vital to saving lives.)

    Garden update- another failure to report. I’ve tried starting some OLD packs of CARROT seeds that I had stored in the deep freeze. They were dated from 1999. So far, of 2 full packs, none of them have germinated in the 2 weeks I’ve been “tending” them. Either I had some “lapse” of proper storage during all those years and a couple of house moves, OR, carrot seeds may be less “durable”?

    Also failure, BROCCOLI seed packs (also from 1999) have failed to germinate. I think I blame myself because I think if they were carefully kept DRY and frozen, then they should have been OK.

    So I went to the local hardware store (& farm supply, etc) and bought some fresh supply of carrot seeds FAR CHEAPER than seed packs from retail stores. Just $2 bought enough carrot seeds, to make about 40 packs of seeds.

    What did I learn from this? Number ONE= take GOOD care of your SEEDS.
    When you SAVE seeds from things you grow, wash and dry them well. Dry them VERY well.

    I’ve read somewhere, that your washed seeds, should be “rinsed” for about 10 seconds with a mild bleach solution, then rinsed with clear water, and then dried very well, SEALED in airtight (moisture proof) containers, and Frozen for longest storage.

    The bleach kills MOLD & FUNGUS spores. I’ll go back and read more about this, and will practice it when saving seeds becomes critical to my survival. Perhaps I’ll save TWO batches of EVERY type of seeds. One batch I’ll do the bleach rinse, and the 2nd batch I will NOT use any bleach.

    I’m afraid the bleach may KILL some types of seeds, so by splitting my seeds into 2 groups, and NOT bleaching one group, I’m hoping to have VIABLE seeds for everything I will grow.

    OK, I hope this gives SOMEBODY a few useful tips, and gets you excited about growing food for yourself and for your family.

    Another survival tip. A “de-wormer” medicine, sold for horses, (but the World Health Organization lists these things as part of the TOP 100, MOST important drugs to have around to treat people & animals.)

    The one called QUEST PLUS, is a “combo mixture” to treat a wider variety of worms, etc.
    It’s about $20, and is enough to treat about 1,200 pounds of living flesh. (one big horse, or SIX humans who weigh 200 pounds each.) Adjusting DOSAGES very carefully!!!
    Some DOGS are deathly allergic to this stuff (such as “ivermectin”).

    But this kills pretty much ALL the worm infections (including TAPE worms). It also is effective against HEART-WORM. It is used around the world to treat (and save) people from “River Blindness”.

    People (and animals) who are treated with this stuff, for up to 2 weeks, ANY insect that bites you, it will DIE.

    Used this way, it kills mosquitoes, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, as well as getting rid of worms in the intestines, stomach, liver, muscles, etc. I don’t know if it crosses the blood-brain barrier or not. I do not know if it has any effect on Malaria. (Probably not).

    The instructions says “Do NOT Freeze”. So I put MINE in the normal refrigerator!! Keeping it cold (but not frozen), surely increases the shelf life, probably to about 8-10 years or more?

    When the SHTF, if you or your family, or your animals get WORMS, or ticks, lice, mites, fleas, etc, any of those bugs could contribute to your death or illness.

    This tiny little $20 “trick” may save your life, or at least be able to treat some of your animals (or yourself) for a variety of worms or bugs.)

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    De-wormer medicine update.
    I did some searching and reading, and came across information that they do indeed use ivermectin (dewormer med) to fight malaria (and don’t forget, Ancient Chinese medicine knew- and this has been rediscovered- that “Sweet Annie”/Mugwort/Sweet Wormwood kills malaria very well.

    Anyway, for Malaria, they use ivermectin & DEC combo works better.
    I also found data about another treatment (Fenbendazole= Fenben), is very useful for treating things (I’m gonna add this to my supply chest).

    Here’s some data about Malaria


    Here’s something about FENBEN (people are fighting Lyme disease and other things) it was interesting to read this.

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