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EXPOSED: You Won’t Believe Who’s Helping George Soros Hijack The Texas Gold Industry!

from World Alternative Media:

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7 comments to EXPOSED: You Won’t Believe Who’s Helping George Soros Hijack The Texas Gold Industry!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Well…THAT was (disturbingly) interesting. GoldMoney connected with the dark forces.
    Schiff sold out as well, Sprott, etc.

    The pressure cooker is heating up. The excrement is building up behind the scenes, just like the Oroville dam. When the crisis blows, it’s gonna sweep a whole lot of people with it.

  • Bob

    Soros may well be evil incarnate, but does that imply that everything he invests in is evil as well? He’s also invested in Amazon, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, and so on. Are we to conclude that all these companies are evil and that everyone else who invests them are evil?

  • Eric

    Interesting that in the comments on youtube everyone seems to focus on Sprott and Schiff selling out when they should be focusing on the huge conflict of interest that Kyle Bass has on his hands as a shareholder of GoldMoney and as a board member of UTIMCO. All things considered, given his reputation I would love to hear him explain himself but will not vilify him just yet.

    More importantly, the focus should be entirely on Soros and his devious Rothschild like satanic behavior. Somebody needs to get that fucker out of humanity’s way. He’s holding us all back.

    • Eric

      On a side note, I still hold funds with GoldMoney but sold my shares in the company a long time ago. I will continue to keep my GoldMoney account and possibly add to it in the future but I am probably going to sell some soon to purchase more Physical Silver real soon. Kind of a no brainer with a 75 GSR. I don’t keep more than 1-2% with GoldMoney.

    • willygroper

      when you live in a corrupt lawless system, conflict of interest flew out the window decades ago.

      one can view sprott & schiff as simply taking profits.

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