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Rothschild & Sons: We Create Bubbles, Then We Pop ’em

from Dees Illustration, via SGT

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4 comments to Rothschild & Sons: We Create Bubbles, Then We Pop ’em

  • Ed_B

    “Rothschild & Sons: We Create Bubbles, Then We Pop ’em”

    They need to get “popped”… and permanently, at that.

  • anon

    It’s NOT JUST economic “bubbles” that they give us. They also give us the following:

    1) WAR, like WWI, and WWII, for example. 2) Faux “Revolutions”, like the so-called “spontaneous” “Russian” “Revolution” in 1917. 3) GENOCIDE, and DEMOCIDE (Death by Government) like occurred as a result of both WWI, and WWII, and as occurred in Russia between 1917 and 1953. 4) Pre-engineered FAMINE, like the artificially-created “Holodomor” in the Ukraine in the 1930’s. 5) ECONOMIC RECESSIONS & DEPRESSIONS, like the 1929 Stock Market Crash on Wall St. 6) DISEASE PANDEMICS, like the 1918 Flu Pandemic (

    Ordo ab Chao. They create the PROBLEM ~ then await the public REACTION ~ then step in with their pre-planned “SOLUTION” ~ which merely serves to further consolidate their status quo system of TOTAL CONTROL. (“FULL-SPECTRUM DOMINANCE” of ZIONISTS, the “elite” of the West, of formerly Anglo-Saxon heritage in England, but now combined into Anglo-Puritan-Judaic-ZIONIST SUPREMACISTS in the ‘City’ of London, in the “Brit”-ish Empire of the “United Kingdom”. This is about the “elites” of ‘the West’.

  • rich

    Is London the Problem? by Dr Harald Malmgren and Mark Stys

    Author’s note: This piece was written in response to a request from the UK Parliament’s 2013 inquiry into the JPM ‘Whale’ and the LIBOR fixing probes.

    While in the US a broker dealer can hypothecate up to 140% of a client’s liability, there is no such limit in the UK. For example, use of client assets held by a prime broker to create a repo agreement in order to gain additional financing is limited by US regulations. But, if the same prime broker “trades” or swaps client assets with a London based subsidiary those client assets may then be re-hypothecated again and again. This process has been dubbed “hyper-hypothecation” and is widely practiced in London, particularly by primary brokers which manage their own custodial services. This provides a major share of the funding of worldwide shadow banking, as well as providing a source of robust profits in bank trading operations.

    In the US, hypothecation can increase leverage by 40%, but in the UK it is not uncommon to see hypothecated leverage of 400%. According to IMF reports, US firms had increased funding to $4T on assets of just $1T in 2007, and most of that increased leverage came through London. Furthermore, at that time, over half of the funding of the shadow banking system was believed to come through London as well. This was possible due to the easing of collateral restraints that began during the Clinton Administration where previously only US Treasury, and state and municipal debt were allowed to be re-hypothecated. The rules have been continuously eased in subsequent administrations as financial engineering kicked into high gear at the same time that collateral became increasing toxic. At present, there is nothing illegal about using client assets as a means of boosting trading profits. It is the laxity or permissiveness of London’s regulations that allows huge amplification of trading leverage.

    In the US, client assets are usually held by a large financial institution under obscure, technical custodial language that permits transfer of such assets to overseas branches. In London, it is legal for a “branch” to hyper-hypothecate.

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