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It Is Becoming Illegal To Be Homeless In America As Houston, Dallas And Dozens Of Other Cities Pass Draconian Laws

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Should we make homelessness against the law and simply throw all homeless people into prison so that we don’t have to deal with them? Incredibly, this is actually starting to happen in dozens of major cities all across the United States. It may be difficult to believe, but in many large urban areas today, if you are found guilty of “public camping” you can be taken directly to jail. In some cities, activities such as “blocking a walkway” or creating any sort of “temporary structure for human habitation” are also considered to be serious crimes. And there are some communities that have even made it illegal to feed the homeless without an official permit. Unfortunately, as the U.S. economy continues to slow down the number of homeless people will continue to grow, and so this is a crisis that is only going to grow in size and scope.

Of course the goal of many of these laws is to get the homeless to go somewhere else. But as these laws start to multiply all across the nation, pretty soon there won’t be too many places left where it is actually legal to be homeless.

One city that is being highly criticized for passing extremely draconian laws is Houston. In that city it is actually illegal for the homeless to use any sort of material to shield themselves from the wind, the rain and the cold

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is taking a similar approach—his anti-encampment ordinance makes it illegal to use “fabric, metal, cardboard, or other materials as a tent or temporary structure for human habitation.” This ensures that the Houstonian homeless are vulnerable not just to the elements, but also to the constant threat of the police. Officials cite one of the most common justifications for crackdowns on the homeless: neighborhood safety (a more socially acceptable way of talking about the not-in-my-backyard mentality).

With all of the other problems that we are facing as a nation, it stuns me that there are politicians that would spend their time dreaming up such sick and twisted laws.

According to one news report, the homeless in Houston are now officially banned from doing all of the following things…

1. They can’t block a sidewalk, stand in a roadway median or block a building doorway. (AKA they can’t panhandle).

2. They also can’t do any of these things — blocking walkways — under state law that already existed.

3. They can’t sleep in tents, boxes or any other makeshift shelter on public property.

4. They also can’t have heating devices.

5. They can’t carry around belongings that take up space more than three feet long, three feet wide, three feet tall.

6. People can’t spontaneously feed more than five homeless people without a permit.

If I was a homeless person in Houston, I would definitely be looking to get out of there.

But where are they going to go?

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3 comments to It Is Becoming Illegal To Be Homeless In America As Houston, Dallas And Dozens Of Other Cities Pass Draconian Laws

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Yes, things are getting much more restrictive & “controlled”.

    There may be no simple answer, but from MY observations, in all the big cities, there are likely to be thousands of empty, abandoned homes from the crash of ’08. Those would be a likely place where homeless people could “squat-sleep” instead of on the streets or public property.

    How about going into a hospital emergency room and falling asleep in the chairs? (heck, you could even “sign in” as if you’re waiting to see a doctor. Sign-in, go to sleep, and when they call the FAKE name you gave, just get up and go to some other hospital, etc. Rinse, repeat.

    How about making up a sign/poster, that declares “This is PERFORMANCE ART” and you are a street performer, pretending to be asleep in public.

    Make (or buy) a sturdy HAMMOCK and go to sleep up in a TREE!!! Or, pick up one of those Hammock-tents and be protected from the rain. If you get charged with “sleeping on city property”, demand a “jury trial” and declare that you were not sleeping on city property because you were sleeping ABOVE it.
    Win your case, sue for false arrest, get money, and retire.

  • Paul Prichard

    Persecuting society’s most vulnerable is a disease spreading across the land of the free and will only be ended by patriotic Americans.

  • d

    MAYBE the AMERICANS that are homeless…could all cross the border to Mexico or Canada…THEN return and they would be given..HOMES,FOOD STAMPS ,CLOTHING , MEDICAL INSURANCE,EDUCATION..and better treatment by political scumbags…..imho

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