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Low Dose Arsenic for a Cyanide Society

from BATR:

Many believe that an 81 mg aspirin a day will help prevent a heart attack. Yet even greater numbers voluntarily absorb regular doses of poison with their daily diet. Start with the mass media. If you watch network programming, you are being programmed. Doubt this conclusion and you prove just how well the brainwashing has taken hold. The nightly news is a prime example of shaping a view of the world according to the script that keeps you dumb and stupid.

To prove this point, just watch any news broadcast from an international newscast source. The difference from NBC, CBS or ABC is stark. Now read a newspaper from overseas and compare the editorial selection from the New York Times, Washington Post or USA Today. The lack of professional journalistic standards is obvious in the fish wrapper version from establishment publications. The theme in both broadcast and print media is the same. View the world with blinders, from a superficial microcosm.

When the New York Times claims the motto: “All the News That’s Fit to Print”, they are boldly telling you that you do not need to think for yourself or search out alternative information. The NYT is the paper of record. Take you dose of ratsbane from the snobs that deem you a dullard, who needs to be browbeaten into accepting your inferiority.

Now go to a movie multiplex and subjugate yourself to a sophisticated mind warp of cultural delusion. The film experience dispenses with entertainment and concentrates its artistic techniques upon molding Frankenstein monsters for assimilation into a slasher society. Flicks for Andy Hardy offspring’s are not made; since modern moralism is so advanced from, the 30’s to the 50’s, that family values are no longer relevant, according to the new MGM movie moguls.

Government schools teach this enlightened, non judgmental value, ethic for it is their mission to educate the next generation to use people as Twi’lek slave Oola was treated, for the amusement of Jabba the Hutt. In order to become a star in Hollywood and win the war of survival any means necessary, especially the dark side, is the lesson to learn.Public official propaganda becomes the playbook to follow for gaining the easy life. A drop of daily toxicant is the formula for garnering you badge of dishonor as a servant of the state. The reward for blind obedience is a life of anxious desperation. A lust for a pension becomes the substitute when retiring from active duty and the loss of bulling authority over government subjects.


These mind bending pressures could blow any mind. To the rescue comes Big Pharma. Drop a pill and all is well. A little help from your friends is the way to get through the day. If the pressures of listening to managed news and the escapism of dark movies cannot snap you back to reality, try the medication of Merck and Pfizer. Zoloft, Selectra, and Eleva are household drugs for the mentally-ill adjusted or the emotionally challenged. Of course, you are immunized from such a fate with your own balanced lifestyle. Or are you?

CNBC (if you can trust the coverage of an establishment media) reports that, “More than 45 million Americans, or 20 percent of U.S. adults, had some form of mental illness last year, and 11 million had a serious illness . . . Young adults aged 18 to 25 had the highest level of mental illness at 30 percent”. Could General Electric’s medical division see an opportunity by jumping into the drug business? Or is CNBC just looking for additional medical coverage in their employment coverage when Obamacare hits home? Surely, the on air talent at the business channel qualify as maladjusted scherzos’ trained as word prompter readers!Who is more disturbed, the person listening to the news report or the individual reading the lies? At least the TV personality is being paid, while the viewer has to pay a cable or satellite bill.

The arsenic treatment might seem humorous if done by Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha in a Frank Capra movie, but the way it is applied today, the outcome will not have a happy ending. Each small drop of a poisonous substance just adds to the aggregate lunacy of the society. Cyanide ingestion guarantees immediate termination. But when the process is incremental, the danger seems less acute.Government hates to be outdone. The well-published latest outrage is with the TSA Gestapo “just following orders” tactics. TSA Stasi stooges are the real terrorists. The illicit Security Complex has the mentality that demeaning every innocent citizen is the true motive for each escalated level of personal assaults. Acting as profaned individuals and enjoying their violations of civil liberties, these disturbed thugs are prime mental patients for insane asylums. Do you have doubts that government TSA lackeys come from the same genetic strain as those who dropped Zyklon B in the defense of the homeland?

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