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from SGT Report:

Bitcoin is poised to pass $2,000 USD tonight, while Ethereum is up nearly $40 today alone to $127. Less than three months ago Ethereum was at $8. The crypto currencies are on fire, and in the case of Ethereum, for good reason. With a $11-12 Billion market cap, we ask the question: Could Ethereum be the next $1,000 crypto?

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68 comments to $2,000 BITCOIN: COULD ETHEREUM GO TO $1,000?

  • Eric

    Hey anything is possible in a world where the US Dollar has already been hyperinflated.

    The price of anything can go to the price of anything when you measure it in $$$.

    Grains have almost nowhere to go besides up.

    The US is currently in a trade dispute with Mexico over sugar.

    The Swiss and Japanese central banks are propping up the markets.

    Abundance. Not luxury.

    If you don’t have lots of food, preps, and Gold by now you have a problem.

    Cryptocurrencies are like that stack of flash cards I had in 3rd grade. They’re backed by math.

    I like what Miles Mathis said about Bitcoin…

    “I don’t trust anything with the name “crypto”. They might as well call it crypto-Jewish currency, although I guess you might figure it out if they did that.”

    fonemikestar is a bit of a schizo.

    It all makes so much sense!

    • mike

      I feel this video was aimed directly at Eric. I enjoyed the part that btc has intrinsic value (a stab in the eye of Eric) even though in reality there is no such thing as intrinsic value for anything.Yes this was a total attack piece on Eric, I almost feel bad for the poor fella.
      BTC is the future and Sean pointed out the reason. Ethereum is being pushed by the big boys and like “Windows ME” it will result in failure.Thats not to say it cant grow in value.
      BTC is the free market choice that circumvents all forms of control and rose above all others naturally without manipulation.

      • Eric

        Oh here we go with the dipshit jackass again. mike wouldn’t know what intrinsic means if it was manually inserted into his empty head via cat6 cable. He also still has no idea of the difference between “value” and “price.”

        Price can be understood as the money or amount to be paid, in order to get something.

        Conversely, value implies the utility of worth of the commodity of service for an individual.

        mike’s boat has no intrinsic value as it will sink to the bottom of the ocean someday.
        The food in my pantry has intrinsic value until it has been consumed.
        Cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value. They will all be worth $0.00 someday like all paper/digital currencies.
        The Gold in my teeth has intrinsic value as it will outlive me and be scrapped and reused someday.

        Value is not just subjective. The price one is willing to pay is subjective.

        Wars have been fought over Gold. No wars have been or will be fought over bitcoin.

        Only mike is an ignorant jackass.

        Gold is money and nothing else.

        • mike

          Look I said I feel bad for you being so stupid, I mean seriously stupid…Really an epic case of the tard trisomy21 syndrome. I dont think it’s fair Sean attacking you like this in every vid for the past few months. He attacked your greater fool theory and your complete ignorance of intrinsic value. Not to mention your understanding of free markets. You can read whatever books you want. You can read every book ever written but without comprehension of what you’re reading your conclusion are totally off. You are retarded for sure without a doubt. That is no reason to attack you for your mental midget thinking proxesses…Tards are ok in my book and always entertaining..

          • Eric


            Why have you not sold all of your worthless, useless, and valueless Gold and Silver yet and converted all of the proceeds into wonderful magical fairytale land Bitcoin? I told you to do so over a year ago.

            Just look at the “value” of Bitcoin!!! This is the perfect time to do it!

            Sell low. Buy high.

            Put your “money” where your mouth is and stop hiding behind what Sean said or did.

            “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”
            -Alexander Hamilton

            You attack me with non-arguments and bullshit weak insults, and I just keep coming back at you with logic and reason. I can do this for years so you better get some facts on your side or you will only continue making yourself look like an ignorant dipshit.

            Until you can learn the difference between money and fake currency, you will continue to be the greatest fool around here. And I’ll be the one to do the dirty work and prove it until someone else feels like jumping in and doing it.

            The worst part about you mike is that you have…

            no real skills, no real assets, and no real friends.

            Even a donkey learns not to keep walking into the electrified fence.

