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GDXJ MASSACRE: Forced Selling Creating EPIC Opportunities — Eric Sprott & Keith Neumeyer

from SGT Report::

The demand for junior precious metals mining company stocks is soaring, and as a result VanEck’s GDXJ is being forced by stringent regulations into rebalancing – forced selling to reduce positions that have become too large, which is creating tremendous opportunities. As Eric Sprott says, “There’s too much interest. Isn’t the the funny thing? There’s so much interest that the stocks are going down! It’s the most ironic situation that we’ve ever been in, but there will just be new vehicles created. ” Keith Neumeyer & Eric Sprott join me to discuss this, the precious metals manipulation, the problems at the LBMA and much more. Thanks for tuning in.

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67 comments to GDXJ MASSACRE: Forced Selling Creating EPIC Opportunities — Eric Sprott & Keith Neumeyer

    • fonestar

      If you have no Bitcoin when the shit goes down you will look like a dumb fag willygroupthinker. No different now than any other point in history. He who has teh Bitcoin makes the rules.

    • C.I.

      And Lithium?


      • fonestar

        Yeah need lots of lithium too. It’s the only thing that calms fonestar down for 20 minutes.

        • Eric

          Emotion has no place in one’s portfolio.

          Look how cheap Silver is when denominated in Silver!

          Buy low. Sell high.

          • fonestar

            Milk, corn, sugar, eggs and silver are all priced in fake fiat dollars. When the dust settles, Bitcoin is still going to be worth way more than all of them.


            • Eric

              Not if nobody accepts it for food, clothing, fuel, rent, etc.

              I meant to say look how cheap Silver is when denominated in bitcoin.

              I asked a neighbor this morning if he had ever heard of bitcoin and his response was funny… “no way I would trust that.”

              • fonestar

                No sorry. Not all farmers are as stupid as most of you. There’s lots of farmers accepting Bitcoin. And you gas station attendant will not decide what the future of money is either. Same with your neighbour. The point is that 1 Bitcoiner’s opinion is worth more 1,000,000 non-Bitcoiner’s opinion.

                • Eric

                  Speak of stupid.

                  One person’s opinion is not WORTH more than another person’s opinion, but facts are indisputable.

                  The future of money is the same as the past…Gold and Silver.

                  Other currencies will come and go. Bitcoin will be one of them.

                • Eric

                  Time to take profits in bitcoin.

    • Ed_B

      Wow… just wow. This judge makes my mind come up with things like the old anarchists bumper sticker that read “give assassination a chance”. These characters need to be reined in. They obviously have mental issues culminating in severe myopia and self-aggrandizement.

      Along these same lines, we know that the US President, Congress, and Supreme Court are all co-equal branches of the US Gov. So, how is it that MUCH lower courts are contravening the President’s authority insofar as national defense is concerned? Should not that be strictly the province of the US Supreme Court and not 10,000 lower courts? IMO, it should. After all, we do not have state legislatures and county commissioners contradicting the laws created by the US Congress and signed by the President. That would be an equal step with what these lower courts are doing. In the name of their leftist political beliefs, these idiots are attempting to make the US ungovernable. Therein lies sedition and anarchy, methinks. Perhaps the President should send some troops to collect some of these piss-ant judges and introduce them to a stay at Club Gitmo?

      When the US Supreme Court tried to ride roughshod over President Andrew Jackson, he told them to go to hell… and made them back off. Maybe we need a little more of that these days? Clearly, things have gone WAY too far to the left in the USA.

      The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is also in need of some serious revision. As the most over-turned court in the US, they are clearly out of step with the US Constitution, otherwise they would not be over-turned more than half of the time that their rulings are appealed to the US Supreme Court. IMO, judges need to serve a fixed term of not more than 20 years and then move on with their lives so that others can have a chance to serve too. Once entrenched, they are there for life, no matter how mentally or physically incompetent they become. The country wants, needs, and deserves better, IMO.

