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Heh Trump! Change Your Narrative, Rescue Your Presidency

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Have you seen the reaction that GOP congressfolk are getting in the streets Mr. President when it comes to your so-called repeal and replace (which is nothing of the sort, and you know it)?

I think you have, if you’re paying attention.

A lot of it is pretty ugly, and all revolves around the same sort of thing: Someone with a “pre-existing condition” that is facing a bone-crushing screwing.

Look, as a 53-year old who’s healthy, and in fact while you’re reading this I’m out in the woods enjoying myself instead of engaging in entrepreneurship if I “lose” the health lottery I’m ok with getting on a plane to buy whatever I need where I can’t get butt-sexed by the monopolists you and Paul Ryan keep protecting, and if that is impossible due to an exigent circumstance I’m ok with dying. I’ve not had a bad run and I’m sure as hell not going to hand over a material portion of my wealth to people I believe are simply robbing the people of this country blind every single day.

But then again, that’s because it’s me. You might want to consider that this sort of problem could befall someone else that a person cares about. Like their wife or child, for instance.

That could lead to some very severe political solutions, and if you don’t cut the crap it’s going to, because your margin of victory wasn’t really very big. You know damn well how this works because you played the game; it’s all about electoral votes, not popular ones, and you only needed to lose one “big” state and one smaller one and Hillary was President.

You didn’t win Florida by much, and it’s a big state. If you’d lost Florida then just 8 more EVs and you would not be President. Pick any of the heavily-populated states you won in the Midwest — or Missouri — and it’s all over but the shouting.

I’ll leave aside the potential for some non-political solutions that people might resort to if you and Congress keep ignoring the real issue and throwing BS at the people, because if we go there as a country then everything that makes America unique in the world is lost. There’s enough heat in the country right now that it wouldn’t take much to set that off and you have to be a special brand of crazy to have any desire to see it happen. There are, however, a fair number of people who are that nuts. I’m quite sure you’re not one of them and I thank the maker for that.

2018’s election season is just around the corner. Yes, you’re not directly part of this one, but all 435 House Members are and either cementing those seats held by your party or destroying them is happening right here, right now and that fight will only intensify in the coming weeks and months.

President Trump, you simply have to come to grips with where the problem lies in health care. It’s not access to insurance; as you know damn well if there was a terrorist bombing of a building every week where your properties were located it would be impossible for you to get insurance on those buildings at any price you — or your tenants — could afford. One of the reasons I believe you were a better choice than Hillary, incidentally, is that you understand this and as I said to a large number of people before the election “You have to be rather crazy to think that Trump would do things as President on purpose that would lead his own properties to be replaced by big smoking holes in the ground. I’m not sure Hillary has the same level of concern; in fact I’m quite sure she doesn’t.”

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