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Bill Holter from JS Mineset returns to SGT Report to discuss the current state of the failing US empire. And Bill warns that despite popular opinion that the DOW, S&P and Nasdaq can only go up, the END could come in a flash, and when that happens, many people who went to bed rich on Friday could wake up broke by Monday. You have been warned. Watch THIS video on STEEMIT.

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70 comments to END OF THE EMPIRE — Bill Holter

  • Eric

    After listening to Bill, I can honestly say I am happier holding a box full of Gold, rather than a box full of bitcoin. Oh wait! You can’t hold a box full of bitcoin.

    Only bitcoin is money…fake news!

    • fonestar

      I have been saying the same thing since 2011. So far I have been right. So far I am still waiting for someone to prove me wrong.

      Let’s review shall we?

      * Bitcoin cannot be stopped by any government
      * Bitcoin cannot be manipuated
      * Bitcoin will go into the millions priced in fiat dollars
      * Bitcoin will survive the collapse
      * Bitcoin … 1 BTC will be worth more than 1 ounce of gold after the collapse
      * Bitcoin is a long-term store of value
      * Bitcoin is not understood by stupid people and will not be understood by stupid people

      • dcm

        Bitcoin is not real , Bitcoin is nothing more than a man made proxy , bitcoin has 0.0 intrinsic value – bitcoin is held in existence by the manipulation of man , once this ends so will bitcoin . Striking resemblance to the US fed note – both designed to rape the ignorant of there ability to (a) create (b) reason (c) produce . By the way this has been and will continue to be the the mandate of world wide central banking , investing , and insurance .

        • dcm

          Something to contemplate , what does a banking / economic collapse mean ? If you live in objective truth it is simple , nothing more than the realization of profits and elimination of liability by those who control the paradigm . Are you a liability ?

          • fonestar

            No we do not have to “contemplate” any theories put forth by retards that think software is “not real”.

            Just like we don’t have to listen to “flat Earth” people either. Because you’re idiots we can just dismiss whatever you say and laugh at you immediately.

            • Eric

              Where is this real software?

              My calculator has software in it. It doesn’t buy groceries.

              • fonestar

                I have millions of lines of code on my computer.

                It is no more, no less “REAL” than any piece of silver out there.

                Only a fvcking retard would try and argue otherwise.

                • Eric

                  Your “code” and your computer wouldn’t even function without REAL Silver.

                  Only a fvcking retard would try and argue otherwise.

                • fonestar

                  You don’t even know the difference between “REAL” and “CORPOREAL” because you’re a simpleton fool. Silver is made out of atoms and electrons that dunces like you still cannot hold on their own.

                  Bitcoin now $600 higher than Gold and outperforming fast.

                • Eric

                  Massively overvalued.

      • Eric

        Okie dokie. Let’s do that…

        * Bitcoin cannot be stopped by any government (because it was created by the NSA/CIA in order to continue funding the drug trade).
        * Bitcoin cannot be manipuated (I wouldn’t be too sure of that one).
        * Bitcoin will go into the millions priced in fiat dollars (You’re just trying to pump up your pump and dump scam so you can sell your bitcoins for fiat currency. Based on Bitcoin’s fundamental fair value based on growth in the amount of weekly Bitcoin transactions, it is way overbought at the moment.
        * Bitcoin will survive the collapse (What collapse are you speaking of? Bitcoin won’t be accessible without electricity or internet).
        * Bitcoin … 1 BTC will be worth more than 1 ounce of gold after the collapse (Not really. It may be priced higher in USD terms but if nobody accepts it for goods and services it isn’t worth anymore than what somebody is willing to pay for it).
        * Bitcoin is a long-term store of value (If this was true, it wouldn’t have 80% price crashes and the first 6 million bitcoins wouldn’t have been created out of thin air).
        * Bitcoin is not understood by stupid people and will not be understood by stupid people (I wouldn’t want to stand under Bitcoin or fonemikestar since they don’t have any real tangible wealth).

