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Dark Web “Kill Order Contract” On President Donald Trump…?

by Katherine Frisk, The International Reporter:

Everyone is watching this situation carefully and considering a number of options.

We know that there are people around the world who would like to see Trump dead.

This headline is not out of the bounds of reality. Whether you support Trump or not, consider the following: Dark Web “Kill Order Contract” On President Donald Trump Issued For $150 Million


Trump is about to go on a major tour to Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, Rome and Brussels at the end of May. In 2017 we have:

a. Goldman Sachs Zionist bankers, advisors to the Vatican, controlling the White House.

b. The US military industrial complex (Raytheon, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin etc) that has caused havoc all over the Middle East since 1991. Many in the military and privately contracted mercenary armies are  Jesuits and Knights of Malta with allegiance to the Roman Pontiff,  as are politicians like Joe Biden and Mike Pence.

c. The Gulf State monarchs, descendants of the Canaanites and their offshoot tribes such as the Jebusites and Edomites, primarily the Saudi Royals.

Between them they have persecuted Torah Jews, Samaritans, Orthodox Christians, Palestinians and predominately Shia Muslims, although there have also been many Sunni who have been swept up in this holocaust that has claimed millions of lives over the last 27 years, ever since George Bush senior declared his “New World Order” on the 11th September 1990.

Jerusalem From The Mount Of Olives

2,000 years ago in Judea, Jerusalem, there was a system of governance controlled by three factions that dominated the whole of Palestine.

a) The money lenders of the temple ( Caiaphas.)

b) The Roman Legion (Pilate.)

c) The Edomite Kings (Herod Antipas.)

This unholy alliance imposed an unjust social, economic and political system on all of Palestine.  The Samaritans, Galileans, Essenes and early Christians who opposed them were seen as “terrorists.” Thousands were held in detention without trial, tortured, crucified or forced to die as entertainment for the “elites”in the Colosseum. This system included:

a Stealing money from the people through taxation and compounding interest rates on loans.

b: The Roman Legion who subjected them to militaristic never-ending war.

c: The dominance of a monarchy (Edomites) who were descendants of the Canaanites – Jebusite stock, who had once worshipped Shalim , the planet Venus known in Rome as Lucifer, seen as the Evening star ( fallen from the sky,)  or the black sun, in the valley of the dead, known as Geheena , where children were sacrificed to Moloch. This city later was also  known as Jebu- Shalim, later translated as Jerusalem.

Herod the Great married into the Levite priesthood who had returned to Judea from Babylon. All his sons were brought up and educated in Rome. He slaughtered children across Palestine and murdered his own wives and children as did his Lucifarian  – Ishtar worshiping sponsors in Rome.

Martha, Mary And Mary Magdalene

Out of this tyrannical state emerged a group later to become known as Christians, led by a man called Jesus, who opposed all three systems.

In Hebrew his name is Yeshua, named after Joshua of the tribe Ephraim, who  crossed the river Jordan, defeated the Jebusites, founded a New Kingdom and dedicated the twelve tribes to the Covenant on Mount Gerizim.

Joshua established a multi-polar federation of twelve states and an equal Justice system for all, arbitrated by Judges and not kings or any unipolar central authority.

Deborah, a woman, was also one of the first Judges of Israel, who sat under the palm tree at Beth-El, the house of God, in the land of Ephraim.

Shiloh had finally come and the Ark Of The Covenant was installed in the Tabernacle.

Jesus was crucified because he whipped the men  in the temple who lent people money at compounding interest rates, not only to pay for animals for a blood sacrifice but also to pay  taxes to the Roman Emperor, which in turn funded the military and the rich lifestyle of the “priests “of the temple, the Herod monarchs and the Roman nobility. He referred to them as a Synagogue of Satan and the father of lies.

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