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Silver or Gold or Cryptos… or All Three?

from SGT Report:

As PHYSICAL precious metals owners, we know where our hearts are. But with the rapid rise of cryptocurenncy as an alternative to the US Dollar and other fiat currencies, the question needs to be asked: Is there room in our portfolios for a little Bitcoin, Ethereum or Lite Coin? The United Nations is even embracing them. Are they here to stay? Should you care?WATCH: Ethereum: SHOCK and AWE!! (Bix Weir)

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67 comments to Silver or Gold or Cryptos… or All Three?

  • Eric

    Oh good the UN is embracing crypto currencies. One more reason to stay out of them.

    Trade them if you like going to the casino. But none of them will last where Gold will.

    Never have all your eggs in one basket.

    • willygroper

      perzactly. “The United Nations is even embracing them.” tells you all you need to know…

      jmho, herding the flock to the forbidden fruit for acceptance of an all digital global money system.

      seriously, all the folks that have bought into it, do you want it to trade like a stock with greater swings than forex already has?

      do you think it can’t be hacked & is safe from predators?

      answer: mt. gox & anything created can be compromised. putting your faith in crypto’s is actually putting your faith in tptb will take care of you. banksters are bad enuf, but at least you can see & know who you’re dealing with. not so with crypto.
      does anyone need reminding of all the backdoors in not only computers but also memory?

      • Eric

        Dear G,

        Bitcoin is a virtual game that is being made look better than gold or silver, to sell the concept of a world wide virtual currency.

        It should change its name to “Nintendo Virtual Foolishness,” as it’s purpose is to win the hearts and minds of a public.

        After that to construct a “Dollar Index Bit Coin” backed by tickets to Mars from Space Inc. with a picture of Elon Musk.

        There is no computer game that can not be hacked, and there never will be.


        Jim (Jim Sinclair)

        • mike

          Awesome I am going on a trip to mars via spacex!….Sweet end game conspiracy Eric boy I hope your right on that parrot link. Much better than the other CIA,BANKSTER,ALIEN,JEW conspiracy’s you have been spewing…
          I’ll email you from Mars when I take my trip. Have always wanted to go to space. I’ll look around for your lost brain while I’m up there.

          ps that is the trick to everything including PMs, hearts and minds.

          • fonestar

            Mike did you know that we are the only two people on Earth who are pro-Bitcoin? Oh wait… we are actually the same person anyway. It’s actually just me who is buying all the Bitcoin on planet Earth and that’s why it is $1600 USD today. I’m just really fast traveling all over Asia, N. America, S. America making it look like other people are actually interested in this big “ponzi scheme”.


            • mike

              It’s a simple choice..Use bankster digital dollars now subject to fees, middlemen and controls or use btc out of gub control.
              Yes it appears we are indeed the sole cheerleaders.
              Did you know if just 1% of all gold investing went into btc, btc would be 10k! Talk about a small market vs the massive bloated PM market.
              BTC is the true stake in the heart of the squid…It amazes me the guys can not see that.
              If there a dollar crash there will be btc so the modern world can still function.PMs will have value and you will be able to spend them locally no problem.If you tried to back money with gold or create digital gold you now have massive institutions again from gub control, settlement banks, logistic institutions etc and counter party risk. Thats why Btc is going to win. Pms logistically can not function as money in our modern world except on a limited local level.

              • Don

                You two might be two most active cheerleaders. Ive found its not really worth it to waste time on those that ignore logic and would rather insult than learn. If people cannot grasp the simple truth in your first sentence, they are beyond help.

                Bitcoin is our. A decentralized public, open

                • Don

                  *ours. Smart phone and “fields”

                  What the banks propose in the coming years will be filled with their controlling rules.

                • fonestar

                  We are the most active cheerleaders? How many of the hundreds of Bitcoin sites do you hang out on Don?

                • Eric

                  Which grocery stores and gas stations accept bitcoin again? Oh that’s right… none.

                  Can’t wait til this thing crashes again. Then the cheerleaders can cry into their pom poms.

