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Road to Serfdom, Yesterday and Today

from BATR:

The path to a Global Gulag is paved with failed promises and stern submission. The functions of governments change little over time. Only the intensity of applying current techniques of crowd control evolves for making the task easier to corral the rowdy into prisons of their minds. Force works because people allow themselves to be intimidated and government stooges are willing to rejoice in the celebration of human misery. The police state stems from an entitlement of State tyranny, which justifies its existence based upon an absolutism of authority.

Fear keeps people in chains. Denial maintains the illusion that the government is worthy of respect and obedience. Self-loathing drives slobs into debasing their own dignity. Pride in one’s own ignorance spreads the “stuck on stupid” culture. The poverty society grows with every social welfare program. The FEMA dictatorship gives away doublewide trailers as a way to ease overcrowding in the penitentiaries. All in the spirit of state worship for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Does this reality strike a response or are you so dead that nothing penetrates your own version of pathetic desperation?

Keep your loyalty fresh by recognizing that your patriotism is often misplaced. Quartering “Red Coats” or rounding up French Quarter Cajuns, the drill does not change. Disarm the public not just their guns, but more important their will to resist.

Reinhard Blänkner warns that Absolutism can take different forms.

“Liberals employed the term most effectively, asserting that an irreconcilable fight raged between two political systems since the American and the French Revolution, a struggle of absolutism and constitutionalism. In a liberal perception, absolutism was not confined to a single governmental form. The French Revolution demonstrated that political freedom was threatened not only by monarchical absolutism but also by democratic absolutism”.

Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys!, takes place, not just in Putnam’s Landing; but in every hamlet and village. Liaison with the government, attend every civic meeting and lobby the ranks of all those condescending politicians; but never become a boisterous constituent. Bodacious Bohemian’s need not apply. Only lock step “sheeple” are suited for advance placement, in the re-education camps, as jailers for the domestic terrorists. Daniel Hannan’s new book, ”


The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America“, offers this perceptive warning.

“Barack Obama born in Kenya? Pah! If anything, he was born in Brussels. The policies his administration is pursuing amount to comprehensive Europeanisation: European carbon taxes, European foreign policy, European healthcare, European daycare, European disarmament, European industrial intervention and, inevitably, European unemployment rates.

If there are any Americans reading, I’ve got some bad news for you. I inhabit your future. As a Member of the European Parliament, I have spent eleven years working in precisely the kind of system that you seem intent on creating.

I’m not saying that everything in the US is good and everything in the EU is bad, far from it. It’s just that the aspects of Euro-politics which your rulers seem most intent on copying are those which have demonstrably failed: the centralisation of power, higher state spending, welfare dependency, excessive regulation”.

British MEP Daniel Hannan quotes Doctor Ron Paul and understands the importance of the constitution being a living document, watch this video.By living document, he does not mean that “Black-Robe Tyrants” should pervert the Bill of Rights. Quite to the contrary, while the current climate now allows, The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves, Mr. Hannan champions the best that American stands for.

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