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Leakers Identified, Continuation Of Operation ‘Clean House’

from X22Report:

Episode 1292b.

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1 comment to Leakers Identified, Continuation Of Operation ‘Clean House’

  • Ed_B

    Leakers identified? OK, so where’s the perp walk with these leakers being led away by the FBI in handcuffs, a nice trial, and the leakers going to prison for the next 10-20 years? THAT is how one shows that leaking national secrets is not a great idea. Many others will see this and decide that it is just not worth doing. That is how leaks are plugged and new ones prevented from happening. The longer this is dragged out and the less that happens to the leakers, the more encouraged they and others will become. As with other forms of crime, we will always have exactly as much as we are willing to tolerate, no more and certainly no less.

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