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Made In America-The Perfect Precious Metals Storm

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

In yesterday’s “unprecedented catastrophe,” I espoused that “when the powers that be’s’ unprecedentedly destructive acts – in the name of destroying the 99%, for the benefit of the 1% – inevitably, spectacularly fail; the world as we have known it will no longer be recognizable.”

Well guess what? As of today, America – and its rapidly diminishing global role – will never be the same; as quite obviously, the “Deep State” that even I have had trouble acknowledging has once and for all, destroyed it. And by “Deep State,” I don’t necessarily mean a handful of people controlling the world; but instead, the political, corporate, and financial “leaders” with the most power and wealth to lose from the introduction of an “outsider” – who quite obviously, be they “Democrat” or Republican,” will do anything to protect, no matter how many billions are destroyed in the process.

Starting with this week’s New York Times accusation that Donald Trump fed the Russians top secret information – apparently, based on little if any evidence; and culminating with Trump’s hubristic decision to fire James Comey – who in response, accused Trump of obstructing justice in the Michael Flynn “scandal”; the inevitability of Trump’s impeachment has been dramatically upgraded – perhaps, to imminent.

From the second the historically angry American populace suggested it would eschew Deep State candidates like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, it became crystal clear that all imaginable actions, legal and illegal, would be taken to prevent Donald Trump from winning. And when, to their shock and chagrin, he won anyway, to succeed. And by “succeed,” I don’t mean merely rendering him ineffective – as I vehemently predicted two days after the election; but instead, to literally destroy him – by hounding, investigating, and lying about every imaginable issue; until finally, when his defenses were weakened by the policy failures their lack of cooperation ensured; not to mention, the accelerating economic crash he inherited; they’d “get him” on something, be it important or immaterial.

Trust me, Trump didn’t help his cause – by playing into their traps with inane policy decisions; aggressive confrontations – particularly via Twitter; horrifying Cabinet choices – like half of Goldman Sachs, for instance; and an inability to compromise with the expanding band of brigands out for his head. Attacking foreign heads of state – like those of China, Mexico, Russia, and Germany, to name a few – didn’t give him any points overseas. And in bombing Syria; threatening North Korea; and God forbid, acknowledging Vladimir Putin’s existence; he gave detractors all the “material” they’d need to “take him down.” Let alone, as said detractors literally own the mainstream media – which at this point, the average Joe or Jane Sixpack has not a clue, or care, whether it’s output is “fake.” To them, all that matters is handouts; and if you can’t deliver them – via the promised tax cuts and infrastructure spending which never had a chance to be enacted – they’d be just as happy to let Crooked Hillary have her shot. Particularly, as the first thing she’ll likely pass if elected are “taxes on the rich” to pay for socialist nightmares like single payer healthcare. I guess we all new that was coming anyway, just not so fast!

Not that things would have turned out differently if in hindsight, Trump made 180-degree different choices on all fronts. As per above, America’s Deep State “wanted him dead” (figuratively, of course) from the day he received the Republican nomination. Which, when he shockingly was elected anyway, simply prompted them to deploy additional “assassins,” from all walks of the political, economic, social, and even military world. This, despite WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and essentially all classes of “social justice warriors” supporting him, doing everything in their power to defeat said Deep State. But alas, the world has changed forever, as now that the “impeachment genie” is out of the bottle, it can never be put back. And unlike Bill Clinton, there is no way Trump will survive the process – which, I might add, will likely make the Clinton, Nixon, and even Andrew Johnson impeachment proceedings appear “civil” by comparison.

So where does that leave us, as a nation? In a nutshell, several rungs below the top tier on the totem pole it has held since World War II, and rapidly declining. Per today’s title, America’s destruction has been, for the most part, man-made – not that it, or any empire, can last forever. Starting with abandonment of the gold standard in 1971, economic, financial, and monetary ruin was a fait accompli; and as the growing world – particularly, “emerging markets” like China – slowly but shortly caught up, America’s fall from said top rung become increasingly irreversible, and imminent.

Technology helped, too – like the “weapons of mass destruction” known as derivatives, that have leveraged America like no nation in history. This, atop the “high frequency algorithms” and other Wall-Street-created tools to manipulate markets – which, in total, have contributed to not only the greatest capital misallocation in history; yielding across-the-board oversupply that will take years, if not decades to unwind; but the greatest wealth disparity in the nation’s 240-year history. Which is exactly why the average American has no job and savings – and consequently, voted for Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or anyone not named Clinton or Bush.

That said, the entity most responsible for America’s political, economic, social, and monetary demise – and, by virtue of the cancerous spread of its fiat “dollars,” the entire world’s as well – is unquestionably, the Federal Reserve. Yes, going all the way back to its approval via a lightly attended Christmas Eve Congressional vote in 2013 – as planned at the Deep State’s Jekyll Island proceedings, by traitors like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, and J.P. Morgan himself.

Throughout the decades, the Fed has used – and ultimately, abused – its power to spread inflation the world round; bringing individuals, corporations, and nations to their knees. With each dollar printed, America’s historic debt load grew larger – and with it, the world’s desire, and need, to print their own fiat toilet paper to “keep pace.” Ultimately, the debt became unpayable; and when the resulting economic decay led to crisis, each succeeding Chairman “stepped up” the carnage by printing more; and ultimately, using the “weapons” of zero interest rates (Greenspan) and “QE” (Bernanke) to enslave the world, and create the world’s largest, most dangerous asset bubbles.

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