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Welcome to Alt Reality #5 – Sun, Chemies, and You!

from clif high:

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3 comments to Welcome to Alt Reality #5 – Sun, Chemies, and You!

  • Pro P

    Not a heliocentrist or a flat earther, or a moon lander or not a moon lander, just pointing out, if we’re going through space at 72,000 miles an hour how come our stars are exactly where they were 3,000 years ago, exactly like the stars above us are a spinning canopy…If Im overlooking something please shine some light on it please….Seriously go to google sky and type in some date for 1500 BC, and youll see the sky just spin 1000 times an hour and show us the exact same sky with the stars in the exact same position….Please, anyone, am I missing something?….For the record Im fully on board with the other stuff this guy is saying, its just obvious to me this is some kind of bootleg solar system…And yes they’re non stop spraying over here in the Tri-state are NY NJ CT

  • Pro P

    Ok i didnt listen to the last 5 minutes till now….This guy is completely lost..Pop open your Kundalini or Sun gaze, either one or both, and it will become clear that all these guys are here to deceive….I guess the aluminum in the atmosphere, here to help, is also why there is aluminum in your deodorant and in your shampoo, oh and heavyy metals in your vaccine, its all related….Not too long ago you had a guy give a presentation on Darpa and AI and hive mind technology, and this man stood up at the end and actually knew more about the technology than the presenter..His name is Harold Kautz Vella…

    Stick to web bot buddy

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