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Did Clinton & Podesta Order The MURDER of Seth Rich?

from SGT Report:

The evidence is quickly mounting against dark powers in Washington DC which are covering up the investigation into the MURDER of DNC staffer Seth Rich. When the Lation phrase “Cui bono?” is uttered, one cannot help but think of Hillary Clinton and her evil sidekick John Podesta. Did they order the assassination of Seth Rich when they discovered that he was the Wikileaks leaker? Stephen Penny joins me to discuss.

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2 comments to Did Clinton & Podesta Order The MURDER of Seth Rich?

  • KRELL427

    Good interview as usual, notice how as the swamp is being exposed more and more the impeach Trump diversion tool is being ratcheted up. These venomous snakes need to be put away for their crimes.

  • Ed_B

    “Did Clinton & Podesta Order The MURDER of Seth Rich?”

    One need only look at the body count that surrounds the Clintons to have a pretty good idea that this so-called robbery had NOTHING to do with Mr. Rich’s murder.

    Every time I read about the Clinton’s, I keep remembering that scene in the bible where Satan takes Jesus to a high place, shows him a huge area of land, and says that he will give Jesus all of this and more if Jesus will but worship him. Jesus was smarter than Satan, so refused the deal. The Clintons? Not so much. Their fate is sealed by their own hands… and an awful fate it likely will be.

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