            • mike

              Eric you are a simple dumb dumb…You know it’s interesting you should read the bell curve..Africans in Africa proper according to the book have about a 70 IQ on average and appear to completely lack the ability of abstract reasoning just like you. I think there might be a connection there as far as you’re concerned or you’re just a case of isolation retardation? Remember comprehension is key…Reading is useless without it.

              • Eric

                The uninformed opinion of an ignorant jackass means nothing to me.

                Good day sir.

                • mike

                  “Sir” that respect,I like that. You’re still a retard.

                  Good day to you as well retard.

                • Eric

                  You will get no respect until you earn it.

                  Nothing is free in this world.

                  Later dipshit.

                • mike

                  Dont go away mad just go away 🙂 You are perplexing for sure.I take my time to defend you and straight away go on the attack? I never cared about your homosexuality, mental handicap or you being a super special Jew. Jews tend to have the highest IQ’S so you are a very rare and wonderful individual in that demographic…I am all for you being you no matter your lifestyle choice or mental handicap…You go girl!

                • Eric

                  I’m not gay or jewish but since that fascinates you so much, here is a song for you. Check out Tel Aviv. A dumb goy like you will fit in perfectly there.

                • mike

                  Try to apply a little abstract reasoning to the seemingly innocuous yet prophetic words, “who ever smelt it dealt it”…Then you will understand your life full of gayness and Jewry is out there for the world to see.

                  Only btc is money, nothing else ~ mike

                • fonestar

                  Don’t worry Mike… Eric and the Zerohead crew actually take pride in being stupid and behind in technology. I’ve always found this a curious aspect of USA. On the one hand, you have some of the most brilliant engineers and developers in the world. On the other hand you have these back-water boneheads who relish in their ignorance and stupidity.

                  Eric & crew don’t even think you should buy anything Online at all, ever. And if you have a problem waiting 2 weeks for your gold coin payment to arrive via Wells Fargo wagon?… well you are just being impatient and should adapt to life in the 1800s again.

                • Eric


                  I was making USB work with new hardware while you were still in diapers. Yes I am glad I don’t have to deal with the frustration of having to connect devices and download some 3rd party plug-in and have to deal with tech support and idiots who can’t answer simple questions or take forever to get back to you any longer.

                  I am happy my wealth is secured and I don’t have to sweat daily price action.

                  It’s pretty relaxing now actually. I can focus on important things like exposing your high tech pyramid scheme…Bitcoin.

                  As for online purchases, the USD is still accepted everywhere. BTC on the other hand is accepted hardly anywhere. It never takes 2 weeks for a payment to arrive via Wells Fargo. There is nothing I need to buy online anymore. In fact, I am trying to get rid of most of the stuff I have acquired.

                  When are you going to buy my golf clubs?

                  I guess when you live out in the boonies of Yukon, you can’t buy much locally.

        • Allender

          Eric is exactly correct; perhaps the reason for him standing up so well to the raw crypto creeps.

          With truth in your scabbard, courage is “backed”. With bitcoins in your wallet…well, just ask the crypto creeps. About as much “courage” as in that delectable fonestar—er, sorry, I meant superstar of central banking instruments of debt, the $

      • Eric

        The only thing valuable about cryptocurrencies is the blockchain technology.

        • pipes

          And there it is.
          You have FINALLY – if only partially – allowed yourself to at least flirt with the crux of the matter.

        • mike

          Hey you should go to jmbullion right now and buy a roll (25) maples or whatever with your .2 btc…You get bankwire price..See aren’t you glad you got some btc? Maybe this rally will get you an oz of gold?

          PS Sean i know it wasnt an attack on your boy Eric. It was just too irresistible to pass up.Just like the krell Canadian thing

          • Eric

            No. Not really. So far btc has been almost as useless and a pain in the ass as you are. One more thing to keep track of, printing paper wallets, wasting ink and paper. Plus nobody accepts them. I haven’t even been able to give them away.

            BTC is pretty useless as far as I can tell. I already get no charge to purchase Silver, the best price, often free shipping, free Silver in the mail sometimes for being a good customer, and have no desire for more maples at this time. The BTC price is always higher than the USD price.

            What are you doing wrong?

            You should buy some Ericbux. Only Ericbux are backed by REAL money – Gold and Silver.

