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Good Cop Exposes ‘1 Ticket Per Hour’ Quota Scam After Being Fired for Refusing to Enforce It

by Jack Burns, The Free Thought Project:

For years now, The Free Thought Project has reported on police departments all throughout the country of instituting a mandatory quota system for traffic tickets and criminal violations among other things. Now one fired police officer is echoing our reports.

Dibble Oklahoma reserve police officer Richard Searcy says he was fired for not writing enough tickets. He posted to his Facebook of his devotion to his job, and knowledge of his profession;

For the town of dibble citizens. I have been a police officer for 12 years i know my job.

Complaining about his department’s one contact per hour mandatory quota (contact meaning ticket or otherwise warning to the public);

I also know that sometimes you dont have any contacts on your shift or very few and other days you are very busy.

Brian wants the police officers to have one stop every hour worked. I told him i would not make up reasons to stop vehicles. This comment made him mad or upset. So the next shift i worked he called me in to discuss the letter of reprimand. I told him that sometimes you just dont have anything to stop vehicles for. And that there is more to a officers job than just stopping vehicles.

Addressing his part-time status on the police force, and his desire to serve his hometown full-time, Searcy wrote that the town’s police budget depends a lot on generating revenue from ticket writing:

For the last year and four months i was just employed part time. Brian told me ” how can i justify putting you on full time untill the number of citations you write goes up.” I guess they expect a lot of the towns income to be from citations. I guess to be full time officer in the town of dibble you have to write a lot of citations.

Echoing the frustrations of the public at large, who often feel they’re being targeted by police, harassed, and given tickets for frivolous reasons, he continued his statement siding with the public. Searcy wrote:

I liked working for our town. But not everyone that gets stopped deserves a citation.

He said his firing party in the little country town took place on May 2nd and that he had no idea he was going to be fired.

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