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HEALTH & WELLNESS: Medicinal Herbs vol. 1

by Joshua Dillon, Gently Woken:

Greetings my name is Joshua Dillon, I graduated from Schreiner University with a B.S. in Biology, and I have been interested in medicinal plants for years. While reading I noticed discrepancies between different books and vague constituent definitions. This led me to find more “in depth” information about the chemical composition of these medicinal plants.

I used Andrew Chevallier’s “The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants” as an outline for the plants selected in my break down and sorting the plants into categories based upon the initial research i.e. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial,…etc. Not all of these exact plant species were found but the deviations are clearly identified by the species used. I used “Phytochemical dictionary: A Handbook of Bioactive compounds from plants” 2nd edition edited by Jeffrey B. Harborne, Herbert Baxter, and Gerard P. Moss to verify, or not, the plants alleged usefulness.

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