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5 More Reasons Why You’re Living in the Strangest Time in Human History

by Daniel Lang, SHTFPlan:

Last March I broke down five reasons why we’re living in incredibly strange times. Between the advent of 3D printers that can build houses, and the development lab grown meat that could be hitting our grocery store shelves very soon, one could say that the world today is unlike anything anyone has experienced before. The truth of the matter though, is that there are so many more reasons why our lives today are fundamentally different from the lives our ancestors.

Granted, every generation has unique challenges and innovations that often change the nature of our existence in a big way. But with how fast technology is advancing these days, it’s easy to argue that what modern humans are experiencing is very unique. It’s seems as if not a week goes by without the news reporting on some new discovery, invention, or social change that could have earth-shattering implications for our future.

So if my last article didn’t convince that we’re living in one hell of a strange world, allow me to illuminate five more stories that could change your mind.

The Rise of Megacities

In the year 500 BC, there were only 100 million people on our planet, and the largest city at that time only contained 150,000 people. However, within a few decades there may be a city in China that far surpasses those numbers.

By building hundreds of miles of high speed railways and sinking hundreds of billions of dollars into infrastructure projects, the Chinese government hopes to connect twelve cities near Beijing, which would form one massive city that they plan to call “Jing-Jin-Ji.” When it’s completed, it will house an astonishing 130 million people. It will cover an area the size of New England, but will have a population density that is nearly nine times higher.

Artificially Intelligent Sex Dolls

Though the future may bring wonderful technologies with the potential to radically improve our lives, some of the technologies that are on the horizon will probably make your skin crawl. Among them is the artificially intelligent sex robot that is currently being developed by a sex doll company in California.

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