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Ticking, (Short-Fuse) Time Bombs For The “Challenging” Central Banking Industry

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

In my article titled “who’s more bullish for Precious Metals – Macron or Le Pen?,” I started with nearly five pages of cold, hard facts – proving across-the-board market manipulation of essentially all Western markets. Which, for the sole purpose of prolonging a terminally ill monetary status quo – in which 1% benefit, at the expense of not just the “99%,” but future generations of “99-percenters” – has created “dotcom-like valuations in a Great Depression Era.” Not to mention, sentiment – per yesterday’s 24-year low close of the VIX volatility index. Thankfully, the Fed Governors has everything under control – like St. Louis Fed President James Bullard, who claims “equity valuations are high, but nothing like the (2008) housing bubble.” Which is correct, in a way – given that they are more like the valuations seen atop the 2000 dotcom bubble.

I learned well from my mentors at GATA, Bill Murphy and Chris Powell, way back in the early 2000s; and in the 13 years I’ve been publicly commentating, have used my Wall Street analytical background to expose such fraud, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating why it’s unsustainable; and ultimately, irreversibly destructive to the entire world. And I do mean the entire world – as not only do “leading” banks like the Fed monetize stocks covertly – via daily “open market operations,” in partnership with official government entities like the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets” and “Exchange Stabilization Fund”; but overtly, too, like the Bank of Japan and Swiss National Bank, per official monetary policy. And don’t forget the ECB, which is rapidly running out of sovereign and investment grade corporate bonds to buy – which consequently, recently discussed equity monetization as well. Which I ASSURE you will occur, at the first sign of “history’s most overdue financial crisis.”

Such manipulation, increasingly blatant with each passing day – and per above, admitted; accelerated in what I deemed the “point of no return” moment in 2011. When, following three years of chaotic, post-2008 “market-saving” policies failed – as highlighted by that summer’s European sovereign debt crisis; the U.S. government having its Triple-A credit rating stripped; and dollar-priced gold hitting an all-time high; “they” decided the only way to kick the can further was via 24/7 market manipulation. Coupled, of course, with unprecedented economic data fudging, unrelenting “fake news” propaganda; and oh yeah, stealth capital controls, and police state activities – like monitoring the populations’ phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Unfortunately, the slower moving “East” didn’t initially get the message; and thus, the PBOC-fostered equity “echo-bubble” spectacularly collapsed in early 2015 – when the Shanghai Composite plunged from 4,600 to 2,600 in a few months’ time. This is when it became painfully apparent that the Chinese “national team” – i.e, PPT – was created, to prevent such “free market atrocities” from being repeated – as documented by my September 2015 article, “Eastern Point of No Return.” In other words, just as the Bank of Japan “buys the dip” nearly every time the Nikkei declines, the Chinese have taken a similar tach, in making sure early Shanghai weakness ends in late-day “Hail Mary” strength; via the exact same “dead ringer” algorithm that has propped the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” for at least the past five years, as we saw yesterday in both the Dow and Shanghai Index.

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