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PROOF: Something Very NEFARIOUS is Going On At You Tube

from SGT Report:

It has now become abundantly clear that the You Tube ‘Adpocalypse’ is just phase one of a far more sinister plan to sabotage successful You Tube channels in order to kill competition – robber Barron style, so that the corporate, legacy and mainstream media can yield more power, control and eyeballs on You Tube. What’s being done to the SGT Report You Tube channel can be quantified by alarming statistics which prove, the fix is in. As John D. Rockefeller famously boasted, “Competition is a sin.”

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13 comments to PROOF: Something Very NEFARIOUS is Going On At You Tube

  • mike

    I think as real Americans we are faced with only 2 choices…
    Annex Canada to remove forever the vile loyalist from N.America
    or build a weenie wall.

    • fonestar

      My family was always orange and loyalist. But looking at what the monarchy now represents, I cannot in good conscience support them. Besides they are Hannoverian impostors anyway and my family were real loyalists, Britons and Scots… Jacobites, Stuarts…. the olde Island people.

      • KRELL427

        Real Americans, the only thing real about mike is that every time his mouth opens shit spews out. He is too dumb to realize that walls also hold you in. Mike and his attitude would not be welcomed anywhere in the world, that would be the day when I would flee Toronto and our beautiful cottage country in Muskoka and want to run to Detroit.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          You’d never want to end up in Detroit, it’s full of Blacks & Mulsims & a large “Latino” community too. Every party store, gas station, used car lot and car repair business is run by muslims. (82.7% Black)

          If you are white, then you are literally a “MARSHMALLOW IN A CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE”.

          If you search google images for= Detroit blight neighborhoods ….. you’ll see there are large parts of Detroit that look like cities in Afghanistan, Syria, & the West Bank. I’m not kidding.

          Me and my buddy, had been driving those streets day after day, going thru abandoned homes, burned out homes, and garbage day, etc, to locate scrap metal to sell at the scrap yards to support my buddy who has been out of work for too many years (very hard to find any jobs in the area). And most local businesses only hire their “Muslim family or mosque members”.

          When you see those demolished areas, I’ve actually been inside quite a few of the homes you see at google. Hauling items to the scrap yard, is an interesting education on how to separate scrap for the best prices on each type of metal and how to break down items to get to those premium inner items. Copper wires, with or without insulation are very different prices. washing machines that work or easily repaired can be sold for about $15-20 to appliance shops, while the motors are NOT wound with copper, but with copper plated aluminum wires and have much less value than “real” motors. Breaking off the aluminum pulley is a higher value than the steel parts.

          Lawn mowers, TV’s, computers, vacuum cleaners, etc, all have their premium parts. Whole cars, often must have the gas tanks removed, and any type of refrigeration unit must have the freon coils drained or removed BEFORE you enter the scrap yard, or they can be fined (EPA) $50,000 for each violation for releasing freon into the atmosphere!!!

          I know Detroit TOO well. And what I know, is the same for EVERY black city.

          If you’ve seen some of the Youtube videos of the things that blacks do, to each other and to whites, then you know what I’m talking about, and you know WHY I moved to a RURAL area of the south. (and I am not living in a black majority area of it.)

          OK, now it’s time for me to get back out there and do some more DIGGING in my garden!!!

          Be well, be clever, survive what’s coming, lay LOW, don’t draw attention to yourself, don’t stand out in a crowd or be “memorable”. Blend in, fade into the background. Be easy to forget. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes & ears open!!! Be apologetic, be meek, be mild, and DON’T stand your ground until your gun comes out and goes BANG BANG… and then quietly & quickly walk away and don’t talk about it, don’t volunteer to report it either.

          Perhaps you’ll be forgotten and never be asked about it, but if you think you’re doing the right thing by reporting it? Good chance you’ll end up in the “lock up” or go to trial for it. Cost you your freedom, your money, and cost you every gun in your home, and you may lose your home too when you are not there to protect it.

          Trying to justify your actions of saving & protecting yourself is dangerous. Police, prosecutors, judges and jails are all there to make money from locking people away, they are not really there to protect YOUR rights or your family. That’s in your own hands and your tight lips can help to keep things protected.

          PS. Helpful tip. Remove all the bullets from your guns, put on some rubber gloves, and CLEAN each bullet casing, etc, scrub em down to remove your DNA & fingerprints from the brass & lead, so there will be nothing left behind to “tie” it to you or your gun. Keep the glove ON as your reload those magazines! Don’t touch them again.

