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ALERT: Trump Meetings & Crypto WARNING! (Bix Weir)

from RoadtoRoota:

The markets will NOT crash next week as Trump is on a world tour of the most important players in the manipulation of markets. Trump is meeting with Saudi Arabia, Israel, The Pope, NATO and the G7 counties.

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1 comment to ALERT: Trump Meetings & Crypto WARNING! (Bix Weir)

  • dcm

    Bix is a personable fellow at least he presents himself that way. However his ability to delineate truth is flawed. Case in point “President Trump is a good guy” who is the spear head of a benevolent movement. At one time not that long ago the average man could easily understand the falseness of this premise based solely on object reality ( truth ) of this man’s life . What vary public objective reality of this man Donald Trump confirms this ?

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