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Trump Strikes Back-The War Is On

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I have previously and correctly asserted that President Trump has lost control of his foreign policy. The state of affairs with regard to what is happening with North Korea, Syria, the Russian border with Eastern Europe and of course, Iran, are a testament to the belief. Can there be any question that that Deep State is in charge of major foreign policy initiatives?

The war between Deep State and the Trump administration just got heated.

Trump Strikes Back

Trump has taken a very big step in reclaiming control of the foreign policy powers he lost in the early days of his administration. His tour of the Middle East will prove to be a crowning jewel in his accomplishments. This tour also puts him in conflict with the Deep State that wants America to lose the next war. Remember, Deagel has predicted that America will suffer a 90% decline in population by 2024.

Trump has just started a nine-day, five country tour starting with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi mission is designed to solidify a 110 billion dollar arms agreement between the two nations. In exchange, the Saudi Arabian government is promising to curtail the forces inside of their country that contributes to ISIS.

What is most notable about this agreement with Saudi Arabia is that it forms a buffer to Russian military power in the Middle East Heretofore, it has only been Israel that has been a deterrent to Russian imperialism in the Middle East. This is a brilliant move by Trump and his team. It is also a good first step to get Middle East leaders to take responsibility for ISIS.

At the end of the day, Trump may not be able to take control of the N. Korea or Syrian situation, but he is very much taking control in the Middle East in a manner that will have ripple effects back to these two hot spots.

Trump has successfully answered the Deep State attacks in the media. Let the war begin.


I watched the President’s arrival in Saudi Arabia. What I was most struck by was the fact that the Saudi’s pulled out all the stops and displayed respect for Trump in a manner that never did Obama. What was most striking to me occurred on a social/cultural level. Both Trump’s wife and daughter were warmly greeted with American style handshakes. The two women were uncovered in the traditional Muslim sense. This is unprecedented and it shows a willingness that the Saudi’s want to reach a news level of understanding. with America.

The real test will come on Sunday when Trump addresses 65 Muslim leaders about Muslim’s responsibility toward the world community. The world should be awaiting this speech with eager anticipation as it could potentially change the tone of American-Middle East relations for a very long time.

One lasting effect of this visit to Saudi Arabia by President Trump is that Saudi Arabia is being elevated in importance over Iran and this is fundamentally why the Saudi’s are showing so much respect to Trump for whom they awarded their highest medal to.

Meanwhile Back At Home

The exhaust fumes had not even dissipated and the Deep State had surfaced four more allegations in an obvious attempt to damage the President’s credibility with Middle Eastern leaders.

Every more disturbing is the fact that Vice-President Pence’s true colors are surfacing. I said it when he was selected for the VP spot. Pence is a globalist and a selfish opportunist. This fact is now being born out as he has started a PAC in order that he may run for President in 2020. The name of the PAC is the Great America Committee.

This should not be surprising as Pence should have already publicly defended his boss in the media. When Pence went to Trump over Flynn’s lying to him, Trump did fire Flynn. Why isn’t Pence holding a press conference and stating as such. This would contradict the lies being told by Comey with regard to the obstruction of justice allegation.

Pence is Trump’s Achilles heel as is Kushner.


I have said it and I am going to say it again, Trump needs to purge his cabinet. He needs to administer lie-detector tests to determine who is talking to the NYT and WAPO, if anybody. If he finds a leaker, they need to prosecuted.

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