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Jeevy Computers 4 – 112 sec

from The Still Report:

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6 comments to Jeevy Computers 4 – 112 sec

  • videoctr

    First tell us what your commission is worth?

  • Stefan

    Really Bill! A useless advertisement?! And you Sean, tell me sir, are you going to pepper us with ads like this, on your otherwise useful alt news website? This message, brought to you by Dial. You use Dial, don’t you wish everyone did?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    OK, the first thing we need to do, is to make sure all your really important is backed up, and perhaps stored “in the cloud” or put a copy of things into your email-inbox, etc. and print out a HARD copy of important documents (tax returns).

    Then, as I have previously suggested, you download, and find at least one version of Linux that works well enough on your computer. Download several “LIVE” versions, burn them to a DVD, try them out. You don’t even have to “install” it. (learn what it means when they say “live” version and you’ll be very impressed with it.)

    OK, now you’ve got a portable operating system (on DVD) that you can BOOT when your computer has been hijacked. These “live” versions of Linux, also works even if your harddrive has completely failed/broke/fried or even if your computer does NOT even have a harddrive (or SSD) in it.

    It is also possible to make a bootable flash drive with a live linux on it, so your computer doesn’t even need to have a DVD drive to use the flash drive linux.

    I have gone to, and used this site many times to research many types of Linux for my personal use. Right now, I’m using LXLE (and it’s 21 down on their list of 100 versions of Linux). It’s one of the many branches of Ubuntu. Yes, over the span of about a week, I did spend several hours reading, downloading, and running about a dozen versions.

    Here is where I did all my learning, and finding versions that my OLDER computer (2005, 32 bit machine with only 2GB of RAM). They have version for old machines, and for top of the line, super powerful machines. Take your pick. Almost all of them are FREE.

    Some versions are made exactly for technicians (or home people) to RECOVER-RESCUE a machine that has caught a virus.

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