                • mike

                  Eric you can buy directly with btc anything you can think of, even order from around the country,other country’s. You can trade gold with your neighbor if he wants it for something but you can not order from another state or country with gold without establishing a new massive banking bureaucracy. Not to mention when you purchase with btc the only person you’re making richer is the seller by not supporting banks,gubs and middlemen.I am not sure what part of that you dont understand? If btc is just fiat to you then get btc to use as currency instead of supporting warmonger banks and gubs.When you make your pm purchases do it with btc instead of the bank..Amagi,miles franklin,jm bullion all take btc as bank wire price and so much easier than bankwire. True you have to first purchase btc but that is just 1 transaction dealing with banks. All subsequent transactions are bank free…Or you could just sell some stuff for btc like I do….Got 7.3 btcs now!
                  BTC is bound to correct at points, your right but in a few years btc will be priceless.
                  Look dont care what you decide to do. BTC doesn’t care about your opinion it is going to do what it was created for whether you like it or not.

                • Eric

                  Just show me where I can buy groceries or gasoline with BTC. Why can’t you do that? I don’t need more consumer junk from china. But I know you like that crap and buy a lot of it. BTC is not even fiat. There is nothing that gives it any value besides a bunch of assholes hyping it up beyond fair value. SD Bullion has by far the best prices on bullion but they do not accept BTC. 7.3 btcs. Wow you’re so rich! Just think of all the printers and patio furniture you can buy.

      • mike

        Willy lets say your right. The gubberment is pushing everyone to accept digital money even though they already do. To he entire world will be on this new money..It will be the new fiat 2.0 since the gub not the market controls price. Dont you think it would be a smart idea to buy just 1 btc? You are saying you know this is going to happen, that serious insider info..Think about it all the worlds debt and money supply squished into 21 million btcs..They are going to be worth billions. The interesting thing is BTC can handle that fine since it is so divisible. If you really believed what you said buy 1 or 2 btc and hold on because you are going to be one of then new elite oligarchs.

        • willygroper

          sorry. jmho, it’s a pipe dream…data pipe dream.

          there’s a whole lotta smart folks going for it. not me.

          we’ll be “forced” into digital currency soon enuf.

          ever had a bank, brokerage or credit card hacked?

          no i do not trust in btc.

          see my link below.

          • fonestar

            This is one of the dumbest conspiracies I have ever heard in my life. The government is going to “push” everyone into digital currencies? Ummm… where have you been the last 50 years? All currencies are already digital and have been for a very, very long time.

            And so what? After they have “pushed” everyone into deflationary Bitcoin (that they can’t control) then they are going to say… “NO WAIT. Actually, we want you to use this digital currency now.” And everyone is just going to say… “GEE. That sounds like a great idea.”

            Think about it. This is so f#cking stupid in so many ways I don’t know where to start.

            • willygroper

              “All currencies are already digital and have been for a very, very long time.”
              “This is so f#cking stupid in so many ways I don’t know where to start.”

              guess that’s why there’s still cash…vagenius.

              • Eric

                Gold is a currency.
                Silver is a currency.
                Copper is a currency.

                Bitcoin is not deflationary either. It is disinflationary if anything.

                These bitcoin people get so emotional about money they forget to use their brain a lot.

              • fonestar

                Because they ALLOW you (currently) to hold physical “cash”, which is a fraction of 1% of the total digital Dollars…. you think that the Dollar is NOT a digital currency??

                Seriously how f#cking stupid can you get?

                • willygroper

                  “Seriously how f#cking stupid can you get?”

                  ANYTHING you put in the pipe is data packet sniffed & geo located to you and or your device.

                  the thought of thinking you’re gonna get one over on the system by using their interwebs for commerce is laughable.

                  we’ll see just who is fgn stoopit and holding the ethereal bag when this plays out.

                • mike

                  First only btc is money not the other cryptos. Why do you think everything has to be underhanded? If i sold my btc and made a profit of course I would have to pay taxes on the gains . Same thing with gold or silver. In the future since btc will be the default world reserve money and each btc will have the purchasing power of billions today the gub will figure out a way to tax it. Right now it’s just subject to capital gains like anything you make a profit on. My hope is we can get back to a constitutional gubberment and the individual is not subject to any form of unconstitutional income tax. Or even better a free world free of banker warmongers.Think that is going to be difficult but btc is a giant leap for mankind in the right direction.. Political Dynasties die NASTY.

                • fonestar

                  Who is “they”??

                  Like the one ISP that provides Internet for the entire Earth??

                  Do you know how to encrypt transmissions? No “they” do not know every byte and its source. They are clueless and you are dumb talking shit out your ass.

              • mike

                Willy.The worlds money supply is 90% digital and 10% cash..Yeah everything is already digital. Just depends on what you choose to support..The digital dollar with all the constraints and controls or the people money btc?

