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The Fed Just Hinted That The Stock Market And The Economy Might Be On Shaky Ground

from X22Report:

Episode 1247a.

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  • rich

    The MSM wants to dismiss this, at least Yra has integrity:
    Notes From Underground: Nothing Focuses the Mind Like a Hanging

    First things first, let’s talk about the gorilla in the room, former Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker leaked confidential information and the entire FED has had its reputation tarnished (stifle your laughter). The bigger question is how much is being covered up. Who else was involved in discussing matters of great sensitivity? As my readers know I have raised the issue of the G-30 and Davos being convocations for the exchange of very privileged information. Just google the G-30 and look to see its membership. The dissemination of potentially sensitive market-moving information to highly paid analysts raises serious questions of impropriety. In an effort to the level the playing field (and yes, I was most probably harmed by the leaks to Medley), the FED should not release its speeches or market information to any journalists covering the Federal Reserve.

    Journalists do receive all FED communication before its release to the public so they can prepare their stories, but of course the articles are embargoed until the actual release time. There have been instances where news was inadvertently released a few minutes early.

    (Steps on soap box) In today’s algo- and high frequency trade-driven markets the media organizations shouldn’t have a 30-minute lead time in order to CRAFT headlines that are volatility drivers for the word-driven algo traders. This creates volatility that rewards the HFTs while punishing other investors. It is time for the FED and SEC to wake up and protect the integrity of the markets. Also, Jeffrey Lacker should serve a long prison term and anybody else who is involved in leaking market-moving information.

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