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Prepping on a Budget- Part 2, by The Newbie

from Survival Blog:

Costco Membership
Costco’s price for organic flour and bulk quality foods is unbeatable. However, the other things listed below are much less expensive at the regular warehouse. The Business Center carries both the higher gluten organic flour that is better for breads (red wheat) and the lower gluten/protein flour that is better for cakes muffins and pastries (soft winter wheat). I would buy these in addition to storing whole grains. It helps with your overall budget. Depending on how much you spend, it may benefit you to get an Executive Membership. If you have the money, it behooves you to do this regardless. If your rebate doesn’t come to what you invest in it, they will refund the difference. The membership prices are increasing by $20 in June. If you don’t have one now, it would be beneficial to invest in membership this month.

Costco Coupons
Costco runs coupons every month, so it is good to check. Once you buy a membership they send you the monthly coupons. It isn’t necessary to present them at the checkout. They are automatically deducted, unless it is a coupon code you have specifically for Google Express. If you already have a membership, you should have received a 25% off coupon up to $30 off of your first order when you join Google Express. These are just a few examples of the prices. There is no difference in the Costco prices online and in the warehouse, but the Business Center is a different story. They have to pay for diesel and pay the delivery fees, et cetera. It doesn’t look like there is hardly a markup at all, so this is understandable. They carry a lot of food items that aren’t available in the regular Costco.

Some items are available in much bigger portions, like rice and raw honey. I almost passed out when I walked into the Business Center and saw how much less items cost. I was fully prepared to pay the online prices because they were still way better than anything I’ve seen after extensive researching. The impression was that I was getting the best prices on sugar and a few other things by buying the 25-pound bag in the regular Costco. But after actually going to a Business Center a couple of days ago, I found I was wrong. Some of the items are available through Google Express at the same price as the warehouse, like toilet paper. If you have a business and order through the Business Center, just know to compare prices before hand to get the best prices.

Comparing Warehouse and Business Center Prices Online and In Store
Toilet paper is a good example. It costs $3 more to order through the Business Center than to order through Google Express. The Business Center caters to espresso stands and restaurants, so there are a lot of other things on a preppers list that make it well worth the trip or ordering online, depending on where you live and if you know someone you trust who owns a business where it can be delivered. We’ve lived close enough to a Business center for years and didn’t know about it but wish I would have. I hope this article is helpful. I would have loved to have known sooner. These are a few examples of their prices:

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