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • fonestar

          Your retarded “collapse” or “SHTF” scenarios will be localized. Mostly hitting hard in the major city centers. Some places will go back to 1890 (like James Rawles says) but that will last for a few weeks or months. Most of the world will continue living in the year 2017/2018 and their Internet and electricity will do just fine.

          And technology is going to come faster and harder AFTER the collapse. Your fantasies about reverse-time-travel have no basis in fact or historical record.

      • mike

        Fonestar Eric loves foil to wrap around his head..CIA? Lol the Cia is a joke and cant even keep their own hacking tools secret.They have not provided any reliable intel for years.They got lost in their own self serving Bureaucracy.They dont work just follow an SOP like all good bureaucrats. In fact I just watched an interview with
        Loretta Lynch and she even said she didnt task the intel community they would just inform her of what they thought she needed to know. The CIA does not have the brains to create btc and if they did they did not think it through which is just typical of any gub agency. You give them far too much credit.

        • fonestar

          But I thought it was a super-duper-secret conspiracy by the CIA to kill the Dollar, because their budget is in, um… Dollars… and um, and well anyway… once they do that they are going to switch everyone over from Bitcoin to their digital currency (magically) and um… yeah… so that’s the “theory” anyway of this super-duper-secret.

          • mike

            I’ll bet every single person in the CIA wished they bought BTC at $1.00 like all normal people…I wish I did 🙁

            • fonestar

              Yep. Biggest mistake of my life was staying 75% in physical silver as opposed to Bitcoin. Should have reversed it and I would be a multi-millionaire right now.

              • mike

                I had to work an extra 2 years to make up for my PM losses…Now I have a mountain of PMs. Hopefully they will reach 25 on silver so I can break even. Not hopeful though anytime soon. Like I said before with Macron winning in France the ECB MUST show the common people all is well now, at least for the next year or two and to kill this nationalism in other country’s as well. That translates to all time pm lows. If silver goes to $5 for instance you will be able to get it for 5. It will stay long enough at 5 that retailers are forced to sell. It wont be a quick spike low…You know markets are rigged and if the fed/ecb do not do the most massive market manipulation to date this year the ECB/Euro/EU bureaucracy will die by nationalism. Its that simple.

                • fonestar

                  They will never let metals rise to their true value in fiat (infinity). And they will press the big RED button that goes BOOM before they let “Gold Nears $1,000,000” into the headlines of the NYT or WaPo.

                  Bitcoin is the best Inflation/Debasement ticker we have now.

                • mike

                  Yep..And with btc you only need 1 and forget about it if you truly want hand generational wealth to your children. Even Eric’s .2 btc as long as he keeps it will be worth more than his entire net worth.

                • Eric

                  “They will never let metals rise to their true value in fiat (infinity). And they will press the big RED button that goes BOOM before they let “Gold Nears $1,000,000” into the headlines of the NYT or WaPo.”

                  That big RED button will turn off your electricity and then BOOM! No bitcoins for you.

                  That also makes Gold always a buy. It is always undervalued.

                  Everything else (especially Bitcoin) is in a bubble!!!

  • Eric

    Speaking of cryptos, fonemikestar (mario and luigi) thought there were a limited number of coins also.

  • Timco

    One of my favorites.

  • Ned Kelly


    TODAY, I will discuss my fears for people placing their hard earned into these ‘NEW SYSTEMS’.
    I will give you a ‘glimpse’ into the historical Banks Methodologies in Australia to control new technologies so they (the banks) control ALL the Action.

    We go back to about 1968.
    An organisation called Bankcard Australia set up operations and soon most banks signed up to BankCard. The Organisation running the system was independent.
    After a few Years the Banks saw the fantastic profits and inefficiencies in the system and wanted to own their own credit card products. The BankCards had no Eftpos links in those days so if a card expired in say 11/1970 a person could still do albeit unlawfully unlimited purchases above and beyond the credit card One debt collector went to a house to get the card and the woman used profanities and said its my card you gave it to me and Im going shopping…not much could be done to shut down the card.
    So the Banks soon joined MasterCard International and Visa Card and choked off Bankcard new business leaving Bankcard to crumble and die.
    From time to time innovators would approach the Banks with great ideas to save lots of money. In one case one bank too up a limited use of such a new merchant tool only for its other ‘member banks’ to just come out with their different version of the same idea and get the technology and underlying profits for virtually nothing.

