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Standing on the Precipice of Next Great CRASH — Mike Maloney

from SGT Report:

If you think there isn’t going to be another epic crash like the one we had in 2008, wise up. Not only is it coming, it could be far, far worse thank any of us would like. The fact that as of the release of this interview, you still have some time to prepare, may be something of a miracle. Mike Maloney from joins me to discuss.

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11 comments to Standing on the Precipice of Next Great CRASH — Mike Maloney

  • Jeffrey

    Sean you are the best interviewer ever.

  • Paul

    same old bullshit, this bod has been saying this for years.

    • Tbear

      It will be saying it forever

    • SGT

      Paul, then stocks & bonds are for you brother. BUY BUY BUY. They can only go higher.

      • Ed_B

        lol @Sean

        I sense some real sarcasm in this comment. Not that it’s not well deserved, of course. πŸ˜€

        But the real truth in investing is that it’s a game of playing the odds as best we can while diversifying our holdings and using dollar cost averaging to get a very good average price on whatever we choose to invest in. There is NO law or rule that says we can ONLY invest in one asset class. That’s a good thing because financial history is littered with the financial corpses of those who tried it and lost their wealth.

        While I really like gold and silver and have more than my share of them, I also invest in the US stock market and have done well with that. While that probably won’t always be true, it has been up until now and those profits have helped build a good stack. My PMs are my insurance against financial collapse, a long-term savings plan, and a good hedge against currency inflation.

        Excellent interview with Mike Maloney, BTW. This was one of the few that I made time to watch. Most times, I just don’t have the time to watch a 45+ minute interview AND do all of the other web browsing that I need to get done. I wish that I had that kind of time but… well, you know how it is when establishing our priorities. πŸ™‚

  • Scott

    You’re right Paul. Mike Maloney must have a boat payment due and needs a large inflow of good ole fiat so let’s push metals! I’m sick of all these pukes.

  • Ed_B

    Regarding the interview…

    “To whom do retirees sell their assets?”

    We sell them to other investors, whether they be mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, or individuals. Even as the individual pool of investors shrinks due to demographics, this will not occur quickly. It will take time. I’m less concerned about this than others because the market is sufficiently dynamic to take much of the anticipated sting out of this effect. I’ve been selling financial assets for the entire 13 years I’ve been retired. I assume that others are doing the same. In spite of this, the financial world has not collapsed. Maybe someday it will but if so, THAT is why I also stack.

    Canadian tax-payers subsidizing Maloney’s house…

    American forest products companies and workers are bearing the result of this via the fact that Canadian wood is government subsidized while US forest products are not. This is an unfair advantage for Canada that needs to stop. We pay a cost for having this cheap wood in terms of welfare and other benefits payments to US unemployed forest products workers. There’s no free lunch, guys. We’re paying more for products either way.

    “We’re one of the richest countries on Earth”?????

    No, we’re actually one of the most heavily indebted countries on Earth. A substantial part of our so-called riches exists as debt and not as assets. It is us thinking that we are rich and behaving as if that werew true that will eventually make us quite poor.

    “Hidden Secrets of Money” is a great series of videos that is very well worth the time to watch. I saved them to a CD and watch them from time to time. Thanks Mike for creating these videos and educating people as to monetary history and the critical difference between currency and money. This difference eludes most people and it is too important to be left in that state of ignorance.

    “Fast and Furious” is part of today’s circus. We don’t have gladiators these days, so this is how the “bread and circuses” routine of oppressive government is done these days. Entertainment and subsidized food still works as a control mechanism. It works because the vast majority of people are as ignorant of history as they are of mathematics. History always imposes a cost on ignorance… and sometimes quite a severe one.

    The UN likes Bitcoin? That should tell us ALL we need to know about digi-fiat. There is NO financial freedom available in something that the UN likes. If it really did give us financial freedom, they would despise it as much as they did / do despise gold and silver.

    “Bitcoin frees us from government intervention”? HA! Not a chance. Digi-fiat is just another form of financial slavery waiting to be implemented and is no different from the changes from money to currency to debt that have already occurred in the financial system since 1933.

    The “5-year grinding correction” has been an excellent time to be stacking and buying on the cheap. The patient will be rewarded while the impatient will end up on the ash-heap of history.

    Ex-pat to Puerto Rico? Moving to an island is a really bad idea, IMO. They are isolated and a LONG way from being self-sufficient. This includes Hawaii too but not an island the size of Australia. They have sufficient land mass and a small enough population to grow all the food and fiber they need to support their population. Fuel could be a problem though.

    As to taxes… Pharaoh was a slave-owning ruthless absolute dictator but even he only charged 1 part in 10 for taxes. That should tell us something about how the US Gov sees itself. πŸ™

    • For the record, Ed, the UN doesn’t like BTC nor are they using it at all. They like Ethereum, and so do a consortium of criminal banks and tech companies. I suppose this isn’t really Sean’s fault, as the title of the CoinDesk article does say the UN wants to use Ethereum AND Bitcoin, but if one reads the article instead of simply scanning the headline they’ll find that BTC isn’t mentioned in the article at all.

      The UN is, however, building private-chain applications on top of Ethereum and is already beta testing their use as food stamps in Pakistan.

      Even though the CoinDesk header is a deliberate attempt at misleading readers, I still wish SGT would’ve done its due diligence and read the article in full before passing on this misinformation; not only is it factually incorrect, but in doing so, the audience misses out on crypto news of great geopolitical importance – that is, that Ethereum is shaping up to be the blockchain of Western central bankers and Bitcoin is the blockchain of the East (China and Japan, primarily).

      • Ed_B

        For the record, Rusty, I was commenting on what was said in this interview. πŸ˜‰

        “They like Ethereum, and so do a consortium of criminal banks and tech companies.”

        Just as a person can be judged by the company they keep, so too can the crypto currencies… and if the criminal banksters like it, it CAN’T be good for any of us.

        “The UN is, however, building private-chain applications on top of Ethereum and is already beta testing their use as food stamps in Pakistan.”

        Clearly, this is only a start and just as clearly, it will be morphed into something far more dastardly than food stamps. This is how the UN works against us and has ever since it came to be.

        “Ethereum is shaping up to be the blockchain of Western central bankers and Bitcoin is the blockchain of the East (China and Japan, primarily).”

        Believe it or not, there are MANY people who don’t care about cryptocurrencies and see them all as just another brick in the road to widespread financial hell. This is just another part of the very same path that led us all from money, aka gold and silver, to gold and silver backed paper that was convertible *on demand* of the paper holders, to gold and silver backed paper that was not convertible, and finally to mere paper that was not backed by gold or silver. The progression here is unmistakable, IMO. Just as clear is that none of this progression is for our benefit. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. πŸ™‚

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