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The Passing of Chris Cornell: Esoteric and Illuminati Symbolism

from Illuminati Watcher:

I don’t typically like to make conjectures on celebrities that pass away unexpectedly unless I find good reason to do so. After all, these are real people that have real friends and families so they deserve to have at least a certain level of respect upon their passing.

However, I received a significant number of requests to look into the passing of Chris Cornell so here’s the way I view it.

The articles I have written on celebrity deaths typically go into the various ideas and themes of their craft or artwork to explore the theory that their deaths were somehow “Illuminati” related.

In this particular analysis I believe we can look at the work of Chris Cornell and see that he did indeed have certain esoteric themes and messages in his music that suggest he was aware of a “higher truth” worth investigating…

R.I.P. Chris Cornell


Although I’m not a particularly invested fan of Chris Cornell’s, I have enjoyed several of his songs. I grew up in the 80s and 90s so I can readily remember summers of watching his videos on MTV (back when they played music and you couldn’t find videos anywhere else). Black Hole Sun and Fell on Black Days were two powerful songs that come to mind when I think of Chris Cornell, however I’m certain if I were to listen to his entire catalog I’d find more great tunes.

Exploring his catalog of music (with bands like Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, etc.) there are a few stand out songs worth mentioning when you consider the study and aim of the community.

For instance, one of the earlier Soundgarden songs was Jesus Christ Pose– which had a video that was banned by MTV. Interestingly enough you can watch it on YouTube and see that it’s a far cry from what we call “controversial” in the modern age.

Jesus Christ Pose video

The song is about people using the symbolism of Jesus Christ to put themselves on a higher footing of morality than others.  The Standard interviewed Cornell about his religious beliefs in which he stated that he didn’t subscribe to any particular organized form of religion:

…so many bad things–as well as good things–have happened based on people just sort of blindly following religion, that I kind of feel like I want to stay away from any type of specific denomination or any religion period, for no other reason than just that. I don’t want to be involved with anything or condone any school of thought that, at some point or in some way, causes the death of innocent people…

I don’t see any reason to believe that this man who was brought up learning Catholicism (as well as Judaism) is some kind of Devil worshipper merely because he didn’t subscribe to organized religion. He said he was a “free thinker” and I suppose that’s a fair response for any of us trying to figure what precisely this experience is all about.

The breakthrough video for Soundgarden and Cornell was Black Hole Sun. The lyrics suggest that this world is much darker than we acknowledge it:

Black hole sun
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain

…Times are gone for honest men
And sometimes far too long for snakes
In my shoes, a walking sleep
And my youth I pray to keep
Heaven sent hell away
No one sings like you anymore

While those lyrics (and the video) are nihilistic in nature, I can’t help but see the mentions of “honest men disappearing” while the “snakes” are staying around far too long. He seems to be pointing to a society of sheep that aren’t performing independent thought, meanwhile the wolves are walking amongst us, so the black hole sun might as well come and take us all away.

This is indeed nihilism but it is also quite telling of a view that the masses need to wake up to the conspiracy and agenda that surrounds us.

Black Hole Sun: Nihilism

Another idea for the Black Hole Sun is that of the “Black Sun.” In my post Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids and the Sun I explore a concept of the Black Sun and The Great Work. “The Great Work” is the journey to be god-like and make something out of nothing. It is initiated with the first step being the alchemical Black Sun. The Black Sun is the first stage in the achievement of enlightenment or immortality, which is accomplished through the philosopher’s stone.

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