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You Tube producer & researcher The Honey Bee joins me to discuss the blockbuster pedogate-related testimony of an elite Dutch banker, the You Tube ad ban, the Gotham Shield nuke drill and much more. Thanks for tuning in. And subscribe to The Honey Bee, HERE!

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  • Russell

    In your interview with Honeybee, you discussed why the Gotham City drill was taking place, according to Geoff Berwick at Dollar vigilante in one of his newest broadcasts the dates April 19 – May 1 are a satanic ritual period honouring their god Baal and Saturn etc.

    • Occult “Season of Sacrifice” is the name. Ever seen ex-Satanist Mark Passio’s work? He has a killer (no pun intended) video on the sheer volume of false flag attacks, bloodshedding rituals, war-initiating events, etc. that have been kicked off from late April to “May Day.”

    • SGT

      R, I think that larger window of time is accurate, I think the dates I mentioned are the dates of the simulated “detonations”. Regardless, scary stuff – fear mongering by the state itself.

    • mike

      Eric Bumble Bee’s research is just like yours, as in none. Googling this guys name and using google translate is not research. Going to the Netherlands and physically pulling public records would be some research, you know more than keyboard warrior BS, parrot links and google results. The Dutch keep excellent records so Bumble Bee would be in information heaven if she actually did some research and went to the Netherlands. Popular to contrary belief Google doesn’t know everything. There is no Gap in this guys records, one just actually has to make a real effort sometimes to get to the information instead of speculation based on very little info.
      That is the huge problem with all this pedogate stuff. Not one person, not one even the most connected provide absolutely no proof. This particular guy killed his own story from the beginning by saying he is only alive because he promised not to name names or provide evidence?? I am surprised that sets off no alarm bells with you guys. This guy has an agenda and can say whatever he wants because he already destroyed the need to prove anything or even provide one piece of concrete evidence. His story fits nicely into a BS box.

      • Eric


        Did you sell all of your “worthless” silver yet?

        • mike

          I should, Silver is certainly worth less everyday. Does not hold value and terrible against inflation unless you consider massive loss in purchasing power good? I think within 25 years Silver will be far overvalued again and rocket up to $25/oz. You can bet I will be Johnny on the spot selling it to a moron just like you.

          Only BTC is money.

          • Eric

            define “money.”

                • mike

                  Maybe this will help you out to finally understand money.
                  BTC is for the first time in history not controlled by any gubberment or shadowy organization.. BTC is a priceless store of money unto itself.

                  Let’s run down our list of characteristics to see how they stack up against each-other.

                  Limited supply
                  All things BTC scores 100%
                  Gold scores 20%

                  GOLD has 1 trait of money, Durability thats it.Its store of value measured in purchasing power over time has diminished by at least 100000%

                  BTC scores 100% and is a true free market choice.
                  Gold simply can not function in a modern world.

                  Gold/silver is not limited in supply, unlimited spread all over the earth and easily mined with modern mining methods.
                  Gold/silver is not portable.
                  Gold/silver not accepted as money anywhere.
                  TPTB LOVE THE IDEA OF PMs AS MONEY LOL. They do not fear it..Only 1 thing they fear BTC (free market) and gubberment state money.Listen to your fellow jew. This link is great he tears into the parrots Maloney and Peter Schiff.

                • Eric

                  Poor mike.

                  His schizophrenia is affecting his pathological lying so bad he can’t even be semi convincing any longer.

                  A “store of money?” What kind of delusional thinking is that?

                  Paper wallets are not “durable.” They are not limited in supply and they are not accepted anywhere. What metric do you base your scoring from?

                  You know what? You are dumber than a donkey. More like a kumquat.

                  “diminished by at least 100,000%?” lol.

                  I know plenty of people who will gladly accept Gold and Silver as payment. You must live in a trailer park or something.

                • Rdawg

                  Opinions vary, but money is (hat tip Mike Maloney):
                  1) A medium of exchange
                  2) A unit of account
                  3) Portable
                  4) Durable
                  5) Divisible
                  6) Fungible
                  7) Something that has intrinsic value

                  Mike, your list has a couple of traits that aren’t really clear, such as limited supply, and “acceptability”. One might say that acceptability = unit of account. But limited supply pretty much gets taken care of with the other attributes.

                  I honestly don’t get why gold and silver are not portable. Can you not transport gold and silver from one place to another? Please explain.

                  Gold and silver are not in unlimited supply. The earth is a finite object. There is a certain amount of gold and silver in the earth. Therefore, gold and silver are a finite quantity. And if you have looked at SRSRocco’s reports, you will see that the amount of silver, for example, contained in raw ore has dropped by nearly half in the last 10 years or so.

                  I got nothing against BTC, I really don’t. But explain to me what the intrinsic value of BTC is. It is an electronic construct. You can’t do anything with it that you can’t do with cash.