            • Allender

              Shall we start here? “Money” is supposed to be a store of value. Fiat currency is exactly the opposite of a store of value. The whole gig is monopoly on creating “value” from nothing.

              So tell us, fonestar, what is the value of bitcoin?

              Value in something created from nothing? The only reason cryptic currencies (red alert!) are even considered having anything like value is because of public gullibility and even brain death cultivated by such as…”the dollar”.

              As head cheerleader here, could you explain what actual store of value is presented by bitcoin and other cryptology?

              Please, a simple reason why bitcoin is worth anything at all, in reality.

    • videoctr

      I have thought deeply about this, and then I started to Channel Rod Serling, here is what he had to say about blockchain stuff…

      The Blockchain paradigm will usher in web 3.0. It can’t be stopped now. There is no going back. Just as the steam engine replaced the horse and buggy. Just as the internal combustion engine replaced the steam engine, and so on. Up ahead, you are heading toward the Ethereum singularity. You will be assimilated into the 4th dimension, a dimension that is everywhere, utilizing a decentralized technology network that will work as though it were a single computer. A new techno-consciousness has been born, a consciousness that is more a like a hive mind. Where time and space mean nothing to this artificial hive mind, it never sleeps, it is everywhere. This is the world now. A world consisting of artificial intelligence, robots, self-driving cars and drone craft. And now a technology called Blockchain is added into this uncertain techno-soup, amidst a political backdrop of wars and rumors of war and financial armageddon. The final question to ask is, is this the dawn of a new glorious age, or a one way crypto-ticket into the Twilight Zone?

      Do-do do-do, do-do do-do.

      • fonestar

        Still re-posting idiotic 4 year old videos from Duanestar? People who listened to Duanestar in 2013 missed out on massive, massive profits.

        • Eric

          They also missed out on massive massive crashes.

          Bitcoin crashed 94% in 2011, 51% in 2012, 23% in 2013, another crash of 80% in 2013, and 83% throughout all of 2014.

          How many fiat profits have you locked in by selling bitcoins? Don’t forget to pay taxes on that.

    • mike

      If Eric could turn back time when btc was at $80 we would buy silver instead at $40.

      Eric Rocoo coo bird is a nutbag, remember the talk about posting parrot links?

      • Eric

        Curious that Bitcoin came along just after the entire banking system nearly collapsed.

        So quickly do people forget. What was the price of btc in 2007 just 10 years ago?

        It’s so easy to fleece the shekels from the dumb goy (mike).

        If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

      • mike

        Oh pretty amazing all the 10oz silver bars at spot everywhere huh? I thought the stuff was, wait I think hard to find then mine and real money? Sounds like slumping sales to me.It wont be long especially if silver rises .50 or so that you will see under spot price sales to move out the retailers inventory. The retail market is getting hit hard. Blame Trump he also killed the gun industry which is great serious sales on guns and ammo and its only going to get better….Too much inventory out there in Guns and PMs.

        Dont invest in Cryptos only a crypto..Only btc is money.

        • Eric

          It’s all about price for mike and not about value at all.

          Therefore, the value of mike’s brain is always less than the price of one btc.

          Only btc is money. Because you can’t buy groceries or fuel with it. And you can’t have access it without electricity.

          mike = dumb goy

          • mike

            Eric I am all about the only measure of value, Purchasing power…..I would appreciate you not speaking your native tongue of jibberish Yiddish to me. It’s almost as grating as freaky deeky dutch.

            • Eric

              I’m about as jewish as you are intelligent mike. In other words, not at all.

              Purchasing power of Bitcoin 10 years ago = Zero
              Current purchasing power of Bitcoin in terms of groceries or gasoline = Zero
              Long term future purchasing power of Bitcoin = Zero
              mike = dumb goy

              In Gold we Trust!

              • mike

                Interesting 1000 years ago 1000 ozs silver purchased 1000 man army. Today 1000oz of silver can only purchase 1 soldier for a month.
                Why? lts called inflation. 1000 years ago silver was rare hard to find in visible veins to mine.
                Today 1 man on 1 machine does the work it took 10,000 people to do 1000 years ago. No more even finding visible silver just chemically extracted from the earth scooped up by bucket loaders. Silver and gold are rare no longer and available on demand forever.

                Btc on the other hand is limited yet infinitely divisible. So divisible in reality only 1 btc ever needed to be created for the entire worlds money supply forever.

