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CENTRAL BANK MARKET RIGGING: Horrified About The Biggest Global Bank Run In History

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

The Fed and Central banks are manipulating the gold and silver price because they are horrified that the biggest global BANK RUN in history will take down the entire system. Unfortunately, a lot of investors are still being misled about the fundamentals of precious metals market manipulation. While the Fed and Central bank are indeed intervening in the gold and silver market, they are also propping up the majority of asset values across the board. This is especially true for most stocks, bonds and real estate.

Yes, it is also true that billions of Dollars worth of paper gold and silver are dumped into the market in nanoseconds during very light trading days. Thus, the impact is to cap the gold and silver price, making sure that 99% of investors stay fast asleep. These are the very same investors who the Central banks are working extremely hard to keep their funds placed firmly in stocks, bonds and real estate.

I continue to receive emails from individuals who believe the Central banks can push the price of gold or silver anywhere they please. This is total RUBBISH. However, there is some method to their madness. It is a crying shame that there are still analysts out there misleading their followers with that sort of superficial nonsense.

All the Fed and Central Banks can do is to keep the gold and silver price from exploding higher. They cannot push the value of gold or silver (too far) below its cost of production. Here is a chart from my previous article showing the gold price versus the top two gold miners (Barrick and Newmont) cost of production:

The gold market price was always HIGHER than Barrick and Newmont’s cost of production. So, as we can plainly see, the Fed and Central Banks NEVER pushed the annual gold price below Barrick and Newmont’s cost of production from 2000 to 2016.


Which means, the notion that the Fed and Central banks can push the price of gold down to $500 or even zero, is total nonsense. They CAN’T do it, and they know it. Furthermore, I have older Homestake Mining Annual Reports from the 1970’s. Homestake Mining was the United States largest gold producer for more than 50 years. I plan on writing an article showing how Homestake’s cost of production increased substantially, along with the oil price, during the inflationary decade of the 1970’s.

That means, the surging gold price during the 1970’s was not really due to increased demand, rather it was due to the skyrocketing oil price. Now, I am going to post these charts again, because it seems as if some folks are still a bit DENSE. Moreover, I have added another chart for KICKS & GIGGLES. Please take a close look at the following gold, silver and copper charts:

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