    Now we have Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    We know the Banks intend to shut down the Banking System as we know it by 2018 and set up a totally new platform.
    If you think, fore one mini second,that the Banks will allow a free flowing Bitcoin or Ethereum system operating on its turf, you must have rocks in your head.These people rule the world.

    It will be easy as to shut down the Internet and reboot it with a CIA inspired virus to eliminate all Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions. After all Google and Facebook and Youtube have ALREADY started attacking and destroying all REAL NEWS they deem/decide to call Fake News.

    The Banks may well just steal the Bitcoin idea and force the peons/slaves to BankCoin blockchain.

    They have a successful History of always ‘Taking Control’ of any rogue opposition.
    Just look at how the Big4 Banks in Australia destroyed all the Building Societies in Australia during the previous Financial Crisis by getting the Govt to underwrite protection of depositors funds in the event of a crash. All core business to any other banking institutions other than the big4 lost all their core business which had a ‘flight to ‘perceived safety’.

    Good Luck-But holding Physical Gold and Silver is your only real option.

  • Eric

    Interesting about Amazon’s earnings. Just checked…

    Currently, AMZN is trading at 143X 2017 earnings and 35X 2020 projected earnings. Basically you’re paying up for future earnings growth.

    Conversely, First Majestic Silver is trading at 80X 2017 earnings and 26X 2020 projected earnings.

    One of those has real provable wealth in the ground that it is currently producing and the other is totally dependent on the U.S. consumer being able to buy more junk they don’t need with money they don’t have.

  • fonestar

    More idiotic comments on and this morning regarding Bitcoin. Still waiting for this “ponzi scheme” to blow up. Waiting some more…

    Sean, Tyler Durrrrrrrden… do you know why your readers missed the boat on Bitcoin? Because they are stupid. Yes, it really is that simple…. they’re stupid people.

    • KRELL427

      How could they have missed the boat, according to you and your pixie dust its going to a million dollars.

      • fonestar

        Because if you can’t grasp a concept after 8 years there is little chance you will grasp it at all ever.

        Bitcoin and crypto-currency is waaaaaaay over the heads of most middle-age balding dudes in USA and Canada. Thankfully there is the occasional Clif High out there so the entire generation doesn’t look like total morons. Only 97.5% of them do….

        • Eric

          Another non-argument.

          Gold has been a long term store of value for 5,000 years.

          Bitcoin has been a figment of fonemikestar’s imagination for 8 years.

          Where is your trust?

          In Gold We Trust.

  • joey

    I bought Bitcoin low and sold it high to some incredibly STUPID suckers. I’ll keep doing this and using the profits to buy PMs. Hurry, folks, get your BITCOIN before we get hit with an EMP or a Carrington Event. They’ll be hard to find afterwards! (I’ll bet fonestar has a basement full of Beanie Babies from the 90s).

    • fonestar

      Joey if you finish the game with no Bitcoin then you are the “STUPID sucker” here.

      And if you did really do this on an exchange… you had no real Bitcoin to begin with.

      • Eric

        “What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” -Morpheus

        There’s no such thing as “real Bitcoin.”

        • fonestar

          Then oxygen, hydrogen, helium and boron are not “real” either. Such f*cking idiots…

          Sean, Tyler Durrrrrrrrden, this is the intelligence of your readers.

          • Eric

            Oxygen, hydrogen, helium, and boron are elements on the periodic table that are necessary to sustain life.

            Gold and Silver are on there also.

            I just checked and Bitcoin is not on there.

  • glitter 1

    There may never be an EMP or Carrington event,There may never be a mass Grid Down Event and many may assume the Internet will continue to be freely accessible/up and running without any hindrances to it’s access.These may all be true statements/facts,however consideration is required to ponder several known absolute truths;They are planning digital currency,you will be required to access/process electronically to live.They are planning to chip everyone as a means to exercise total control of their electronic control grid system,monetarily and everything connected/linked.This lies in the future,they are planning it and will manipulate whatever it takes to accomplish it/bring it to fruition.Those who fail to submit will be shut out/down.

