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Here’s a 3-Part Blueprint For the Planned Domination Of Humanity With Viable Solutions

by Bernie Suarez, The Sleuth Journal:

The ruling elite want to dominate humanity forever. Using the tools at their disposal they’ve created a long sought out plan to achieve what they hope to be endless unchallenged power over the rest of the human species on earth. At this point in human history the goal which the ruling elite have for power and control is no secret. Why? Because the very same technology they are using to enslave us is also a great tool to use to expose their agenda and who they are.

What I described above is the usual “problem”. We in alternative media are experts at exposing the problems we have. But how about solutions?

Before we get into solutions let’s dig deeper and demonstrate how at a larger scale the 3 major monotheistic religions that dominate this world all pose a threat to the globalist new world order plans, and subsequently these 3 groups have been set up to be attacked in a sophisticated well organized manner so as to not only divide humanity permanently but to suppress the voices of all those who have beliefs that threaten the finalization of the ruling elite’s global order.

For simplicity let’s list the globalist action plan here.

Task: Dominate humanity in the 21st century and beyond

Strategy: Divide humanity first into helpless segments devoid of values and beliefs and then condition them to permanently accept their enslavement.

Some implementation strategies:

1– Destruction of cultural values through various forms of education and social engineering.

2- Destruction of all longstanding conservative values, religious beliefs and tenets and implementation of moral relativity.

3- Destruction of all nation states that oppose the new world order plans and its banking systems.

4- Destruction of all forms of privacy and free speech to facilitate a global control grid.

5- Financially destroy the middle class and create a society that is financially government-dependent.

This list could be a lot longer like the planned poisoning of humanity in various ways (chemtrails, vaccines, GMOs etc) to achieve depopulation and much more. Above I’ve highlighted in bold items #1 and #2 because this is what I want to talk about today. Let’s talk about how the ruling elite have implemented 3 key strategies to persecute, divide and ultimately destroy the 3 major religions that pose the biggest threat to the secular new global order. Oddly, this is a topic rarely talked about even though the notion of religions versus politics has been a source of war, persecution, death and destruction since the beginning of time.

The way to divide the 3 major religions that pose the greatest threat to the new world order and which all come with traditions and deep rooted cultural values is to fund and facilitate a separate movement to go after each one individually. In the end all three of these major religions are ultimately demonized and the plan to eventually neutralize and or remove these religions out of the way is set in slow motion.

As you read on you will notice many of the steps to go after these 3 major religions are already well underway. All three of these religions already have a long history of persecution so none of them are new to this. The goal here is to show everyone the big picture as to how the ruling elite have created this triad of persecution so that they (the secular ruling elite) can have their global order without having to deal with the usual opposition that might come from those with strong religious conviction. We all know how badly religions have fared throughout history when they posed a threat to the ruling establishment at the time, whether the rulers were other competing religions or not.

#1 Planned Destruction Of Islam
So let’s begin with religion number one, Islam. Islam like any religion has their beliefs, in this case taken from the Koran. Obviously how someone interprets Islamic teachings may differ, but most Muslims around the world do not believe in or practice violence and oppression of others. Most will tell you this is based on misinterpretation of the Koran and radical fanaticism as we have seen in many religions throughout history.

Today however, we are all familiar with the Islamic faith and how it is perceived by those in power today here in the United States. Think “Bin Laden” and “al Qaeda” and need I say any more? Since at least the late 70’s the globalists were working on the “Islamic terrorism” narrative. Many point to Operation Gladio B as a signature operation starting around that time leading to today’s entire “terrorism” narrative which blames Islam for senseless violence. This narrative would ultimately prove to be the perfect weapon against all Muslims worldwide. It’s no wonder that practically all Muslim so called terrorism traces back to the US (think Zbigniew Brzezinski ) who created the idea in the first place arming and then training fighters with the help of then CIA operative Bin Laden or should I say “Tim Osmond” in what would later be referred to as “al Qaeda” fighters in Afghanistan in the late 70’s and beyond.

What was the end result of all of this co-opting of the Muslim religion to foster division hatred, then arming and radicalizing them? A priceless enemy that can be easily demonized before the world and used to create endless enemies and thus endless wars. (Think 9/11, al Qaeda, ISIS, endless war on terror, etc). That is more than enough reason to destroy the Islamic faith and baptize it in the blood of terrorism. Islam will never recover from this Gladio B invasion that the likes of Brezinski conjured up in the 70’s and today it is not unusual to here an American particularly a conservative Christian or Republican say or believe that all Muslims are suspected terrorist. The Islam brand is politically tarnished in perfect alignment with the new world order plans.

#2 Planned Destruction Of Christianity
Christianity on the other hand has been under attack by the Left wing Liberal “progressives” for some time. As it is with almost all Left wing Liberal issues at the root of this agenda is the Communist (now better known as the globalist) agenda to undermine Christianity, conservative and family values and ultimately things like the Constitution and rule of law here in America.

Substituted in place of Christian values is Cultural Marxism, moral relativity and subjectivism, lawlessness and new “politically correct” rules that allows these “social justice warriors” to redefine what natural law is all about, what is right and what is wrong and thus what a crime is, what is considered “harassment” and what is an act of violence. This process of redefining terms is just the tip of the iceberg for the Liberal Left who are now spearheading the new world order agenda as I’ve discussed many times in the past. This is the reason why today Christians and conservatives are accused of “hating” gays and lesbians instead of acknowledging that condemnation of the LGBT lifestyle is embedded in most cultures and particularly Christianity which is based on Bible scriptures.

This is also why Obama, the ultimate deceiver and hater of Christian values, went out of his way to use the US Educational system as a brainwashing tool for the children over the past 8 years unnecessarily exposing innocent children to bizarre sexual topics and other topics that undermine family traditional values.

But of course it doesn’t end there. We witnessed over the past 8 years of Obama how anyone with conservative values who believes in the Constitution, freedom and especially the 2nd Amendment was persecuted, spied on and with every chance the establishment got was even labeled as “domestic terrorists” (think Bundy Ranch Patriots). We can see clearly today that the conservative Constitution and freedom loving Patriot with Christian traditional values is a major threat to the new world order and the selected arch enemy of this group is the Liberal Left. This hatred and demonization of Conservatives is only intensifying and the worse is yet to come.

#3 Planned Destruction Of Judaism
Finally there is Judaism. Now you may be asking, who is against Jews and who is against Judaism so much that it warrants mentioning in this article? And you may be wondering how and why is Judaism a threat to the new world order? Actually this segment is probably the most important of the three because it’s the one that gets the least amount of attention and is the topic truth seekers, freedom lovers and alternative media followers have the least knowledge about and thus talks about the least. That’s because most people probably don’t understand what Judaism is about and what it means to be Jewish. Even more so, especially in the alternative media which is so dominated by disinformation trolls and Jew haters there is even less understanding what Zionism is about. We’ll get to Zionism shortly but first let’s examine a few important facts about Judaism, one of the oldest religions in the world.

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