      Judges exist to SERVE the law, not create it or become it. Activist judges need to be purged from our judicial system so that the US Constitution once again becomes the inviolable law of the land.

  • SGT

    Thanks for tuning in guys. We appreciate your support. LOTS of improvements coming to SGT Report SOON>>>!!!! (finally)

    • KRELL427

      Great well timed interview, I was looking for a clear explanation of why GDX and GDXJ liquidated $800 million in mining shares. This was it from 2 of the greats. For myself it offered a great buying opportunity for more FF.V.

      • Eric

        I know mike likes to buy things after they have already gone up and pay full price, but I prefer a sale.

        One more week until I get paid and I’m buying more.

        When Too Much Money Goes Into One ETF

        • KRELL427

          Eric,what do you expect from a chooch with verbal diarrhea that doesn’t have the balls to put his money where his mouth is, he should do all of us a favor and go stick his head up his ass.

          • Eric

            The bitcoin jackass and pathological liar known as “mike” is a blathering idiot.

            He has no proof to provide of anything, doesn’t read or research anything, and lies constantly.

            In other news, Rothschild and Hollande puppet Macron causes a $300 million in Gold selloff. Gotta cover those short positions…


            Physical Silver which has heavy industrial use and monetary investor demand is now the cheapest it has ever been when priced in bitcoin (which is a worthless pump and dump scheme). $1 million USD won’t buy shit if China doesn’t accept US Treasuries.

          • Eric

            Krell, it’s already there.

            Bitcoin would be a lot more legit if satoshi’s sluts weren’t such cyber snob dickheads.

            It’s still way overbought.

            • fonestar

              Eric and Krell. Are you still believing in the conspiracy that Mike and fonestar are the same person? What about the pro-Bitcoin people on Zerohedge too? Are those all fonestar accounts? What about all the volume in China? Are those fonestar accounts? Are Roger Ver and Andreas Antonopolis really fonestar too?

              How many Bitcoin sites do you participate in? Let me guess, they’re all secretly run by fonestar too and their participants are all fonestar accounts…

              Talk about fVcking st00pid or what…

              • Eric

                No. It’s just that mike and fonestar, along with most of the other die hard bitcoin idiots, have strangely similar behavior…psychotic.

                For our purposes today, fonemikestar will suffice.

              • KRELL427

                fonestar, I don’t subscribe to that theory. Your pretty good at verbal fencing, Mike on the other hand has less sharpness to his wit than a roll of wet toilet paper.

                • Eric

                  At least a roll of wet toilet paper knows that it serves no useful purpose. mike obviously doesn’t know this yet.

        • fonestar

          When Bitcoin goes to $1 million and beyond, we might keep a few stackers alive. Just for degrading entertainment purposes.

          • Eric

            Yeah that will be funny.

            Except stackers won’t accept bitcoin in exchange for real tangible wealth.

            bitcoin snobs are such soulless creatures.

        • mike

          Just like AG lol..Eric pushing it hard at $18.40 oh but he of course paid $2.20 so everyone is suckers even though they should buy AG at $18.40..Could have sold then Eric and made a mint and got BTC on the cheap…ah hahahaha…..SUKKKA! I thought I talked to you about Le Pen losing….No Frexit ever and the Euro is strong and markets roaring ain’t nobody got time for PMs. I am really hoping for $1 on silver so I can buy 10k oz to throw off my boat into the sea as a tribute to Poseidon, clear sailing from here to forevermore.. Just don’t let him know the real value. Poseidon might think its got the same purchasing power it did back in the Greek days when it was actually rare 🙂 …Shhhhhh

        • Eric

          check out @ 11:02

          • fonestar

            I am not going to check it out.

            • Eric

              When bitcoin reaches it’s fundamental fair value of 1 ounces of Silver per BTC based on growth in bitcoin transactions, I might buy one BTC using real money (Silver).



              • fonestar

                Only Bitcoin is money.

                Maybe I will trade some Bitcoin for a real scarce metal… like Rhodium or Platinum. And not something only slightly less common than copper and nickel (silver).