    No access to banking,no access to brokerages,no access to transact,no access to the internet and therefore no access to cryptocurrencies.It’s not a question of if,only a question of when.

    Control of the internet has been given over to The Luciferian UN.They(TPTB) have and control access to technology(ies) along with any and all newly developed Tech.It will be put to use to accomplish their goals,one way or another,even if they have to kill half the planet’s population in the process.

    “The name of the game is “Control” – Lindsey William’s Late Elite Friend Ken Fromm

    The individuals pulling the strings are true Psychopathic Megalomaniacs and will not stop until they succeed.

    Prepare accordingly.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed @Glitter

      It is an inherent function of government, like cancer, to grow wildly out of control and spend the people’s money accordingly. They are ALL about control. They will control everything that can be controlled. Anything that cannot be controlled WILL be destroyed. THAT is how government operates. The doubters out there can look at history and tell me otherwise. Or as a recently seen bumper sticker put it, “If you think that the US Gov has your best interests at heart, just ask an Indian about it”.

  • Ed_B

    One thing that REALLY stood out in this interview was a comment they quoted:

    “We don’t know what caused the Great Depression but we do know that it can’t happen again”.

    That is a load of BS, IMO. Those of us who have looked carefully at the Great Depression KNOW exactly who, how, and why the Great Depression happened. Not only can it happen again, that’s all part of the bankers’ plan to milk We the People dry of our assets. It not only CAN happen again but it MUST happen again because our politicians are the best that money can buy.

    In brief terms, the Great Depression was created by the BIG NY banks… Chase Manhattan (now JP Morgan Chase), JP Morgan, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and a few others of the usual suspects. They do this by extending credit (Roaring Twenties) to get as many people as deeply in debt as possible. This goes on for some years. Then, the rug is pulled out from under We the People by withdrawing credit and seizing up the economy. Remember that in the 1920s and early 1930s, gold was MONEY. The banks had LOTS of it and they were refusing to lend it out. Roosevelt’s EO #6102 was not aimed at We the People, it was aimed at these big banks as a way to get gold away from them and not allow them to use it against We the People. It was for this reason that FDR was likely poisoned, his slow death looking like the effects of a debilitating disease. But mercury poisoning looks very much like that and won’t be detected unless is it specifically looked at as a possible cause of death, which it was not.

    The entire economy runs on short-term credit that vendors and suppliers use to pay for the things they buy and to get paid for what they sell. If this seizes up, business comes to a standstill. This is the 1930s Great Depression portion of the plan. During this period of time, the BIG banks buy up all the distressed assets they can for cheap. This includes stock shares, individual companies, homes, farms, ranches, mines, oil wells, etc. People sell at market lows because they are desperate for the cash that the need to survive. If you are hungry, you can’t wait for the usual 10-15 years of a depression to end. You need to eat NOW.

    Once they have collected all of the cheap assets they can, the economy starts turning around. It turns around because they are now loosening up the credit market, making loans, and businesses can once again start buying and selling. When the economy has improved enough, the banks start selling the assets they bought for pennies on the dollar for dollars again, raking in dozens if not hundreds of times their investment amounts. Not only that, but this process is repeated about every 80 years. My thought on this is that they allow this much time to elapse before running this scam again because that length of time allows those who lived through the experience to largely die off, leaving only the historical record which many people ignore… unfortunately. Not to be leaving any assets on the table, a minor version of this occurs about every 40 years. All of this is rather neatly explained away by the banks and their minions as “the business cycle”. Having been involved in business for 30+ years, I can tell you that there is no such thing as “the business cycle”. It’s a myth and it is used to cover up some of the greatest thefts in human history. None of this is rocket science, folks. The proof of this is out there and anyone who wants to find it can do so.

