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Monsanto, Universal Healthcare, Mitt Romney, Bain and the Men Behind The Curtain

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

I would like to ask you five questions.

  1. How many of you have either actively or passively supported the March Against Monsanto and the fight for seed freedom and food security?
  2. How many of you are concerned about the concept of “universal healthcare” no matter which country in the world you live?
  3. How many of you remember who Mitt Romney is?
  4. How many of you are familiar with a corporation called Bain Capital?
  5. How many of you are familiar with the name John D. Halpern?

Bohemien Grove – Moloch Owl

If you cannot answer the last two questions, rest assured that most people can’t. Bain is a vehicle while Halpern is one of the many, and there are many, “men behind the curtain.” He is a member of ” the club”  that George Carlin referred to and which you, a “deplorable,” will never be part of.

Though in the final analysis, most people would not want to be part of this “club,” because they are the same crowd who frequent Bohemien Grove, hold “cremation of care” ceremonies in the middle of the night in front a giant owl that represents Moloch, the primary Canaanite “god” in the Valley of the Dead at Geheena, and have mock human burnt sacrifices, though some people do question the “mock” of it.

Note the progression of the above five questions.

The first two are essential to human survival and well-being. Food and health.

The third involves politics and the people who we vote into power.

The fourth is part of the many faceted, interlinked, monopolistic, corporate fascist structures that own and control the world’s economy. 

The last is one of the men, one of the hidden hands, that sits in the front seat of the vehicle that controls the politicians who make the laws and regulations that control our health regulations and health care and our food security. Often sweepingly referred to as “the elites,” or “the oligarchs.”

We will deal with each as separate issues but by the end of this article you will see the interconnectedness and will have a map, a reference point to work with that applies to so many aspects of our lives.

The same formula can be applied to almost anything that society has and will confront in the 21st century. Whether we are dealing with grassroots issues, political structures and politicians (very few are the likes of  Andrew Jackson, Charles August Lindbergh and John F. Kennedy,) banks and corporations or those illusive men with their hidden hands who sit behind the curtain where nobody can see them or even know that they exist.


Monsanto And Food Security

2013 World Wide March Against Monsanto

The three biggest concerns with Monsanto  since the global March that first captured the world’ s attention in 2013,  are as follows:

  1. The use of highly poisonous herbicides such as Round-up-ready that have been proved to cause cancer, organ failure and infertility.

In spite of denial by the company and counter propaganda, in October 2016  scientists and activists from all over the world gathered at the Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, aimed at exposing and holding Monsanto to account for atrocities against humanity and the environment.

       2. Global Internationally Controlled Corporate farming, which takes over small, medium and large fams and seed production, that were once owned and run by the people who are citizens in any given country, and have been for generations.

The most devastating effect that this has had on any population can been seen in India where the government stopped all subsidies to the farmers and handed over seed control to Monsanto. India’s farmers were forced to buy and plant Monsanto GMO seeds, thousands of whom could not afford the higher prices and in order to escape rising debt  and bankruptcy, committed suicide. In other words, the Indian Government took seed control out of the hands of the people of India and handed it to a global corporate, fascist entity.

A similar situation occurred in Ukraine with what Stratfor called “the most blatant coup in history in 2014. Long before the Maiden, Monsanto had been cutting deals with Ukrainian politicians for the ownership and control of farm land which is some the richest and most productive in Eastern Europe. But this would require a change in government policy that  previously did not allow the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, a change that many elected politicians at the time were reluctant to make, along with land rights which also prevented non-Ukrainians from buying out Ukrainian farmland.  The Ukraine “color revolution” and the engineered coup was the result, soon to be followed by a civil war between Eastern Ukraine in the Donbass region who did not see the “newly elected government” in Kiev  installed by politicians  like Victoria Nuland, Joe Biden, John McCann and Lindsey Graham, as legitimate.

      3. Genetic manipulation and the patenting of seeds.  

Farmers all over the world have been either fooled by false research, manipulated, bribed or forced into using Monsanto seeds, specifically maize (corn) and soya. These seeds have two major traps for all farmers.

Firstly they are patented and if farmers do try to propagate their own seeds from their own crops, as they have done for centuries, they can be sued under copyright. laws, made bankrupt through endless litigation, forced to sell their land to cover their rising debts and often end up in jail.

This suits the international, global, corporate fascist GMO companies like Monsanto,  Beyer, DuPont Pioneer and John Deere, who are already waiting like vultures to grab the farmland at pennies on the dollar.

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