                  Also, going by your metric, what is the limited supply of BTC. Oh sure, they say there will be only 21 million, but how can you be *sure*? In contrast to gold and silver, BTC can be unlimited.

                  You say that gold scores 20%. Even if it satisfies 1 of 4 of your criteria, that is 25%. I can’t see how it is not portable, so that’s 2/4. Also, I have shown how it is not unlimited, so that’s 3/4. That leaves us with the strange category of acceptability. Well I happen to live in a state where gold and silver are legal tender. So that argument is void. And we’re up to 4/4. 100%.

                  Again, I got no problem if you want to own BTC. Go nuts, what do I care? But don’t be dishonest about real money: gold and silver.

                • mike

                  Rawdawg watch the video I posted from about 10 min into it. The first 10 mins we all know.I have explained it a million times before but Eric can not accept anything that isn’t a youtube link.
                  Gold can not function in the modern world. It would be impossible to import anything without a massive infrastructure in place, Clearing houses, PM settlement banks etc etc plenty of room for shenanigans. Pms are not portable are you going to try and drag an average stack of silver 400 lbs around with you out in the open? Pms are not divisible are you going to shave off micro grams for a loaf of bread? Intrinsic value is a myth.Nothing just has value unless people give it value. PMs have lost the majority of their purchasing power so and are not even a store of value or a good investment..Real easy example..
                  2000 years ago a toga cost you an oz of gold. Today that same 1 oz will buy you one nice suit…Sounds good until you use you brain and understand if gold held it’s value measured in purchasing power 1oz of gold should buy you 10000 nice suits today.
                  2000 years ago from farming to final production of the toga material it took 100’s of human hands. Today from farming to modern textiles 1 person can do the work of 10k people in the past…
                  Now apply that to modern mining. Gold is only as rare as a gallon of diesel makes it.What took thousands of people scratching at the dirt and rocks can all be accomplished by 1 equipment operator today.Gold is not money my friend. It was for a long time until tech surpassed it.

                  Anyway the vid is good and puts Maloney in the Eric Coo Coo bird camp.

                  BTW Eric BTC is indestructible..Paper wallet, what an epic tard.

                • Eric

                  Donkey (mike),

                  If Gold cannot function in the modern world as you claim ignorantly, then why is there a cash market for Gold in Shanghai? Why do you feel the need to drag all of your money around with you everywhere you go? Do you spend like a little girl buying every cheap thrill that comes your way?

                  Perhaps (and most likely) you are not aware that tons can be divided into ounces and kilograms. Kilograms can be divided into grams. And grams can be divided into grains. But math never was your strong suit. Not like digging around in the mud.

                  Gold has averaged about a 7.35% return in USD price over the last 50 years. So no loss of purchasing power there. But since you think something can depreciate by 100,000%, you just keep displaying your 1st grade math skills at work.

                  How many grams of Gold have you pulled out of the ground again? Oh yeah, none. You can’t even do the work of one person let alone 10,000. How many bags of groceries did you buy this week using bitcoin? hahaha.

                  mike, you are hilariously ignorant of finance, economics, and monetary history. That’s probably why your wallet is so small.

                • mike

                  Go try to buy your 1000 man army with 1000 oz’s of silver then tell me about the intrinsic value and purchasing power of silver. Tell me all about the store of value. Think your in for a shock..You might be able to afford a Kia with a mosin nagant mounted on top as your makeshift tank for 1000 oz’s of silver but no soldiers for your silver army.
                  You Eric specifically are a special sort of tard.

                • Eric

                  mike, where can you buy an army with Bitcoin?

                  Remember when Silver was $3/ oz? I do. And now it’s over $17.

                  Your math skills are less than your wallet. lol.

              • Eric

                mike, you’re such a dumb goy. They got you right where they want you. All you need is your RFID chip. And why would you wait 25 years to sell your Silver if you are still so brainwashed to think that only BTC is money? If only BTC is money, then where do you buy groceries or gasoline with it?

  • George Orwell



    Could it be someone that Does not accept main stream Media??

    Think they will start ‘chipping; the human pets soon. Tick Tick Tick.

  • anon

    In his book (below), Eustace Mullins talks about the Fall of Rome, and EVERY OTHER ancient civilization that was home to the “Jews”. ONLY ONE ancient civilization escaped the same fate, as the others ~ Byzantium ~ and Byzantium survived because it didn’t allow “Jews” to issue Byzantium’s currency, hold public office, or teach the youth. Mullins also covers “Jew”-ish ritual murder of gentile children:

    THE NEW HISTORY OF THE JEWS, by Eustace Mullins

    Egypt fell. Babylon fell. Persia fell. Greece fell. Rome fell.

    And what did every ancient civilization (except Byzantium) share in common? They all had an extremely wealthy, but relatively small “Jew”-ish population.

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