    OK, let’s see now… 1929 start of The Great Depression. 2008 (79 years later) comes The Great Depression, Part II. But since everyone knows that a depression is really bad, the banks decide that it should not be called what it is but rather “The Great Recession”, which it was not. The problem with this is that what hit us in 2008 was NOT a recession, great or otherwise. It WAS a depression and we are still suffering from its effects. That’s the way of depressions. They combine a 10-15 year time period of a lousy economy with persistent long-term unemployment. Now, doesn’t this sound like what we’ve experienced for the past 9 years? Sure it does. A recession, on the other hand, only lasts for 9-15 months, typically about 13 months and when it ends, the jobs that were lost all come back. Did the jobs come back that were lost in 2008? Well, some of them did but many more of them did not.

    Not to be missed are those mini-depressions, aka recessions, at about 40 year intervals. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, we had such a period of economic slowing and job loss that recovered after several months had passed. That was a real recession. The Carter regime compounded this by adding additional economic woes with their “malaise” economy in 1976-80.
    Both recessions and depressions do the same types of things, so it is only the duration and severity that differentiates a recession from a depression. Both are caused by the BIG banks fiddling with the credit markets because that is where they know that can have the greatest leverage and effect upon the economy that they intend to milk of as much of its wealth as they can possibly grab.

    Oh, and as a side benefit, a lot of the competitive smaller and regional banks go under during a bad recession or a depression, allowing the financially stronger big banks to buy them up too. This makes it a real 2-fer… lots of assets bought cheap AND reduced competition in the banking business once the economy is allowed to recover… and when it recovers, it IS because the big banks have allowed it to do so because they hold the kind of financial power that it takes to create schemes like this while the regional and small banks do not.

    Oddly enough, all of this was predicted quite accurately by one of the greatest minds that this country has ever produced. Here is his prescient quote:

    “If the American people ever allow private banks (The Federal Reserve) to control the issue of their currency )Federal Reserve Notes), first by inflation (Roaring Twenties), then by deflation (Great Depression), the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

  • fonestar

    Bitcoin is now $600 higher than Gold.

    I’m not happy with that yet. 1 Bitcoin should buy you many, many tubes of Gold Eagles or Gold Maples.

    I love how communists and stupid old fudds hate Bitcoin. The two worst types of people. F*ck ’em… spit on the “stackers” too bunch of ignorant dunces.

    • Eric

      Why would something that was created out of thin air and required no capital or labor be able to buy many many tubes of Gold Eagles that do require lots of capital and labor to produce?

      Please detail your math.

      • fonestar

        Bitcoin takes Gigawatts of energy around the planet to produce.

        Some of teh largest gold nuggets ever discovered were just lying on the ground in Australia. I personally know someone who found a 1/4 ounce nugget just lying in a creek in Northern British Columbia. There’s a picture of miners in southern British Columbia standing on a 1/2 ton nugget of silver. It took them ZERO energy to “produce”.

  • Rdawg

    Why on Earth would you even want to trade your precious shitcoin for worthless gold?

    I may pick up some shitcoin on speculation when it collapses back to $30.

    Or perhaps I’ll pick up a Semper Augustus…

  • fonestar

    Bitcoin will never be $30 again in your life fool.

    And yes, even if I *COULD* trade 1 Bitcoin for a full tube of Gold Maples… I still *WOULD NOT*. We’re not taking profits, we’re taking scalps and taking heads.

  • Rdawg

    Hey dumbass. You may not realize this, but nobody gives a fuck that you are infatuated with shitcoin. Nobody. The only scalp you’ll be left with after the dust settles is your own.

    • fonestar

      “Nobody” hey? That’s funny… every time fonestar turns on the news they’re talking Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin. Bitcoiners robbing this. Bitcoiners stealing that. Bitcoiners destroying the power structure and tax system.

      No mention about your f*cking gold at all? You are outdated and irrelevant. Bet on the wrong horse. Blamed reality instead of your own stupidity.

      • KRELL427

        Stupidity would be a F1 driver pulling over after leading the first lap and claiming he is the winner. Remind you of anybody?

        • fonestar

          This race is so over and done with it’s pathetic. Bitcoin will be replaced someday. The extremely wealthy Bitcoiners will easily make the transition retaining their wealth. Nothing we need to worry about anytime soon.

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