            • mike

              Ill take them, send them to me..Like a bribe, I will patrol the sgtreport with ya and attack the non believers. Together, me with my big brain and your parrot links we will be unstoppable.

              Eric it is super to pay with btc at jmbullion. Copy paste address and hit send, takes a millisecond.Then you just turned 200 bucks into 25ozs of silver.

      • SGT

        Mike, this absolutely was NOT an attack on any specific individual. I did just finish watching Chris Duane’s most recent interview with Elijah Johnson though when I felt compelled to share this information. I have been forthright about making a little room in one’s portfolio for a crypto or two just in case they skyrocket again, which they have. To cling bitterly to the notion that ALL of the cryptos are worthless, despite the quantifiable proof the some governments AND corporations are now embracing them, is imo, deep denial of facts in the face of ever-evolving, new evidence. Yes, PHYSICAL gold and silver ARE REAL money. Unfortunately, they are not being allowed to behave like it because of the criminal manipulation on the Comex and the illegal price fixing at the LBMA. These are just simple facts I’m sharing in this video.

        • Eric

          Well said. And I already knew I wasn’t being attacked so no worries.

          Speculation should be a small part of everybody’s portfolio just like Gold and Silver should be a part of everyone’s portfolio.

          I personally do not like cryptocurrencies for speculation as they aren’t backed by anything real and are extremely volatile, but at least I can accept that they aren’t going to go away completely anytime soon because of the blockchain. And even I dipped my toes into them finally despite my repeated attempts at disclosing what they aren’t. However just barely anything.

          Now I have millions of satoshis and they hardly cost me anything. 🙂

          mike really likes to just make things up and argue with people without producing any kind of real argument. Mostly me. He’s a tough cookie. I’ll give him that.

        • Eric

          Keep in mind, it’s not Gold and Silver that change. It’s the world around them that changes.

          Gold and Silver don’t “behave” or “act” or do anything besides sit there and hold their value.

          However, the PRICE of things can change and can change rapidly.

          I feel like I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t want the price of Gold and Silver to rise as I do not want to be paying $3,000 for an ounce of Gold or $100 for an ounce of Silver. When that day comes, and it IS definitely coming, I am hopefully going to be sitting back watching others panic comfortably but helping them if I can.

          Wouldn’t mind see some mining shares rise.

          And I think I’m going to sell some Gold to buy these Vader coins…

          Don’t think those will be very difficult to sell for fair value or give away at a much later date, and higher price.

          Hang tight. They don’t have the metal they say they do. Our day is coming.

        • mike

          No need to reply Sean your secret is safe with me..I’ll stop pointing it out, Eric obviously is not getting the hint no matter how blatant. Besides not having the Eric entity patrol this site for any statement other than pro gold would just not seem right. I mean literally 24/7 Eric is on top of the nonbelievers and attack within minutes.
          The casual poke in the eye of Eric is fine..It’s your site.

  • videoctr

    Thanks SGTREPORT, I would like to know when the market cap reaches a trillion dollars for Ethereum.

    Here is a recent video from Consensys founder.

    Ethereum: Taking Back Control Of The Internet (Joseph Lubin)
    Live webcast May 19, 2017,

    • videoctr

      The paradigm shift that will usher in the new web 3.0 will be about decentralization of everything. Shattering current hierarchical, central control structures.

  • videoctr

    Here is the link to the report published on that Sean mentioned.

  • pipes

    Intellectual honesty.
    THAT is why we support you, Sean.

      • fonestar

        It’s good to see that you, Andy Hoffman and Bix Weir all changed their tune regarding Bitcoin.

        I’m not claiming to be a genius or anything but I knew that BTC would go to the moon. I had an unfair advantage though growing up a 90s tech geek kid. I was there watching the corporate wars against P2P technology. Watched them take down Napster… and we then we got the stronger, semi-decentralized Limewire and Kazaa Networks…. watched the corporate lawyers chop the heads off those great systems too.

        And then we got BITTORRENT! Finally, a FULLY DECENTRALIZED NETWORK for file sharing around 2001!

        I went into a tech career around that same time and became convinced that P2P was the future. The corporatistas continue to pimp “the cloud” as if its something special. But P2P is where it’s at!

