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Pilot project to introduce a “BASIC INCOME” in Ontario gets strong public support

Three-year proposal is set to launch this spring and will give participants a guaranteed salary.

from The Star:

A proposed provincial pilot project to give some people struggling on poverty-level welfare payments and low-wage jobs a basic income with no strings attached, received a thumbs-up during recent online and public consultations.

Ontarians are also keen to know whether this type of support would impact health, housing, food and work habits, according to a report summarizing public feedback on the initiative.

“There was strong agreement that the basic income amount should be set at a level that will lift recipients out of poverty,” says the report, released Thursday.

The three-year pilot project, announced in the 2016 budget, is expected to be launched this spring.

A provincial discussion paper last fall by longtime guaranteed annual income supporter Hugh Segal, suggested a minimum monthly payment of $1,320 for a single person, or about 75 per cent of the province’s low-income measure. People with disabilities would receive an additional $500 a month.

The low-income measure is an income-based poverty measurement equal to half the median household income.

Thursday’s report updates Segal’s suggested basic income amount for a single person to about $1,416 a month to reflect 2016 household incomes.

More than 35,000 Ontarians weighed in on the proposed experiment, including almost 33,000 people who answered an online survey and about 1,200 individuals who attended one of 14 public meetings between November and January.

They agreed participation should be voluntary, no participant should be worse off and those on welfare or disability benefits should be able to keep their current dental, health and medical benefits. Participants should also have access to financial planning, internet services, employment counselling, life skills training and other support to help them escape poverty.

Ontarians also shared their views on which communities to include in the pilot and how a basic income should be delivered.

But anti-poverty activists who attended most of the public consultations say welfare rates should be increased immediately to the proposed basic income amount.

A single person without a disability currently receives just $708 a month on welfare, or 42 per cent of the province’s low-income measure which is equal to half of the median household income in Ontario, adjusted for size.

“This is just another merry-go-round,” said Toronto activist Pauline Bryant, 54, who struggles to survive on $876 a month in welfare and special diet benefits.

“We can’t wait another four or five years for them to complete this experiment. We are falling to the curb now,” she said.

Bryant’s monthly rent of $675 for a room with a bathroom near Spadina Ave. and Dupont St. leaves her little for food and other necessities, she said.

If welfare rates were raised to the basic income amount, she says she would be able to afford a new winter coat and boots or a steak and pork chops.

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10 comments to Pilot project to introduce a “BASIC INCOME” in Ontario gets strong public support

  • Bob

    I’m an Ontarian, and my view is that all the freeloaders will love this program. All the socialists in government and academia, who live to hand working people’s money to lazy people, will love the program. The mainstream media, who are a bunch of social justice warriors, will love this program. Only the Ontario workers, who will pay for this program, will hate it.

    I do program evaluation for a living, and many of my evaluations have been on Ontario government programs, and I can safely predict that either the evaluation will be done internally by the bureaucrats in charge of this newest boondoggle, who will conclude the pilot project is an enormous success, or it will be contracted to an evaluation consultant, who will initially report the real findings, only to have the bureaucrats in charge of the pilot insist on changes that either whitewash or remove any negative findings and highlight the positive findings, and the revised report with recommendations for expansion will be released to a fawning media, which will dutifully report that a basic income is nirvana for everyone!

    Our only hope is the economy crashes in the meantime to derail the nightmare express.

    • Windrunner58

      Bob, as an Albertan I feel the same. We already have Welfare, how is that working out? The lazy stay lazy, and we the hard working (my wife, son and myself are self employed – we sweat to earn our $$), will continue to pay, get audited for every nickel they can find, cuz we are in the system. There is absolutely no incentive for the lazy to find work, robots are taking minimum wage jobs in McDonalds, Wendy’s, immigrants (who work hard, but work for less) are taking other minimum wage jobs that have not yet been automated, big box stores are closing because of online purchasing, more jobs out the window. Yes it is a boondoggle and they (TPTB) feel a revolutionary crisis is ahead unless they feed the needy (no castle on a mountain – but the peasants are still hungry), so PRINT PRINT PRINT and the uneducated will not ask where this sudden wealth comes from.

