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Global Crisis Hits Fever Pitch: “We Are At The Point of Urgency For Getting Gold”

by James Burgess, SHTF Plan:

One little-known junior explorer is grabbing attention for doing something that is virtually impossible: Landing a highly prospective and massive exploration concession that is almost always the purview of the major miners.

And the timing couldn’t be better.

Panic over nuclear North Korea, a sudden military about-face in Syria, soaring Asian demand and recession talk is positioning gold for a major bull run, and Fiore Exploration (TSX:F.V; OTC:FIORF) has acquired one of the most attractive exploration packages in Chile—the hottest metals venue in the world.

The beginning of the gold turnaround came last year, but today–as global crisis hits fever pitch–we’re looking at a bull run that will be bigger than anything we’ve seen in decades.

We are again at the point of urgency for getting in on gold, and there is no better venue than Latin America—the leading growth continent for the precious metal.

Fiore has scooped up almost all the best exploration territory surrounding the world-class El Penon gold mine owned by major player Yamana Gold. In a deal that a junior explorer could only manage if backed by heavy hitters, Fiore acquired a massive land package of three separate blocks.

Gold is being rendered even more attractive for Americans amid economic uncertainty most succinctly expressed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., who noted that the U.S. is “less well equipped to handle a financial crisis today than we were in 2008.” Central Banks the world over have also been stockpiling the precious metal since 2008, at levels not seen since before 1970.

One of the world’s biggest legends in mining, Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra, who is also the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation (NYSE:LGF), is pouncing on gold voraciously, and where his gold money goes, markets tend to follow. He’s also the heavy hitter backing Fiore.

The big money to be made in gold is in exploration, especially if you can find a junior backed by legendary mining money and a dream team of explorers. Giustra’s hitched his wagon to several already—but only those with dream teams and exceptional vision. He hasn’t been wrong yet.

Here are 5 reasons to keep a very close eye on Fiore Exploration (TSX:F.V; OTC:FIORF):

#1 Billion-Dollar Deal-Closing Team Backed by Heavy Hitters

The team behind Fiore has been in Chile—the No. 1 mining venue in South America—for over 20 years.

CEO Tim Warman is a 25-year mining veteran perhaps best known for helping to close a $1.2-billion deal with Kinross. Warman has a long track record of making multi-million-dollar discoveries and keeping his shareholders very happy, both with Aurelian Resources and Dalradian. In fact, Aurelian sold to Kinross for $1.2 billion, while Dalradian’s stock hit a market cap of a couple hundred million dollars.

He’s also well-known at Barrick Gold, whose 6.8-million-ounce Alturas deposit was discovered by Malbex—a company Warman used to run.

Besides Warman, one of the most sought-after geologists on the mining scene, the team also includes Brian Paes-Braga and Paul Matysek, two more heavy weights with impressive track records.

Paes-Braga is best known as the founder and CEO of one of the most striking junior lithium companies to hit the scene since the electric vehicle (EV) boom sparked the lithium craze. And Matysek has created shareholder value of well over $2 billion in gold, lithium, potash and uranium.

With this dream team behind it, Fiore is anything but your average drill play.

#2 Early In, Pinging Investor Radar

Fiore has grabbed attention in a space where only the majors get it, because it’s managed to secure the permits to surround Yamana’s majestic El Peñon Gold mine. Yamana produced 227,000 ounces of gold and 7.7 million ounces of silver last year alone—worth $286 million and $130 million, respectively.

Fiore’s (TSX:F.V; OTC:FIORF) entrance onto this scene was explosive, and a headline-grabbing surprise.

These are first-movers parked right next to a major producing gold mine, and they’re ready to take on more—Pampas is just a starter project, but a big one backed by heavy hitters.

And it doesn’t stop here, the company is currently looking into the acquisition of equally prospective properties. A development we expect to hear about any day.

#3 Next Door to a Huge Mine

In the industry, ‘closeology’ is one of the deciding factor of success—and Fiore has it in droves.

Yamana’s El Peñón mine is one of the most prolific gold and silver mines in Latin America, whether we’re talking about either size or grade. It’s massive, and its high-grade.

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