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MACRON: The Illuminist Candidate Now at the Rudder in France

by soveranger, Steemit:

France – now even more so than Greece – is the perfect example of why democracy is the worst possible system. A whole year of being in a national state of emergency with military patrolling the streets because of “inclusiveness”, “diversity”, “mutual respect and understanding”, “inter-cultural faith dialogue”, “tolerance”, “women’s liberation” (which works really well with selling your own country’s ass out to aggressively invading militant Islamic patriarchy, right? Idiot cunts!) and all the rest of the Orwellian Frankfurt School social engineering brainwashing drivel from the fabian globalists and the population decides to continue on the present suicide-utopian course with yet another Rothschild obedient fabian globalist puppet at the rudder.

You will never see another tricoloured profile picture on my Facebook profile after the followers of “the religion of peace” have slaughtered even more civilian non-combatants in France with the full blessing of the French globalist majority.

May bloody piss from the victims of Bataclan fall on the faces of the French illuminist enablers like acid rain forever after.

Here, the winner in front of the masonic pyramid at the Louvre. “Congratulations”.


Macron won with 66.06% of the votes:

Here is another shot of Macron from the ceremony. Notice the shining red eye at the top of the pyramid also visible in the video at the Guardian link above:


Get it?

This is a classic dark occultist darwinian display of superiority and power by knowledge differential, right in the face of the sheeple, defecating down the throat of the golemized herd that just keeps on swallowing, asking for more and more after each time.

“We know every single atom of you, but you know nothing of us. We have corrupted public education, we own mainstream media, control state media and by our militarized state- industrial fabian collectivist system complex, we have puppy-trained you into believing us to be just another conspiracy theory of the mad to whom you should never listen. If anyone does and openly rebels, we socially engineered the women of your herd, so that the troublesome will suffer gene death outside the bandwidth of normality defined and ruled by us. The frantic female obsession with staying within the bandwidth of normality due to their own short fertility window works for us against the awakened. Yes, we have weaponized your own women against you, rebel! We’ve programmed their common perception of reality in the interest of ourselves and we have put them in an existential conflict of interest with the state. They now vote for political parties that open the gates wide for hordes of Islamic enemy males to either spite “evil, white patriarchy”, to make up for the children they no longer get enough of themselves in a desperate attempt to secure future funding of their own state granted privileges or because they simply cannot elevate rational thought above their own emotions, especially when we do one of our social engineering stunts on them. Remember the drowned Syrian boy that we shamelessly over-exposed in our media prime time? Hahaha! We really had a ball on that one and it worked like a charm, as expected, even though the background story was a complete lie, just like the one we pulled with the Kuwaiti incubator babies. Up flew the gates of Troy! Hahaha! For submissive behaviour believing these to be alpha traits, “your” women now also reward your native beta males with offspring at your expense. By this arrangement supplemented with chemically driven oestrogenization of your already born males in general, we will weed out the strong among you and eventually have you all replaced with more easily deceivable and less capable masses of significantly lower IQ, thus securing our own perpetual future hegemony over the species.”.

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