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A Frozen Conscience

from Rogue Money:

The purpose of the whole thing, eventually, in that world, is that they have everybody in their pocket. You need to be susceptible to blackmail. And blackmailing me proved to be very hard if I look back on it. They wanted to do that through those children. And that broke me.”

–Ronald Bernard in an interview with De Vrije Media, April 2017

If you remember the recent post about statements made by Robert David Steele, then the quotation above by former Big Money bankster, Ronald Bernard, will not surprise you. Steele has said repeatedly that the Deep State trafficks in gold, guns, cash, drugs, and small children. Cockroaches like Jeffrey Epstein fulfill one dominant role in their life: to set up brutally compromising environments to which the global Babylonian Priesthood will lure potential blackmail candidates. Once under its control, the Priesthood then releases those bankers, politicians, judges, clergymen, et al, back into our world where those tools keep the wheels of that Priesthood’s black matrix spinning.

Ronald Bernard came forward last month as the guest of De Vrije Media to participate in a video interview. Part One was published, instantly went viral, and can be viewed here below with English captions. You might find it easier to read the entire transcript of the interview [linked here]. I will highlight those particular statements uttered by Mr. Bernard that stood out to me.

The Alt-Media community is hailing Mr. Bernard as some kind of a whistleblower. However, I myself will refrain from calling him that because, well, he hasn’t actually blown the whistle on anybody. Not by name, anyway. Nor can he, nor will he, not now, not ever, as the latter half of his interview will show. However, perhaps we should be thankful that we do have this one man who felt he could safely appear on camera without hiding his face in shadow and without using one of those lame voice scramblers to tell his story. He didn’t even change his name.

Who is Ronald Bernard? We have the notes of the interview as well as the man’s own website to answer that question. According to his bio at the website that he co-founded [linked here]:

Ronald is an analyst, inspirator and entrepreneur. His background is in economy, psychology, architecture and theology. He worked independent for 30 years in diverse branches. In the financial sector it was for asset management, currency- and deposit trade. He is well known in several EU countries and stands for a ‘Good Stewardship of All Life’. He initiated the creation of B of Joy. A interest-free cooperative fairtrade pro-life bank UC. As a result, from society itself, a quiet cooperative (r)evolution is progressing.

Ronald Bernard appears to be of Dutch nationality who spent the heights of his professional career as a banking insider and ran with the world’s most powerful elite. After his descent into the proverbial Hell and clawback to life, he became one of the co-founders of “B of Joy,” another one of those utopian initiatives that believes it is actually possible to reform the global financial system and make it work for the good of humanity rather than what it has done for 3,000 years, non-stop, which is to destroy humanity. And I do not say that with a hint of ridicule but rather with a dose of cynicism. As readers of my older blogs know, I am quite opinionated on the subject of the history of the Debt Masters and hold a firm belief that the very concept of “debt” is itself anti-human and thus the entire structure of lending and usury is worthy of destruction. But I digress.

Bernard’s co-founded website is quite professionally maintained and so is the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages. In spite of my cynicism, I do encourage you to visit both and keep an eye out for the sequel to the above interview. I will post a link here as well when it becomes available.

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