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North Korea’s Missile Launched Toward Russia, Landed 60 Miles from Vladivostock

from DAHBOO77:

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4 comments to North Korea’s Missile Launched Toward Russia, Landed 60 Miles from Vladivostock

  • F16hoser

    It might be time to take Kim off the game board. He’s getting weirder by the day.

    • Steelerdude

      I was thinking the same thing….”so Mr Putin, how does this sh_t thrown all over your face feel anyway?”

      Kim aint long for this world….he will never make by the end of the year…

  • Windrunner58

    Is this a False Flag? Do you really believe Putin, Xi or Trump would allow that bomb to reach that close? Makes no sense. Especially Putin. Something not right. But either way, that weirdo needs to be taken out. Easier means than bombing the shit out of North Korea though. They send in snipers all the time. Minimal cost, minimal damage.

    • Sayldog

      Not a bomb. No warhead. And where that missile was directed, as Dahboo7 mentioned, was in the “safest” place left available for such a test, what with US ships located elsewhere in the Sea of Japan. The Norks really had no where else to put it. Russia was bound to be in the loop on that one.
      However, I am surprised that none of the MSM or alternative media have connected the dots regarding this missile’s unique launch trajectory. There have been reports that this missile, unlike a cruise missile, was launched into a high arc. This is the type of trajectory that would be needed to deliver an EMP device.
      There has been much speculation regarding the “failure” of the Nork’s recent spate of tests. This coming from our MSM. How much of that is to be believed? Again, I think Dahboo7 has hit upon a critical concept when he mentioned that upon the missile’s termination into the sea “they need to be able to retrieve it, as they don’t want their new technology falling into the wrong (the West’s) hands.”
      I think it is feasible that all of these tests have been successes, and that any destruction of the test hardware could be intentional, thereby eliminating evidence while planting the seeds of “incompetence” in the minds of the West. If they were testing a launch related system, it may behoove them to immediately self-destruct, insuring secrecy, and lulling the West into a false sense of superiority and security.

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