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“Massive” Ransomware Attack Goes Global: “This Is Huge”

from Zero Hedge:

We earlier reported in the disturbing fact that hospitals across the United Kingdom had gone dark due to a massive cyber-attack. The situation has got significantly worse as The BBC reports the ransomware attack has gone global.

Screenshots of a well known program that locks computers and demands a payment in Bitcoin have been shared online by parties claiming to be affected.

It is not yet clear whether the attacks are all connected. One cyber-security researcher tweeted that he had detected 36,000 instances of the ransomware, called WannaCry and variants of that name.

“This is huge,” he said.

There have been reports of infections in the UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Taiwan and others.

The BBB details a number of Spanish firms were among the apparent victims elsewhere in Europe.

Telecoms giant Telefonica said in a statement that it was aware of a “cybersecurity incident” but that clients and services had not been affected.

Power firm Iberdrola and utility provider Gas Natural were also reported to have suffered from the outbreak.

There were reports that staff at the firms were told to turn off their computers.

In Italy, one user shared images appearing to show a university computer lab with machines locked by the same program.

Bitcoin wallets seemingly associated with the ransomware were reported to have already started filling up with cash.

“This is a major cyber attack, impacting organisations across Europe at a scale I’ve never seen before,” said security architect Kevin Beaumont.

According to security firm Check Point, the version of the ransomware that appeared today is a new variant.

“Even so, it’s spreading fast,” said Aatish Pattni, head of threat prevention for northern Europe.

Several experts monitoring the situation have linked the attacks to vulnerabilities released by a group known as The Shadow Brokers, which recently claimed to have dumped hacking tools stolen from the NSA.

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2 comments to “Massive” Ransomware Attack Goes Global: “This Is Huge”

  • The Truth

    Britain is going to leave the Euro after the June 8 vote. This is how the elites try to punish nations who try to go against the grain. Nothing new here folks, same old story.

  • videoctr

    Connecting some dots here: The EU Regulators had a meeting about crypto currency, and for now they are looking at a hands off approach so as not to stifle innovation.

    The nature of blockchain is to cut out the middleman in transactions. In my opinion they are worried they are being left out of the governance/regulation loop since it is a decentralized system. The EU regulators want to know how they can tie a person or corporation’s name to the blockchain. The EU regulators will worm their way into a position of crypto currency governance once they understand what crypto decentralized system can do. Then they can go after taxing every transaction.

    So, was the attack a false flag demonstrating Bitcoin is tied to evil hacking and in need of governmental regulation? People will cry to the government for new regulation and laws and then the regulators will find a foothold as a gate keeper middleman.

    (Problem, reaction, solution).

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