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BIOLOGICAL DARKNESS: The Assault on Humanity — Sofia Smallstorm

from SGT Report:

My friend, researcher and truther Sofia Smallstorm returns to SGT Report to discuss the concept of biological darkness and the all out assault against humanity, particularly as it pertains to our health. We also announce our new joint venture, a source for HEALTHY things,

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46 comments to BIOLOGICAL DARKNESS: The Assault on Humanity — Sofia Smallstorm

  • willygroper

    a new angle on biological darkness…new medical coding for “Chimera”

    sorta makes Carnicom’s blood in the chemtrails a bit clearer when you look up the definitions of the coding.

    folks, this is a patented life form, imo. OWNED.

  • fonestar

    What will be healthy for you is to buy some goddamn Bitcoin.

    • Ed_B

      “… some goddamn Bitcoin”

      lol… is there another kind? 😀

      • Eric

        No there isn’t.

        Because the mind controlled Satoshi slaves have to be such arrogant assholes all the time hyping up their worthless ponzi scheme.

          • Eric

            Too volatile to be currency or money.


            More of a hot tech stock/trade that doesn’t produce anything.

            • fonestar

              You don’t understand shit about markets and it shows. Bitcoin is tiny now and when it comes of age we will be seeing 6,7 and 8 digit Bitcoin before the dollar blows up. Personally, I am of the opinion that anyone who ever doubted or mocked Bitcoin should be rounded up for public execution.

              • Timco

                Really? You can start with me if you want to. Come on over.

                • fonestar

                  fine. You want to try fonestar’s water style? Let’s begin then…

                  Let’s talk about market depth… how big is Bitcoin compared to NASDAQ, to Alphabet, to the miners?

              • Eric

                When we see 6,7, and 8 digit Bitcoin, you’ll know the dollar blew up already and you’re stuck with a bunch of digits that you can’t sell.

                • fonestar

                  Nope. Count yourself lucky if you find anyone willing to accept your 0ldcoin in trade for Bitcoin. Because I highly doubt you will.

                • Eric


                  Silver is used in solder and brazing. bitcoin is not.
Silver is used in batteries. bitcoin is not.
Silver is used in dentistry. bitcoin is not.

                  Silver is used in glass coatings. bitcoin is not.

                  Silver is used in LED chips. bitcoin is not.

                  Silver is used in medicine. bitcoin is not.

                  Silver is used in nuclear reactors. bitcoin is not.
Silver is used in photography. bitcoin is not.

                  Silver is used in photovoltaic or solar energy. bitcoin is not.
Silver is used in RFID chips. bitcoin is not.

                  Silver is used in semiconductors. bitcoin is not.
Silver is used in touch screens. bitcoin is not.

                  Silver is used in water purification. bitcoin is not.

                • fonestar

                  All of those things suck. You know they suck because they’re shit people don’t like to think about until it stops working. Bitcoin always works and doesn’t suck. Plus Bitcoin is way cooler to own too.

                • Eric

                  That’s quite possibly the dumbest thing you have ever said.

                  Bitcoin sucks because it’s a freakin scam.

                  Physical Silver is way cooler because it’s real tangible wealth that you can hold in your hand.

                  See? I can do it too.

                  Without Silver, you would have no bitcoin. Without bitcoin, there would still be Silver.

    • willygroper

      the thread is re: health.

      not your digit btc.


  • Ed_B

    The darkness without shrinks to utter insignificance compared to the darkness all men of good conscience seek to keep chained within.

    • fonestar

      I’m going to have lots of men of conscious in chains to work in my Bitcoin mines. The chained up women will be kept in a separate room of course.

  • Eric

    Spot on as always.

    There are only conscious individual solutions to unconscious collectivist problems.

    Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.

    Vote Nobody. On election day, stay home and buy Silver.

    • fonestar

      Spot on about about what? Everything Duanestar has said over the years has been wrong so far. He will eventually be right about teh dollar collapse.

      • Eric

        You just say that because he nailed your bitcoin scam.

        When the system breaks, if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

  • Timco

    Didn’t Cliff I’m High proclaim silver would be $600.00 per oz. in early May, or did I misunderstand?

    • Eric

      Don’t know. I stopped listening to the price predictions a long time ago and just pay attention more to the COT report which tells the story.

      Commercial Shorts have come down quite a bit. About 30,000 contracts or so but still quite high. Open interest has come down a bit too but still just under 1 billion ounces.

      The latest from Harvey…

      For 5 consecutive days, the amount standing for physical has risen. On First day notice 16.8 million oz were standing. Tonight 21.1 million oz. It sure looks like a sovereign is after physical silver and the comex is the place being raided.

      stay tuned on this development..

      Gold and silver held their own today despite continual pummeling by the bankers. The rise in the gold/silver shares plus the fact that Sprott’s physical silver fund went into positive territory bodes well for silver and gold pricing on Monday

      France election this weekend. Don’t know which way we are going in the metals yet, but good time to add to positions and just keep accumulating little by little and cost averaging down. Otherwise build up powder for a fire sale $15 and below.

    • mike

      Eric predicted 200$ silver at 20 trillion in national debt and I said record lows for 2017..So far Eric wrong like a mutha fukker! He also denies his prediction but I can copy/paste his exact words with the definition of prediction if he denies his bad call again..Speaking of bad calls Eric was pushing AG hard at 18.40 high, i called the AG top and warned you better dump that garbage had zero fundamentals and 1 hedge fund was pulling out. They moved the market and cashed out and now it’s at 7.50 lol..That was the same time I was saying it’s a good idea to buy a few Btc in the 500’s ah ahahaha.

      Eric AG call cost you 60%
      mikes BTC call made you 300%

      • Eric

        Actually I didn’t. You’re just a pathological liar, a lazy bastard, and an ignorant donkey. Also, the national debt isn’t at $20 trillion yet anyways so your math skills need significant improvement. I was never pushing anything at a 52 week high and you didn’t call anything or warn anybody. Funny you keep forgetting how I picked up shares of First Majestic Silver at $2.40.

        Also, 6 producing mines that are 100% owned with 2 advanced stage projects, and 127 million in cash and cash equivalents is not exactly “zero fundamentals.” But that just proves how mike is really a dumb goy. Sounds like mike doubled down on his bitcoin position at it’s high. lol. And now his life savings amounts to 7 bitcoins and a crummy boat he can’t sell.

        I guess he’s going for rock bottom.

        mike = dumb goy

        • mike

          Eric….Yeah you did make the prediction lol only God knows why you keep denying it? (or whatever you Jews call your higher power)…AG has zero fundamentals backing it. The only reason it went to 18.4 is 1 single hedge fund. They poured money into knowing buyers would follow a rising market and cashed out. I did warn you AG was going to crash and the reason.
          You did make the prediction. Nothing wrong with making a prediction and being totally wrong based on your faulty conclusions built on limited knowledge. In the future just take the time to first do some research instead of parrot linking. Dont know how a real researcher could
          miss the single most important event pertaining to mining stocks, a hedge fund manager interview talking about moving and cashing out of the miners?? 2nd understand and learn how markets work, how money works etc. 3rd Put your bias aside and you will start making money instead of perpetually losing..Learn from your mistakes.

      • Eric

        Bitcoin is for speculators and drug dealers. It’s fair value is zero. It is not money.

      • Eric

        Bitcoin is a bitscam. It’s a loaded roulette wheel.

  • joey

    Hurry up and buy your bitcoin before we have a solar event or EMP attack. It’ll be hard to find afterwards.

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