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Shameful VA denies Pearl Harbor survivor a hearing aid because they can’t find his paperwork

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The days of the Veterans Administration’s chronic shortfalls and criminal treatment of the nation’s warriors may be coming to a close, thanks to a recent piece of legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald J. Trump. But until the law kicks in and real reforms begin to take shape, many VA hospitals will continue to underserve the very people they are in existence to serve in the first place.

As reported by Off the Grid News, the last known living U.S. survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 – which triggered America’s entry into the global conflagration – was recently denied hearing aids at a VA in Philadelphia for a very common, and wholly unacceptable, reason: Federal bureaucracy. (RELATED: Trump delivers: Taking ‘SWAT team’ approach to slashing bureaucracy)

The site noted that a paperwork error on the part of the Department of Veterans Affairs was reportedly to blame.

CBS Philly reported further that the vet, Alexander Horanzy, 94, went to the VA to get the hearing aids, and they were sitting in front of him on a table after he was told he had already been approved to receive them and had them tested and fitted.

“So I drove him up there and they wouldn’t give them to him,” said his granddaughter, Joyce Fiore, in an interview with KYW News Radio. “They said his medical records were lost in  a fire. They had them right there, so he was denied.”

The vet himself was not happy about the snafu either. “I was so darned mad I couldn’t even talk,” he said. “My granddaughter was there with me, so we just walked out.”

Reports noted that Horanzy nearly perished seven decades ago after contracting malaria while fighting in the mosquito-filled jungles on New Guinea. The Greatest Generation Fondation noted further that prior to his combat there, he had seen the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as a young Army private.

Nevertheless, the VA lost his paperwork and because of the VA’s fault, Horanzy wasn’t able to get the hearing aids Fiore said he desperately needed.

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1 comment to Shameful VA denies Pearl Harbor survivor a hearing aid because they can’t find his paperwork

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Unless this guy received his hearing loss related to his Military duties this guy can shove this up his you know what.I’m a Veteran and I’m tired of all these other vets milking the freakin system. Buy your own damn hearing aid. Stop saddling the public with debt while you wave a flag that says I’m a hero and you need to give me a free ride for as long as I’m alive. This is one of the tricks of the Elite. The Elites are bankers who make money off saddling governments and their people with debt. They train the people accept Teachers, fire fighters, police, and soldiers as automatic heroes to society in order for us to pay them ever increasing and unlimited amounts of money via pensions. This is by design to overwhelm and collapse the system. The Cloward and Piven Model. Remember you’re not a hero for what you are. You are hero for what you do! Key word do. Vets need to stand up for the military and say no more to endless wars that steal our blood and treasure from our nation.

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