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Amidst Comey Firing Furor, Trump Hosts Lavrov

from Rogue Money:

Back in the early 1980s, the Soviet Politburo was impressed with the newly elected President Ronald Reagan showing spine by firing striking air traffic controller union members. Trump, who has often compared his policies with those of Reagan, may have intended to show the Russians and Chinese by firing Comey that he is very much in charge of the executive branch, contrary to the rumors that National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, various neocon infiltrators, and his own investor visa promoting in Beijing Kushner in-laws have usurped his authority.

After the false dawn of Trump’s election and anger in Moscow over the al-Shayrat Tomahawk missile strike launched on the basis of a manufactured chemical weapons incident, the two sides of Cold War 2.0 now have an opportunity to seriously negotiate. Talks between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Lavrov which began with Trump’s post-election phone calls with Vladimir Putin followed by Tillerson being the guest of Putin and Lavrov in Moscow last month now appear to be bearing fruit. While the conflict in Ukraine remains unresolved but drifts into frozen status, the horrific war in Syria driven by the ambitions of the globalists and their neocon and Mideast Sunni powers frontmen to topple the Assad government at any cost may be approaching an end game.

Can a Soft Partition Via So-Called ‘Safe Zones’ End the War in Syria?

In northern Syria, the signs of at least quiet collusion between Moscow and Washington were evident when Russian and American units simultaneously placed themselves and their flags between the Kurdish YPG/SDF forces and the Turkish military. This has effectively bottled up any Turkish plans to advance further south toward ISIS held territory around Raqqa or disrupt the destruction of the Islamic State through spoiling attacks on the U.S. special forces-allied Kurds supply lines. Washington has added insult to the injury perceived by the Turks of limiting their freedom of action, by announcing that it will be officially arming the YPG/SDF, something it and NATO allies like Germany have been doing unofficially for months already. Ankara has responded by making threats to reevaluate its strategic alliance with the U.S., since it considers the YPG to merely be a front for the PKK ‘terrorists’ who are waging a decades-old insurgency against Turkish troops and police inside Turkey. As the Russia Analyst wrote in a prior article, Washington’s moderate jihadi lobby aka supporters of the Syrian jihadists not officially affiliated with Al-Qaeda like the Middle East Institute’s Charles Lister are sympathetic to the Turks talking points regarding the YPG.

The only territory left for further Turkish Army operations on Syrian soil, by Moscow and likely the Trump Administration’s design, is now Idlib province. Not coincidentally, where the chemical false flag attack took place at Khan Sheikhoun in early April. That is, where the various non-ISIS jihadists have been crowded together following numerous truces with Damascus to evacuate from encircled enclaves with their families, transported north on the Syrian government’s green buses. The result of concentrating so many jihadists in a relatively small corner of northern Syria is that the leaders still loyal to the ‘ex’ Al-Qaeda franchise of Hayat Tahrir al Sham (HTS) are easier pickings for drone strikes, even as the safe zones agreement abjures the use of Russian, Syrian or U.S. Coalition jets in the designated areas. The jihadis are also infighting among themselves inside Deraa province in southern Syria, after being similarly squeezed into a small pocket where various warlords are competing for scarce resources from the civilian population. Also in the south, the ‘moderate rebels’ attempted a mini-offensive against Syrian Arab Army troops earlier this week, only to be repulsed. This failed attack appears to have been an attempt by the so-called ‘moderates’ acting under orders of their Sunni Gulf sponsors in Riyadh and Doha to spoil the SAA’s drive on territory sparsely controlled by the Islamic State, south of Palmyra.

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