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Just Another ROTHSCHILD Puppet — Andy Hoffman

from SGT Report:

Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin returns to SGT Report to discuss the economy, precious metals, cryptos and the newest addition to the Rothschild portfolio of world leaders. Thanks for tuning in.

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38 comments to Just Another ROTHSCHILD Puppet — Andy Hoffman

  • henry

    Andy r u Jewish or not…what matters today…zion is …???

    • fonestar

      Who cares? He’s a good guy.

      Once Bitcoin really starts to roll, the establishment will not even have time to react. We are going to come out of the woods right at them and cut them to pieces! I predicted this when I first got into Bitcoin back in early 2011. That Bitcoin will have a “gravitational effect” on the Fiat Universe. It will start off slowly… just a trickle. Then it will gain steam, money will be pulled from weak establishment banks to chase *FAKE BITCOIN* held in “fractional-reserve-Bitcoin-Exchanges.”

      …..Then people are going to see these exchanges don’t have any real Bitcoins in them. Rather than admit that, these exchanges are going to have to go buy Bitcoin on the real Bitcoin market to meet withdrawal requests before they explode. And these Bitcoin exchanges will explode… sending the price for real Bitcoins into the stratosphere!!!

      You can buy *REAL BITCOINS* at and hold them IN YOUR OWN WALLET!

      fonestar can’t POSSIBLY STRESS THIS ENOUGH!! If you have a Coinbase or Bitfinex or BTC-e *ACCOUNT* YOU DO NOT HAVE BITCOIN!!!!!!


      • Kevin

        @fonestar. Thanks for the info. I have Coinbase accounts and I want to use cold storage but I don’t have the IT skills to set up to print paper wallets. Do you have any advice about offline hardware bitcoin wallets like Trezor or Ledger Nano-S? Any recommendations?

        • fonestar

          Personally, I prefer to stick with the Core Wallet or the Bitcoin Unlimited Wallet. They have more support and devs working on them and a pretty good track record in terms of security.

          These are the big things here…

          1. Make sure you have a backup of your wallet.dat file

          2. Make sure your wallet.dat file is encrypted

          3. Make sure you never lose that encryption password or share it with anyone

          4. Make sure you have a backup of the backup and a backup of that backup and a backup of that too (wallet.dat)

          5. Don’t hold your Bitcoin on a machine running Windows. They’re susceptible to malware, keyloggers, NSA remote access, etc…

          6. Store your backups in different geographical locations that you trust. Do not put your faith in flimsy USB key-sticks, hard drives, SSDs, etc.

          • Kevin


            Yeah I don’t like the idea of using a pc with windows and google chrome to use Trezor, but they have a good rep in the community from what I have heard from others. I am not super smart in tech stuff so a lot of what you are saying takes time for me to research and learn. Wish there were BTC consultants who could help people like me with this stuff.

          • Kevin

            Any recommendations for using these wallets with iPhone or iPad?

            • fonestar

              I’ve used the Blockchain App in the past for simple buy-and-transfer type deals. I wouldn’t trust keeping any large amount of Bitcoin on a phone for any extended period of time. You probably will see all types of Bitcoin support type industries spring up in the next few years.

          • Eric

            Make sure you have a backup of a backup of a backup of a backup…etc.

            Bitcoin is too complex to be money.

  • Phil Downunder

    And to whether 66.6% (spooky) of the voters actually voted for him is debatable, when you hear of the millions of hand-torn Le Pen ballots being found.

    Same old, same old..

  • mike

    Now that was an excellent short great interview. Nice to see people finally coming around to the incredible potential of btc as the only bankster destroyer. The only thing that has the ability to free humanity is BTC. PMs are what they are and have a roll but can not hurt banks since they can be mined for infinity and are essentially unlimited in supply.
    PMs do not have the most important attribute of money that would be devastating to banks, ability to spend globally and conveniently in absence of banks. PMs could only spend in the modern world with some massive forms of institutions to regulate value and facilitate settlements only empowering banks.

    The future is btc.

    • fonestar

      A lot of Canadians are snotty douches yes Mike. But not all of us are that bad, most of us in the west at least aren’t like that.

      • mike

        I was just kidding with Krell about Canadians, long running joke that really gets his goat then Sean did 2 vids highlighting the monarchy (coincidence) so I couldn’t resist!
        The truth is in the US only about 30% of the population actively supported the revolution the rest were either loyalist or just didn’t care (a gub is a gub). One of the first American wins was Americans vs their loyalist neighbors not the brit regulars.

        I think in every population the is probably about 30% that are truly free thinkers..There are assholes everywhere.Canadians are just fine even Krell.

        • mike

          I forgot to add during the revolution we had a powerful Navy at our disposal and we would have lost the revolution without it, the French Navy. Lucky for us the French were on a liberty kick and wanted to see if it could work or not. It bankrupted France helping us and resulted in a revolution in their own country. The French paid a heavy price for helping America gain it’s independence. WW1 the USA was obligated to help France and was a pay back. WW2
          put us up 1 on France.
          Imagine all over the world if the good 30% had a mighty Navy they couldn’t lose and the world would be Free. In France today the 30% should revolt and Trump should send our Navy to secure the victory..The French did it for us in the name of LIBERTY.