      We the hard working will be taxed more and still we will soldier on, cuz we have always soldiered on. It is in our nature, just as it is in the lazy’s nature to put their hands out for more. Bingo halls will prosper!!!!

      What a flippin embarrassment!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    They’ll eventually have to rename the capital from Toronto, to Caracas.

  • Eric

    Welfare is popular when it doesn’t come out of your own pocket.

  • Eric

    Useless beggars.

  • mike

    Whats wrong with free money, dont get it? Would think you gold money guys would love it. Fastest way to end fiat money and allow the productive to stack more while it still spends. You guys are truly special railing against the system then rallying to protect it by your misplaced scruple? Everyone alive today is a gub parasite in one form or another. If you’re a builder you get paid because of low interest loans by gub. If your an engineer you get paid because of gub regulated markets. If your a doctor you get paid by gub regulated markets as well…There is not 1 business that derives its income at least partially from some gub
    regulation or direct gub contracts..Nothing. You lot are hilarious.Embrace anything that
    will finally end this fiat horror, dont protect it.

    • Eric

      It just figures that you would have no clue about the detrimental effects of welfare.

      There is nothing free in this world. There are consequences for every action or inaction.

      Cause and effect.

      Earning a living encourages production and savings.

      Welfare encourages laziness and consumption. You are the textbook example or this mike.

      Read Lord of the Flies and learn the effects of laziness, greed, and entitlement. Oh that’s right. You are too lazy to open a book, too greedy to learn the difference between value and price, and too self-entitled to care about anyone else or society at large.

      Sooner or later the producers will stop producing for others.

      Maybe you are right mike. It’s not so bad. At least we will get to see you starve to death.

      1 out of every 20 people is a psychopath. You are clearly the one in this case.

      • mike

        Eric you are stupid..You are the first to defend the current paradigm will all your meager might. Programs like this would destroy the value of the dollar then destroy the dollar…I am all for that. The dollar is dead gold backed or not. Gub control is ending and the more welfare the better to speed the process up. I would say 10k a month is an average lower wage and perfect to doll to the masses. I dont understand how you can think this paradigm can be fixed unless your a retired civil servant or some parasitical retiree if you are indeed retired? You suck at life.

  • glitter 1

    This trial balloon was first let out in the EU and a few other countries,now Canada.It won’t be long before the likes of Maxine Waters,Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders start up the conversation here in the US.
    It all started with the Fabians of the Economic School of London in the late 19th century to get it going here starting with Woodrow Wilson,Yes,over 100 years of Socialism/Welfare are now embedded in the public psyche.We now have the entitlement mentality and it’s not going away.
    So, how does “Basic Income” at this juncture play in?The NWO will be a Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship with centralized politics,centralized digital currency,centralized global taxation.
    We have the UN,who now controls the internet,we have central banks,who control the economy(ies),the global elites are calling for a global currency,we only need a global economic meltdown to bring it to fruition and it appears it is on track.Once the global currency,you know it will be digital,is established there will no longer be any competition amongst currencies/nations since all will be under one currency.Once this is in place the global central bank(BIS)can print as much currency/money as it wants without any consequences,i.e.inflation/devaluation,etc.
    Remember what Greenspan said:”We can print as much currency as we need to pay our bills” and with nothing competing with it,to measure value against,the currency will not loose any value.So, the central bank can print as much money as it needs to give everyone a free basic income.
    There you have it,a look into the future through the eyes of the NWO. Everyone is equal,no strife due to “No Money”,no or vastly reduced crime,theft,poverty,etc.Their long dreamed “Socialist Utopia” will have arrived.The only drawback will be is that they control the internet,they will control the One Global Bank/Currency and will place stipulations on access to them,like access controls to use/obtain them.
    This is what David Spangler has to say:

    “No one will enter the New World Order… unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”- David Spangler Director of Planetary Initiative United Nations

    The name of the game is control!

    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Rev 13:17

    It’s all coming into view.
    So, are all these digital cryptos the trojan horse carrott to normalize the masses to become comfortable with the digital cashless system(Global)?A digital cashless system that will come with strings attached!
    Anyone who is paying attention can see/knows what’s coming.

    Crytocurrnecies,Party On Baby!

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