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This is What Happens When You Drink Celery Juice For One Month

by Frances Bloomfield, Natural News:

What would happen to your gut if you drank a glass of celery juice everyday for a month? It’s not a question that everyone asks, but is one that Fern Olivia of answered. Inspired by Anthony Williams’ glowing praise of celery juice, Olivia decided to give the “powerhouse of a drink” a shot. By the end, Olivia found herself feeling better in more ways than one.

Olivia enjoyed easier digestion and more energy – According to Olivia, her celery juice habit allowed her to digest food easier. Stomach acid is necessary for breaking down food, and celery’s natural sodium content encouraged stomach acid production. This in turn lightened the load of Olivia’s liver, allowing it to function smoothly without a backlog of toxins weighing it down. Adding to this, Olivia claimed that she also felt “satiated” but added that she could still perform her daily activities with ease.

Olivia felt slimmer – For Olivia, the celery juice also eliminated the troublesome digestive problem of bloating. As an effective diuretic, celery pulled off the double duty of flushing toxins out of her body, and reducing abdominal bloat and edema. With her digestive system running smoothly, food passed through easily and left no chances for gas to accumulate inside her.

Olivia’s cravings were reduced – A digestive system working at peak condition is better at breaking down food, thereby allowing the body to absorb all the foods’ nutrients. That’s what happened to Olivia. The yoga instructor wrote down that cravings are the body’s way of demanding that we fill up on missing nutrients. Since her nutritional needs were fully sated, the urge to reach for unhealthy but easily accessible foods never struck her.

Olivia felt smarter – A greater output of stomach acid meant more proteins were being reduced to amino acids — the “precursors for creating neurotransmitters.” Simply put, there was a wealth of brain chemicals sending messages into Olivia’s brain and body, making her feel sharper than ever. She also felt less overwhelmed by the daily grind and as a result enjoyed a more peaceful existence.

Olivia felt bliss – Her gut was at in top form, her body purged of toxins and acids. Her stress levels were down and her celery juice habit brought on a greater sense of calm and relaxation. Olivia described her morning practice as giving her a feeling of “post-meditation bliss” as well as “an internal ‘ahhhh’.”

What’s in celery?

Williams, the Medical Medium, has called celery juice “one of the most powerful and healing juices one can drink.” Anybody can benefit from downing a glass of celery juice. The high amounts of luteolin and polyacetylenes imbue celery with anti-flammatory properties, while its alkalizing and hydrating qualities are effective at cleansing and detoxifying the body. The potassium electrolytes help the body recover quicker, while the coumarins abate stress hormones and bring about enhanced relaxation and sleep. (Related: Celery Juice: Incredible Beverage Removes Bad Cholesterol, Eases Your Digestion and Dissolves Calculus)

You can enjoy celery juice and its many amazing perks right in your own home, and here’s how: You will need one head of organic celery and a splash of filtered water. For equipment, you will need a high-speed blender, a nut-milk bag, and a large bowl. Start but chopping your celery into large chunks and then placing those chunks in the blender. Add in the splash of filtered water to help the blades spin easier. Blend for a few seconds. Pour the juice into the nut-milk bag and hold over the bowl. Squeeze the bag to strain out any remaining fibers and let the juice flow into the bowl. Transfer the juice from the bowl, into a glass and enjoy right away.

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1 comment to This is What Happens When You Drink Celery Juice For One Month

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I think a bigger point to make, is to get more fresh veggies and fruits into your body, and reduce or eliminate processed & fake foods from your diet.

    You USED to be able to PLANT those kitchen spices (seeds) and they’d GROW, but then the government made a new regulation (some years ago) that requires all kitchen spices to be “Pasteurized/sterilized”. They used to be a low cost alternative to those expensive packages of seeds that contain only 200-400mg of seeds.

    There is a CHANCE that some brands of kitchen spices might not have been sterilized if they were imported from Asia…give it a try.
    We’re faced with the same problem of the government requirement for almond nuts to be sterilized too. If you want unprocessed almonds, you have to buy them directly from the grower, or buy imported nuts.

    I don’t think (but I could be WRONG) that “pickling spices” may not be required to be processed, so you may be able to grow those spice-seeds?

    Pick up some garlic & ginger roots at the store, and plant them. (each garlic “clove” will produce an entire plant, and the ginger, you cut into sections because each “lump/bump” on the root will normally make a sprout.)

    The more fresh food you can grow, the less you’ll have to buy and the only chemicals on it, will be the ones you put on it.

    CRAIG’S GARDEN UPDATE= I seem to be having BAD luck trying to get carrot seeds started in this HOT climate. Those are tiny seeds, and my sandy soil can get too dry in that first 1/2-3/4″ inch depth (and that’s where these seeds have to be at).. typically from 1/4″ to 1/2″ deep. So, if your soil is NOT rich enough, and does not have the proper moisture, then you’ll have trouble with carrots too. (and CELERY too.)

    Some kind of bug loves to clip off the main shoot of tiny pepper plants. I plant the little (1-2″ seedlings), and in a day or three, something cuts it down like a Christmas tree and leaves it laying on the ground. I’ve heard that birds (Starlings) are famous for destroying seedlings.

    I’m quickly running out of space for planting things. All my tomato seedlings (less than 2″) were all “munched & destroyed” by something. I’ll have to pick up a couple of tomato PLANTS at the nursery because I may not have enough time to start a new batch from seeds?

    What did I learn? Try to grow seedlings a FEW inches tall before putting them into the arena.
    Perhaps I can make some little cages (from metal window screen, by forming it over a glass jar, etc) and then place these protective cages (temporarily) over delicate seedlings to allow them to grow big enough before removing the protective cover.

    That would work OK for a small number of plants, such as “container gardening”, patio or porch plants, or a few in the garden, BUT… if you’ve got an entire ROW of plants, then just spend a few bucks on some FABRIC ROW COVER. Just like the BIG operations use. Protect the longest of rows, without the need for bug chemicals.
    And those weeds never lose the fight, not unless you’ve got helpers. The easiest helper, is LOTS of natural mulch, or “row-mulch-cover”.

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