          Check your FIRING PIN, extractor, etc, with a MAGNIFYING LENS to see if YOUR gun is one that has MICRO ENGRAVING that “imprints” each round fired that allows the shells to be tracked to YOU!!!

          It would be WISE to obtain spare barrels for your guns, firing pins, extractors, springs, etc, so you can CHANGE those important parts if they break, or if they would cause you to be “targeted” for prosecution.

          OK. Clean that gun, plant that garden, and look at yourself and your stuff to decide if anything attracts too much attention (NRA stickers, camouflage clothing, 4X4 with a lift kit and gun rack, Duck Dynasty stuff, or looking like a biker or military mercenary are all ok in bar or shopping mall, but when the FEMA road blocks are up, those little things may result in your being among the first people to be grabbed and “disappeared”.

          • KRELL427

            Craig, thanks for all that info.😀 Still lots of good people everywhere.

            • Craig Escaped Detroit

              Yes, there ARE lots of GOOD people out there, but also beware, because the people you TRUST are the ones who can really damage you.

              The people you DON’T TRUST, have a harder time screwing you because you’re keeping your eyes on them. But the people you trust, are not being watched as closely as they should be.

              Be kind, be nice, be patient, but be ready to open up a can of WHOOP ASS on the ones who you trust if they try to take advantage of your trust & kindness.

              Tell them your policy on this, from the start, so that some of them, may decide it’s too risky to take advantage of you trust. Your hard nosed stance may help some of those around you, to be more careful about how they treat your kindness. SO many people view kindness & trust as a weakness. Let them know you won’t tolerate betrayal, and perhaps they’ll never betray you if they know the payback cannot be avoided.

              • mike

                Well said Craig….My take on what you said is Never trust a Canadian.They are genetically predisposed to lying, betrayal, rape and genocide. Keep a watchful eye on them because all of them when given a chance will stab you in the back, not a matter of if a matter of when. Krell for instance would kill us all, steal everything we own and rape your grandmother for good measure if he thought he get away with it. Great advice for all Real Americans.

      • mike

        My Mothers Family were merchants from london. In 1650’s they received a large land grant from English crown in Virginia. I am proud to say they were involved in Bacons Rebellion and for their part were fined 10k lbs of tobacco (massive fine back in the day).They were in the revolution and civil war. After the civil war they lost quite a bit of land during reconstruction but not all some was given back. I am from a long line of people that actually fought the Evil (vile loyalist English) and were always a thorn in the side of Athoitah!

        Sorry have no respect at all for Canadians.There are not enough negative words in the American language to describe them.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I just registered myself for a Steemit account, now I’m just waiting for their system to catch up and allow me full access.

    Gonna do my little part to vacate (((youtube))) and follow the alternative (truth) media where ever they go.

    I have a (((Facebook))) account, but never post anything, not even my own photo, but it would be helpful to find a good alternative to all those MSM sites.

    I try to never use Google for anything anymore, unless really needed. No Gmail either. But it’s hard to get away from them, because they have their fingers in everything.

    They are making more corrals all around us, and we are trying to fight back. We may have to migrate to the “dark web” (TOR browsers etc) just to try to maintain some freedom of choice.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Steemit acct has been approved & I am now a “follower” of SGTreport on Steemit. (I think I’m follower number 34). It will be interesting to see how fast that number will grow.

    Youtube is the elephant in the closet, and it may take a long long time to get it outta there, and of course, youtube might remain the dominant “player” for a long time (or forever).

    • SGT

      Thanks Craig! By the way guys, IMPORTANT UPDATE: The site is currently “broken” and not allowing us to post the mountains of NEW news we have ready to go. We are in the process of trying to make some basic upgrades to the site, and something BROKE. We are trying hard to fix it. You’ll know it has ben fixed when you see the article from Wall Street on Parade post… in the meantime, thanks for hanging in there with us.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Google & Youtube give a BIG hello “Shout Out” to all the people who love to use Google/Youtube.
    Thanks for giving your information time, money and attention to Google/Youtube.



    When I was trying to get into my Favourite SGT REPORT via Google late last month in particular, the link was CUT OFF , YES CUT OFF so many times BUT I NEVER GAVE UP..Id get back in if I had to try a dozen times.

    Anyway I believe Google had something to do with it but not being a Techie I can’t prove anything but that was My Search Engine.

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