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G. Edward Griffin on Blockchain & Bitcoin’s Potential

from World Alternative Media:

G. Edward Griffin talks about his views on Blockchain, especially Bitcoin as values hit all time highs and cryptocurrency becomes far more mainstream, not just for investment but for insurance of wealth.

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1 comment to G. Edward Griffin on Blockchain & Bitcoin’s Potential

  • videoctr

    Here is how I see the value proposition for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    Bitcoin: The value proposition is in the blockchain and the Bitcoin as a digital currency.

    Ethereum: The value proposition is in the Smart Contract, Blockchain and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. These are the tools which can allow a nation state to create it’s own digital currency and run it on the Ethereum platform. For instance China is exploring a digital Yuan currency.

    In summary, I would like to suggest the intrinsic value of Ethereum is the Ethereum network model/platform. Why limit the discussion to just crypto currency and whether or not it has intrinsic value?

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