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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    And reading about the BANK RUN in Canada (the big mortgage company who was lending to Sub Prime borrowers AND doing “Liar Loans), deposits have shrank by about 90% in about 60 days. Ouch.

    Connecting SO many dots in so many sectors, nations, companies, etc.. or should I say “Connecting the manure piles”… it’s clear we are getting closer to the drain.

    So I just came back in the house from planting a large patch of CARROT SEEDS (about 2.5ft X 10ft), sub-divided into 5 different varieties, I hope to eventually harvest up to 50-70 pounds of fresh carrots (and let some plants mature to produce more seeds for next year)!!!

    That’s MY version of doing a PANIC.

    Still gotta plant SO many other things. Broccoli, watermelon, beans, more corn, sunchokes, marigolds, cauliflower, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, etc.

    Some years back, I picked up a STAINLESS STEEL mesh screen (about 20″ X 30″, with 1/8” mesh, HD stuff, that it will be PERFECT for putting sliced veggies on it, set it in a hot spot in the car (or a home made hot box) to sun-dry-dehydrate a bunch of veggies. I think this was some industrial filter screen thingy, as it has a frame around it and a handle on top, for pulling it up from a ductwork or something.

    Perhaps some of the baking-cooling racks would do well too. I’m gonna keep my eyes open for people throwing away stoves, upright freezers, fridges and BBQ grills, so that I may find MORE wire racks that are suitable for sun-drying-dehydrating sliced veggies and fruits.

    Finding an old Stainless Steel BBQ grill lid, would make a good box for a solar oven? Be clever, try to “re-purpose” things if you can.
    Snack update?
    Try my little trick.
    I bought some boxes of “fruit bar snacks” at the Dollar tree, very tasty fruit paste in a soft biscuit wafer thingy, and I spread a layer of PEANUT BUTTER on one side, and enjoy.

    Peanut butter is a very high calorie, good protein, survival food, and gives your body some oil/fats that are rarely present in garden veggies. With one swipe of a butter knife and a jar of peanut butter, you can easily add 100-200 healthy & fatty calories to just about anything.

    Don’t forget, at the Chinese Buffet, they often serve chicken that has peanuts added (or peanut butter) coating to some fried nuggets. And it’s quite good.

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