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Chicago Population Shrinks Most of Any City in US

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:

Illinoisans continue their exodus, with Chicago having the dubious distinction of the highest population loss in the nation.

High taxes are the number one reason people and businesses leave the state.

What follows is a guest post by Michael Lucci, Vice President of Policy, Illinois Policy Institute.


The majority of major cities in Illinois are shrinking as the Land of Lincoln depopulates due to massive out-migration to other states.

But while most of Illinois’ cities and towns are continuing to shrink, the majority of cities and towns in Illinois’ bordering states are growing, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
When Illinoisans are polled on why they are leaving, taxes are the No. 1 reason they cite. Yet Illinois politicians continue to raise taxes, showing that political leaders have not yet heard the message of the state’s residents.

Chicago shrank more than any other U.S. city, but Berwyn, Cicero and Peoria are shrinking faster on a per capita basis

Chicago’s population declined by 8,638 people from July 2015 to July 2016, a larger loss than any other major American city. Illinois has 29 cities with 50,000 people or more, and 21 of those cities also shrank in total size.

However, on a per capita basis, Decatur is shrinking more than any other city in Illinois. Decatur’s population shrank by 8.5 people per 1,000 residents from July 2015 to July 2016. That means that for every 1,000 people in Decatur in 2015, there were 8.5 fewer people in Decatur in 2016.

On a per capita basis, Decatur’s loss was followed by Berwyn, Cicero, Peoria and Oak Park, all of which shrank by more than seven people per 1,000 residents.

Eight of these larger Illinois cities had population growth year over year. Champaign is the only Illinois city that had more than 1 percent population growth, fueled almost entirely by the arrival of international students at the University of Illinois.

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3 comments to Chicago Population Shrinks Most of Any City in US

  • Ed_B


    That’s pretty scary when one considers just what a 3rd world war zone a lot of Detroit looks like.

    Personally, I would not live in any area that is run by libtards. If ways can be found to completely screw things up, they WILL find them.

  • Arrow

    Chicongo needs to go away.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I have no concept of how bad things will get during a financial collapse where the gov’t can’t find a way to feed all those hungry heathens when the EBT cards stop working.

    On top of all the food stamps that won’t be available for food, just imagine how many of those food stamp dollars are diverted into the drug trade? Addicts & dealers alike, will be going crazy.

    A crash that kills welfare, will really spark riots like we have never seen, and the food shortages will kill many many people, and the violence that happens as desperate people search for food (and drugs) will kill many people too.

    All I can say is that we’d all better have a good supply of ammo, food and water at home, make sure your motion detector yard lights are working in all directions, load up and sleep lightly.

    Don’t rely on your “guard dog” to alert you, because it won’t take long for your dog to end up on somebody’s BBQ grill to feed the family.

    Hungry people, look at dogs as a Thanksgiving Turkey on four legs.

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