                • Eric

                  Rhodium isn’t a monetary metal. Why wouldn’t you trade bitcoin for metal if only bitcoin is money?

                  You’ll be proud of me. I bought .0210 BTC today.


                • mike

                  Alright man now you got a choice..Let your BTC ride or buy an oz of gold with it from JMBullion.
                  BTC will correct just depends on when you think that will happen. I think your .021 will be worth an OZ of gold before a correction. Gold is going down now and like I said before 2017 new lows for Gold and Silver (Barring anything other than an EU country holding an exit vote or sudden implosion of the markets) so with BTC going up you’ll end up scoring a lot of PMs.
                  I know you know the markets are rigged so use that knowledge to grow your stack. BTC is doing what the PMs should be but won’t at least this year. You know the Federal Reserve will not allow the ECB/Euro to fail and we know that from the Ron Paul partial Audit and the 15 Trillion Given to the ECB and I personally think the PBOC as well.
                  All eyes on on Europe now with Brexit and the close call with Le Pen. The Fed and the ECB must for at least the rest of the Year make Europe appear to be in great shape, never better.
                  The market will continue to rise and PMs attacked relentlessly.

                  Ultimately .021 BTC will be priceless so you can just forget about it until you need it.

                  Im proud of you 🙂

                • Eric

                  You’re the one with PMS mike. 😉 I don’t know why you call it that.

                  I already have plenty of honest money (Gold and Silver) but am hoping to add more soon.

                  Why don’t you take some profits on bitcoin which is going up too fast and hit up the Doc’s Deals? Silver is dirt cheap priced in bitcoin. And you’re the one who needs to grow his stack. Not me.

                  I do not see new lows for Gold but I still do not rule out a double bottom however unlikely.

                  Gold is back in a range between 1200 and 1250. So until it breaks that I am a buyer of mostly Silver.

                  Don’t even care about Europe right now until the election in Germany in the fall and the Debt ceiling increase which must happen by September 30 here.

                  Why does it take 7 days for my bitcoin transaction to clear?

  • ecobel

    great? both these gurus have been pushing their products for months and they have been going down big time, Look at AG! what do they do blame it on manipulation and other stuff and push their products some more while moderators allows them and doesn’t call them out at all

  • ecobel

    Rick Rule, there is a guy right on with his predictions? sad, why do they keep talking to him?

  • Trespass Unwanted

    There’s so much interest that the stocks are going down!

    Now let’s get that to work in the entire world construct.

    There is so much interest in work, unemployment is going down!
    There is so much interest in renting, rent is going down!
    There is so much interest in owning a car, the price is going down!
    There is so much interest in the government debt, the debt obligation is going down!
    There is so much interest in credit, interest rates are going down!

    While they are at it, there is an interest in food, let those prices go down.

    • Eric

      Nighthawk Gold. Up 100% YTD

    • Ed_B

      Interesting post @Trespass Unwanted.

      Now, let’s have a little contest to see who can best complete the following:

      “There’s so much BS in the world today that…”


      • Trespass Unwanted

        Yes, Ed_B
        I pulled that first line straight from the post

        – As Eric Sprott says, “There’s too much interest. Isn’t the the funny thing? There’s so much interest that the stocks are going down! It’s the most ironic situation that we’ve ever been in, but there will just be new vehicles created. ” –

        When I listen to them talk about gold and silver
        I listen to the subtleties
        Their interviews are padded with them

        In my opinion (sells a lot, because people don’t hear it, Gregory Mannarino uses this with great skill)

        I think
        words like might, should, could, is supposed to, if

        When people actually ‘hear’.
        They will realize the message is not as clear as they thought.
        Even Clif High masters words so that his $5000 gold is a ‘it might’ or ‘the data sets show’, nothing is absolute, but people hear absolute.

        I hear subtleties and reverse psychology.

        Gold is scarce is like saying the moon is scarce.
        How easy is it to have piece of the moon. It would have to be mined.

        Fresh water is scarce in comparison to salt water of the earth.