        So when BITCOIN came along mimicking the behaviour of BITTORRENT (but financialized) I knew it was going to be huge!

        And Sean… PLEASE PLEASE…. take DELIVERY of your Bitcoins into your own wallet! One day you will thank me for it!

  • Loquito

    The crypto currencies are an opportunity to make money. Converting paper to digital. Which I miss out on. But you have to look at your surrounding at the local level. This system is falling apart at every level. The people around me, the state your in, even the city you live at. Crypto is not adapted by everybody yet… Mike Maloney and many others have everything in a bubble and super close to bursting.

    The question is, What will people barter or exchange with? Silver, Gold, Fiat, Crypto?

    In my surrounding I don’t see Crypto working for me. Everyone has a cell/smart phone and you can have apps to exchange Crypto’s. But when you go up to somebody and show your cell/smart phone to exchange after a system crash. What will you see? A cellphone or Crypto? Yes it will be hard for a lot people because of the system we have now. People measure wealth in dollars, converting everything into dollars, even Cryptos to work in the current system.

    So what will be the new system of exchange be?

    The dollar is heading back to 0 worth. What will you except for your talents and service?

    • pipes

      Folks should have a butt-load of silver and gold as SAVINGS, and as a wealth preserver for AFTER, if they are to have any hope of surviving financially intact.
      But BTC and ETH are opportunities for NOW – the REALITY of the world as it is TODAY – and the two (“today” and “after”) are NOT mutually exclusive.
      The dollar may indeed be heading to zero in the future.
      BUT IT IS THE COIN OF THE REALM TODAY…and anything that gets you MORE OF THEM TODAY, is a good thing. Because it is with those dollars that preps are made.

    • Eric

      “The crypto currencies are an opportunity to make money.”

      Define “money.”

      Technically, the value or “worth” of the USD and all debt based currencies is already 0.

      But the PRICE will unlikely go to zero. It will still exist in some form. The price of everything else will be much higher.

      • Loquito

        The unit of exchange we use today… Money is the tool or the type of money we use as the dollar.

        Which is changing as we speak.

        Crypto was an opportunity to use to improve your situation. Converted to Gold, Silver, or dollars to pay your bills.

        • Eric


          So far that is the best definition I have heard from anybody and I appreciate the response since nobody else can seem to even bother trying to learn what money is.

          However, a “unit of account” and a “medium of exchange” are only 2 of the characteristics of currency (current-sea/liquidity/cash flow – note how these all represent attributes of water) and money.

          Currency and Money also must be durable, divisible, portable, and fungible.

          And money where it differs from currency MUST be a long term store of value.

          Money should also be convenient, consistent, possess value in itself, limited in quantity that is available, and have a long history of acceptance.

          The “dollar” is a misused word almost always. They have really done a mind job on people. There is the SILVER dollar which came about by the Spanish dollar. But then there was the U.S. DOLLAR where we started getting into trouble in a big way.

          THIS IS SO IMPORTANT that people know this and not misuse words!

          ONLY Gold and Silver (and coined Copper) fit all characteristics of money.

          Cryptocurrencies are a new technology that brought about the blockchain. They can be traded and exchanged like any other commodity or asset. But they were never money and they never will be money. They suck as currencies also since hardly anyone accepts them for value.

          But one can always increase their currency or cash position by finding value.

          Currency or cash can then be converted into honest sound money (Gold and Silver) which will always last as a long term store of value.

          What I can’t figure out is why in the world does everyone just want to chase a buck, $$$, something that has already been hyperinflated away, instead of having money?

          But I guess most people aren’t ready for that just yet.

          • dan w

            let’s use my favorite crypto monero

            unit of account, check.

            medium of exchange, check.

            durable, divisible, portable, fungible. check x4.

            store of value. well, in the 3 years since it’s been created. it has been a store of value. so you can speculate and say it won’t be money, but in the meantime, it has been.

            • Eric

              How durable is it if your power goes out?

              And where can one purchase groceries and fuel with it?

              I’m just asking valid questions that nobody can seem to answer.

              • Dan W

                “How durable is it if your power goes out?”

