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Don’t End the Fed, Ignore the Fed: How to Distance Yourself From a Collapse

from The Daily Bell:

I like mom and pop family owned restaurants, and local craft breweries, two businesses that are currently doing great in America.

Giant corporations, on the other hand, are legally bound to the government, which causes most of the corruption in the corporate and government world. They end up taking advantage of people and bludgeoning their competitors using the government.

The United States of America is a giant corporation that is entering its dinosaur phase. Do you remember what happened to the dinosaurs? Their extinction paved the way for mammals to be the top species on earth. And in the same way, the collapse of the American financial system will pave the way for better smaller governments, and governance.

The collapse does not have to be apocalyptic and full of death and destruction. If people start taking action now, they can arrange their local and regional governments, as well as their own independent finances, as a cushion. People are already poised to reject monopolistic corporations (the USA being the largest of these), and currency should reflect these values.

Personally, I am not a big fan of how government operates, which is why I promote governance instead. The difference is that government is monopolizing power by force, while governance is gaining the consent of those governed in a particular group or land area. In currency, many organizations are experimenting with the governance of financial systems.

But I also realize that moving quickly to an entirely new system of governance could cause some major upsets. People might not be ready to adjust that quickly, and the adjust or die philosophy does seem a bit cold for 2017.

That is why adjustment should be gradual while allowing the people that are ready for quicker adjustment the freedom to go their own way. In fact the more people we have who are ready to go out and forge an example of how an area or group of people or internet community can be governed effectively, the more options we will have for solving many societal problems.

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