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The $5 TRILLION Silver Scam

from TruthNeverTold:

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3 comments to The $5 TRILLION Silver Scam

  • F16hoser

    “Outstanding!” Nicely done.

    Thank You

  • Minuteman

    Yes but WHEN will this manipulation end? We can be 100% right, but if TPTB continue the manipulation for too long, we lose. To add salt to the wound, fiat digital ones and zeros are going through the roof. Some days I feel like we’re living in the twilight zone where right is wrong and left is right. Bring on the collapse….

    • Eric

      Physical Silver is a lot like groceries, gasoline, toilet paper, and toothpaste.

      It’s always a buying opportunity. Never a selling opportunity.

      It’s not an investment. It’s money.

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