                Extremely durable, once the power comes back on it’s business like usual. In the meantime, I could still transfer cryptos from my phone. A better question would be “How durable is it if the internet goes down”

                “And where can one purchase groceries and fuel with it?”

                There is over 100,000 merchants today that accept bitcoin. As far as groceries go there is a video on YT of Roger Ver setting up a grocery store to accept bitcoin. Five Markets accepts Bitcoin. Fuel the only place i remember being talked about was a place in Colorado. I’m sure it wouldnt be hard to find.

                Even if your rebuttal was “Well, that’s just one location” You could say the same thing about gold. I don’t know of any gas station that accepts gold. That doesn’t mean gold isn’t money.

      • pipes

        You put quotation marks around words that were not said.
        Having done so, you have misquoted and thus misrepresented what I actually DID say.
        Yet another case of cognitive dissonance manifesting.

  • fonestar

    Ethereum sucks. There is no limit to the amount of Eth being produced. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin produced
    So stop comparing BTC to ETH. It’s Bitcoin you want to hold.

    • Eric

      That is laughable.

      There are only 2 million Ericbux and they are neither inflationary or deflationary. Only Ericbux is money. Buy Ericbux.

      He who has the most Gold rules. 🙂

  • d

    IF you want to pay $ 1900 for bitcoin be my guest it is your fiat and choice…..but remember bitcoin when it started was .03 cents…and yes it has mad very many people very rich…but not wealthy unless they have used some of their crypto to buy gold and silver or art ,houses, cars…yougo ahead and spend yours as you see fit….me I will start with a crypto that is cheap and will catch on in the ‘orient’….imho

  • videoctr

    One month ago, the CEO of Coinbase launched a new company called Token, an Ethereum based chat messaging phone app that has the potential to reach a 3.7 trillion dollar market that has been previously unavailable. It is a conscious effort to use Ethereum to support the Ethereum ecosystem. Then later potentially adding Bitcoin. The target population are poor countries where citizens don’t have financial banking access, but they do have cell phones and will be able to send Ethereum payments using a chat messaging app.

    3.7 trillion dollar market!

  • Greg

    I’m glad you have an open mind Sean. I handn’t heard of Ethereum until viewing your previous video so a big thanks for introducing me to this. I too have a limited amount of skin in the game now. With corporate backing there’s no denying that this type of technology is gaining acceptance and is here to stay. I ignored BrotherJohnF’s video on Bitcoin 5-6 years ago when it was around $15. If I had put just a limited amount into it, say $300, it would have been $40,000 today and probably higher in the future. I like the fact that you stress the importance of just having a little bit of skin in the game.

  • videoctr

    This looks interesting:

    “May 17th, 2017 Zug, Switzerland. After 12 months in stealth development, Monaco Technology GMBH unveiled it’s revolutionary Monaco VISA® Card and App today. Besides traditional funding sources, Monaco can be funded with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens.

    Monaco allows users to spend and send money globally at perfect interbank exchange rates, saving EUR30-40 on every EUR500 equivalent spent. Monaco Card will work on the VISA® network, giving it world-wide acceptance.”

  • Ethereum Satans Coin

    First thing I noticed is TROLLS PUMPING IT UP WITH CRAPTALK
    Then I read this ..warning..You’d be homeless in months to come when ETH fails just like most of the Microsoft projects.
    Most users in the Linux community never trust the people behind it and so should you for they’ve all followed the stories behind what they did in the past.

  • Eric

    Corn is at a 20 year low! Grains have no place to go besides up.

  • Eric

    “It’s all about Silver now my friends.”

  • videoctr

    Does having an Ether based credit card bypass the banking system?
    Is bypassing the bankers a good thing?
    Is this a part of what “de-banking” means?

    If companies, A, B, and C are part of an Ethereum alliance, and have shared transactional interests for goods and services, can blockchain/token solutions be beneficial to them if they can cut-out the banks, “de-bank”? Is the purpose of having an alliance about having an industry standard and self governance and self regulation? Is that what “de-banking” is about?

    With regard to “de-banking”, will there be push-back from the government regulators? Ethereum/token blockchain model is about cutting out the middleman.

    What is the value proposition of an Ethereum alliance? Cui bono? Who wins, who loses?

    Creative disruption in the making.

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