          • fonestar

            Good to hear. Yes, America owes much to the French and their thinking… however, as Burke and others observed… their own revolution quickly turned demonic in nature.

  • fonestar

    Bitcoin is passing $1800 tonight and is within reach of Gold’s ATH. You will either get onboard with Bitcoin or you will be crushed underfoot.

    • Eric

      Because wealth should be measured in dollar terms. Especially since January 2009.

      • fonestar

        No, it should be measured in a mixed-basket of Gold, Silver, Commodities and Crypto-Currencies. But we need to get the “dollar” out of the way first.

        • Eric

          Why a mixed basket?

          In Gold terms, Bitcoin is overvalued, expensive, and overbought.
          In Silver terms, Bitcoin is overvalued, expensive, and overbought.
          In Litecoin terms, Bitcoin is overvalued, expensive, and overbought.
          In Ethereum terms, Bitcoin is overvalued, expensive, and overbought.
          In Corn terms, Bitcoin is overvalued, expensive, and overbought.
          In Wheat terms, Bitcoin is overvalued, expensive, and overbought.

          • fonestar

            According to who? You? ROFL… a guy that said you shouldn’t even be buying things Online to begin with?

          • Timco

            Interesting how peoples perception governs their reality. The US dollar is backed by NOTHING. Bitcoin is a MILLION times worse! At least the dollar has the full force of the military industrial complex to try to keep it from disintegrating. Bitcoin will turn out to be the biggest scam in human history.

            • Eric


              It’s backed by math. Next they’ll back it with brawndo.

            • Ed_B

              The US dollar is backed by the industrial power of the USA and its government’s ability to tax that industrial power. While most on here would MUCH prefer that the US dollar was backed by gold and silver, it’s not and productive power is a pretty strong backing. The entire “faith and credit /wink-wink nod-nod” way of doing business should be ended and REAL business techniques used to run things in ways that are effective, efficient, and affordable. We the People deserve no less.

              Our biggest problem is the national debt that has been run up to incredible heights by both Dims and Repubs. In many cases, it was the Repubs inability to simply stop the financial hemorrhaging. A person cannot spend more than they make on a continuous basis. Neither can a city, county, state, or national government. It just takes the larger entities much longer to go bankrupt; but the end result is the same and is not in doubt. In order to avoid the mega-pain of bankruptcy, government at all levels MUST learn to take a little pain all along and not put it off until it becomes one gigantic and painful disaster.

              Until we have a government that comes to its senses and understands that it MUST live within its means, we are unlikely to ever solve our debt problems. The funny part of this is that the US Gov need not solve this problem quickly. All it really needs to do is lay out a credible program for whittling away at the debt such that it is clear they are serious about reducing it to a manageable level. That would go a LONG way towards satisfying our debt holders.

              They could start, for example, with a budget freeze at some particular year, say 2010 just for argument. Then, they need to shrink the US Gov such that it can be funded by that amount. Hiring has to be frozen as well in terms of over-all numbers. There would be some exceptions for those with critical skills and those providing public safety. The days of setting up the government and then scrambling to find ways to fund it SHOULD be over. Instead, they should be saying, “This is what we can reasonably spend on government” and then fund it at the various levels with the appropriate amount and no more. Above all else, no government should be permitted to borrow money from future tax-payers so that today’s tax-payers can enjoy benefits for which they have not paid but that future generations will. That is definitely taxation without representation.

              Politicians, unlike drunken sailors, do not stop spending just because they are out of money. We would all be better off if they did. IMO, they need to acquire the ability to say, “No, that’s not affordable” whenever someone suggests a new program of any kind. At least get the old programs that seem necessary on a solid financial footing first and a real budget working before finding ever more ways to spend the money we don’t have.

  • ecobel

    Hoffman has falsely pumped the PM market for his bullion company and screwed many followers and now talks international politics. Why not call him out on his record?

    • fonestar

      When did he do any of that you shill? Hoffman has always said that silver will be manipulated right to the very end when this system explodes.

      People aren’t buying Gold & Silver to sell for more “dollars” later on.

  • ecobel

    he is a con and obviously got you listening to his line. Buy some from his company. He gets a cut and your value tanks…oh yea its being manipulated

    • fonestar

      You’re a fool is what you are.

      People make money selling life jackets too. It doesn’t mean you don’t wear one in a boat.

  • Ed_B

    Andy Hoffman is neither a fool nor a con. He believes in PMs as a way to protect his own financial future and keeps his own savings in PMs. Also, he does not own Miles Franklin, so whatever money MF makes does not go into his pocket. He is an employee there, so is paid by MF for the work he does for them. None of the vast amount of articles he’s written, videos he’s made, interviews he’s done, or pod casts he’s made have been issued for a fee. They are all free and no one HAS to buy PMs from MF. There are plenty of good PM vendors out there. Besides all that, he’s worked on Wall Street and knows that house of cards from the inside out. He left a very lucrative position there when he couldn’t stand the way that Wall Street works anymore. That alone should tell people something. Pity that in some cases, it does not.

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