        It’s about what the people know, or think they know.

        I do not get involved in peoples decision, so I just comment on what I see and observe, and avoid those that handle their ‘in’ securities by hurling insults at anyone they allow themselves to hear but don’t like what they heard.

        • Eric

          People only hear what they want to hear.

          I have a good buddy who helps me work on my house from time to time. But I swear he never hears a thing I say. It’s just in one ear and out the other. Or he might hear me, but he immediately purges it from his mind and forgets. My Dad has the same problem. It just doesn’t register at all with some people.

          Anyways, the ability to listen, to hear, to see and recognize symbols, to connect the dots, to think critically, to be calm and proactive rather than reactive…these are very rare skills.

          The “scarcity” of Gold has never concerned me. The amount of available Gold to the monetary base maybe. But it’s not about Gold. It’s about the US Dollar. Gold is the ultimate safehaven and investors will rush into it in times of panic along with Silver and food. Possibly cryptocurrencies also. But mainly anything real that they can touch and hold and have trust and confidence in. Most people I talk to about Gold and Silver always ask about Gold. They never seem to have any interest in Silver.

          Speaking of which, great deals from the Doc this week. You guys might want to take advantage of them with the smackdown. I’m going to try to do so.

  • ecobel

    many in the world are wealthier than me but I don’t listen to them when they are consistently wrong as you do

    • mike

      Thanks for posting the link Eric…Needed a good moron video made by a total moron for a good laugh.

      You know the King of England had no BTC so he had to use Tally Sticks? Not even the whole of Rome at it’s zenith had 1 BTC.

      geeze 1000 oz of silver got you a 100,000 man army w/weapons, horses and armor and today can’t even get you 1 soldier kitted out…

      So mankind was force to use a metal as money for 5k years that suffered horrible inflation and lack of purchasing power because it became easier and easier to mine, on demand!

      UNTIL NOW BTC BABY..Only BTC is Money!

      Anyway love the post, I know I don’t have to tell you to keep it up.

      • Eric

        If only Bitcoin was money, you would sell all your metal right now and buy up as much Bitcoin as you could.

        Fortunately, most people are smarter than you are. But then again, so is a bag of hammers.

        • Hmm how do mines stay in business Eric?
          You think in a dollar collapse mines are going to shut down or become the new rulers of humanity?

          Lets say the collapse happens as you envision and PMs become money. The very first thing that must happen is Nationalization of all mines. As a matter of fact the US will probably annex Canada execute the heathen natives and take the mines.
          Then an arbitrary fiat price will be assigned to PMs. The banking system will grow 1000 fold to accommodate settlements especially from our colonist in the new virgin lands to the north.
          First I do not want Canada. You know that all the Natives won’t be executed and expect American citizenship. The Natives that let our God backed forces to the hiding places of the other Natives will expect something in return for their great work..They are Frenchies and loyalist after all.
          So when the dollar collapses those that have the BTC will be in control. I BTC will have the purchasing power of Billions. With my mega Billions I will personally finance a wall between the US and Canada so our Brave Americans that live near the border will not be sickened everyday by having to look at the place. On the side facing Canada Ill make sure to have weenies carved into the wall to settle the Natives down.

          • Eric

            Either your boat will sink or somebody will knock your ass out for being such a loudmouth lying donkey long before that happens. Surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

            • KRELL427

              Karma will send some pirates to get the job done.

              • mike

                No way Krell because unlike you I can have more than a 5 round mag. A couple of Skinneys on a john boat with AKs are going to be dead in the water.

                Anyway I thought we had a Truce? This is another reason I don’t trust the French.

            • mike

              Seriously why in the name of God is Canada allowed to Exist? We can now simply Annex it and put the Natives on reservations to live out their lives in peace. I am going to suggest it to the Free Mason Guys I know. Lets get it done while the dollar still spends.
              You can have AG once we take over the place and you can keep the product instead of trading it for dirty dollars. I mean why if Silver was money would you give away your money for dirty dollars?

              PS only BTC is money

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