                So you look at pms in terms of purchasing power over their life as money and you get 999999% loss in purchasing power. Even recently when it actually was money. Never heard of some in 1964 that was able to take care of a family nicely on .50 a week. 1/10th oz silver dime a day lol.

                I am looking at the last 10 years…
                Silver not able to keep up with inflation.
                Btc up 1000000% and you’re calling me stupid?

                • Eric

                  How big of an army can you buy with you 7 bitcoins? lol.

                  That’s exactly why Silver is undervalued at today’s price. Duh.

                  Go buy something overvalued. You’re good at paying full price. Especially since you still don’t know the difference between price and value.

                  1000000%? lol.

                  I’m not calling you stupid.

                  mike = dumb goy

  • randy0302

    I like Bix but he just sold an asset today that has gone up x10 in the last 6 months Ethereum to buy something that is 1/3 of the price it was in 1980?

  • pipes

    No matter the day…no matter the increase…the same broken records repeat over and over.
    In the mean time, my brother and I just struck a deal on 70 acres in southern TN Monday. When we close later this month, anybody want to guess where my stake will come from?
    Hint; I’m not selling a single ounce of metal.

    THAT is the reality that the clueless naysayers – no matter how hard they try – can’t counter.

  • Troy

    The only thing I will ever invest money in is silver and 1960’s, and early 70’s Musclecars.





  • Loquito

    Hi Sean, excellence works as always. Just a thought? Remember in how the elite like to take slow step to each process. Now crypto is new and a alternative to our system. Right? Look at our reaction or the PPL in the ALT side of things. We ran to it like a flock of seagulls. Now the elite take a step to embrace it. MMMMMM? “Problem Reaction Solution” We haven’t enter the “Solution phase” yet… We are seeing the problems right now. The sad thing is most people will react late. A lot of us see the problems in this system and we are the first to react. Since this reaction by use ‘in the know’ showed the elite what they need to do next. To keep use in control. We are in the “Problem phase” still. So many distraction, starting war, terror, shootings, bills, money(Debt), Oh my!

    Silver is what I like=) and some gold.

    • fonestar

      Stop talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum like they’re the same thing. They’re not.

      The “elite” love Ethereum and hate Bitcoin.

      • Too much logic for this thread, Fonestar ;P

        Even after I pointed out to Sean that the CoinDesk article he keeps citing has a clickbaity title whose article body says absolutely nothing about the UN using BTC and is actually entirely about the inflationary piece of garbage known as Ethereum, he refuses to stop spreading this FUD. Hopefully he just didn’t see the original comment and will correct himself in the future, as someone whose titulary acronym includes “TRUTH” shouldn’t be spreading lies.

        ETH = Western central bankers’ wet dream:

        BTC = ChinaCoin (essentially, they control the hashing power, ASIC manufacturing, and largest pools). Just look at all the companies/banks dropping out of the R3 Consortium, JPM is just the first.

        Now that doesn’t mean that BTC can’t be co-opted through a consensus-based fork at some point in the future, but people fail to understand the open source concept at its core. If BTC were some walled garden that couldn’t be replicated, we’d be in for some trouble. But the openness of cryptocurrencies ensures that even should BTC no longer serve Satoshi’s vision, others (ZCash, Monero, DASH, etc.) will take its place or supplement it.

        Just wish I saved all that DASH I mined back when it was still X11Coin/DarkCoin. 🙁

        • Eric

          That’s what I said Rusticus. Another crypto will come along to serve “Satoshi’s vision” and knock bitcoin off the wall. There will always be a bigger, better, newer crypto around the corner.

          “BTC = ChinaCoin (essentially, they control the hashing power, ASIC manufacturing, and largest pools).”

          China controls the Gold too. Gold is not exciting. Unless you have a lot of it.

  • videoctr

    Here is a TED talk on blockchain.
    Layman’s explanations to the public

  • videoctr

    Adoption of Ethereum will be by large financial institutions, companies that have supply chain and logistics who are looking for ways to cut transaction costs and save time. And governments of course. Then the rest of humanity will need to interact, trade, and do business with these institutions, sucking us into the web3 blockchain paradigm. At some point in the future, we will have no choice in the matter, you will be using blockchain. Get use to it and prepare for the arrival of blockchain in your life.

    The value of Ethereum is the Ethereum network, it will increase in value as the virtual decentralized system becomes pervasive worldwide.

    I still don’t like the idea of ETFs tied to crypto currencies, of which there are discussions again.

