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Complete Hypocrites: Democrats Hated Comey

from The Alex Jones Channel:

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2 comments to Complete Hypocrites: Democrats Hated Comey

  • anon

    There are 3 groups of Americans that are more mind-controlled, than any other Americans: 1) “DEMOCRATS”, Socialists, Communists (i.e., the “Left”), 2) ZIONIST Christians on the “Right”, and 3) FREEMASONS. Why? Because all three groups are unwittingly serving the interests of the SHADOW GOVERNMENT ~ which is owned-and-operated by Western “elite” “Jews”.

    That is what the historical record shows. Socialism is COMMUNISM-lite. COMMUNISM is a creation of the “Jews”. ZIONISM is a creation of the “Jews”. FREEMASONRY is a creation of the “Jews”. Remember, this is about the Western so-called “elites” (SION-ISTS & ZION-ISTS), and their never-ending attempts to further consolidate their control over humanity, a.k.a. “Full-Spectrum Dominance”, or the “Jew” World ZIO-Order 24/7 Surveillance Technocracy.

  • anon

    Anyone still caught up in the “Left vs. Right” mental trap set by the SHADOW GOVERNMENT, clearly isn’t using the gray matter between their ears that God gave them. Not just “Democrats”, but also ZIONISTS who call themselves “Christians”. LOWER-DEGREE FREEMASONS probably are just clueless about Freemasonry being a “Jew”-ish creation, and possibly even clueless about the “Jew”-ish AGENDA, for total domination, world-wide, via their control over the currencies (and therefore the corporations & resources) of the planet.

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