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The Tight Physical Market Will Send Silver Soaring

from Silver Fortune:

For years now, the price of silver (and gold) has been manipulated downwards. Without getting into the reasons as to why this is the case, this constant downward manipulation has caused the physical market for silver to become very tight. It has been stretched for years now, and eventually it will snap.

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5 comments to The Tight Physical Market Will Send Silver Soaring

  • Paul

    Apparently in Venezuela you can exchange a one ounce silver coin
    for six months supply of food.
    I would never exchange it for bits of printed paper.
    I would use it to barter with.
    Let me know your thoughts.

    • Eric

      Not selling a single ounce ever.

      Silver is the most underowned, undervalued, and underpriced asset on the planet.

      Silver is the only financial asset that is not somebody else’s liability.

      More importantly, Silver is money. Spend it if you want. But don’t sell it or exchange it.

      The only way I would sell or exchange any Silver is if I had absolutely no other choice, needed something very badly such as food, or found something much more undervalued.

      It’s possible that Silver will skyrocket in price at some point and end in a bubble. If it becomes overvalued, I will sell some.

      Over 14,000 ounces and still stacking.

  • John

    Would only sell my silver,all 7k ounces for Bitcoin.

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