    • willygroper

      “virtual decentralized system?”

      that’s funny, implementation of digital currency will be anything BUT decentralized.

      • videoctr

        Yeah I know it sounds cool and trendy. I did not make up the term.

        Some key attributes stated by others:

        “A new organizing principle for humanity”

        “No central authority that is manipulating the data.”

        “Worlds decentralized computer.”

        More about Ethereum Virtual Machine.

        • willygroper

          “A new organizing principle for humanity”


          “No central authority that is manipulating the data.”

          it’s already manipulated, hence the price volatility even more so than forex or libor.

          i simply put no faith in vapor.

          read the t&c…

          to all that have made money in it…good. i’d take it & buy a hard asset with it.

          • videoctr


            Respectfully, I read the Zerohedge article about the issues of Bitfinex Exchange. Bitfinex is a crypto currency exchange. The Bitfinex Exchange is not a part of the Ethereum eco-system or project.

            With regard to Ethereum, as an investor, my focus is not on the fuel token, called Ether, instead it is important to focus on where the value of Ethereum is. The value lies in the Ethereum network and it’s components that make it all work. A real paradigm shift that offers an opportunity to make a dollar or two. Good luck!

  • fonestar

    FYI…. there’s a lot of *CERTIFIED RETARDS* posting comments on Zerohedge saying things like “But fonestar said….”


    fonestar has always wanted to see Bitcoin banned. Bitcoin should be a currency of rebels and criminals until this criminal system collapses. fonestar also wants to see all of the Bitcoin exchanges collapse too. This will be the best possible thing for Bitcoin and Bitcoin’s future, is for the Bitcoin exchanges to collapse. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and Bitcoin exchanges add centralization and in effect, fractional-reserve Bitcoin. And that hurts Bitcoin, it hurts the Bitcoin network, it hurts Bitcoin’s price and it hurts Bitcoin’s image.

  • SGT

    Bitcoin & Ethereum just hit new all time highs again today, as silver is bitch slapped by the criminals once again. SALT IN THE WOUND.

    • fonestar

      Why would this be “salt in the wound”? Everyone who bought Silver (meaning 75% of Bitcoiners) knew what they were getting into. fonestar knew from the get-go back in 2007 that they would never allow gold/silver to rise.

    • Eric

      Sweet. Cheap Silver.

      Do you really want to the USD to collapse so Silver can go to it’s fair value?

      “They” will not have a choice but to let Silver rise.

  • knowtoomuch

    “jews fund Trump and they fund Putin”

    ( 9m00s – 9m15s )

    I’ve only listened this interview (of 57 minutes)so far, but given the fact Kaminski is interviewed I’m expecting a LOT motre REAL INFO.

  • knowtoomuch

    Did you know I HAVE to use a “proxy server” (in the U.S.) in order to listen to this interview over here in France ???

    ( )

    Sad but true ..!

  • videoctr

    Blockchain technology is now being tested at 2 credit agencies in Canada: “TransUnion and Equifax are testing blockchain technology to share consumer data across the Web.”

  • videoctr

    I am seeing blockchain in a new light, that is, not just the crypto currency aspect. I see the way blockchain paradigm will revolutionize the web toward virtualization, automation, and security. It seems to me in my mind that this is the next step for the web3.0 leap. Gold and silver are money, agreed, but it can’t do squat to assist in the web 3.0 evolution. That is where I see investment opportunity. I don’t see a relationship with gold or silver to blockchain web implementation.

    In summary, I am investing in the web/blockchain paradigm shift so to speak. Good luck in your investing and to all here.

    Disclosure: I have silver and mining shares. I have skin in the blockchain game too.

    • Eric

      Then do your due diligence and be confident in your investment decisions. Adjust along the way as things can change rapidly. Know your own risk/reward tolerance and don’t take more risk than you can afford.

      I have a risk/reward worksheet around here somewhere I wish I could find. It’s a good one and it always helps to reevaluate your decisions. Always be concerned with the downside. The upside takes care of itself if the fundamentals are sound.

      I’m still about 52% Gold, 40% Silver, 6% Platinum and Palladium, 2% mining shares. I plan on buying more Silver and adding to mining shares for as long as I can and it makes sense.

      “Stick to the fundamentals. That’s how IBM and Hilton were built. Good things sometimes take time.” -Lou Mannheim

  • videoctr

    This is interesting, Ethereum is not a currency, it is an asset according to the SEC,

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